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What's worst, COD fanboys or COD haters?

Gamers despise COD fanboys almost as much if not more than console fanboys. I know I can't personally stand hearing someone utter that oh so provoking phrase, "It looks just like Call of Duty". However I am starting to notice that anti COD gamers can be just as annoying as the actual COD fanboys. Here are a few examples.

Yesterday I decided to get back into Killzone 2 because a few of my friends wanted to party up. Personally, it takes me a while to hop back into any online game. Killzone 2 is special because I always have to adapt to the controls every time I play. One of my friends was in a clan and he became frustrated when we started to lose in warzone. He told me over the Mic, "Go back to Call of Duty". That is pretty simple statement but alot of depth behind it simply because I hear it said to people quite often. When somone isn't as good as you in any online game. When someone isn't really good at all in a certain online multiplayer game; It does not mean they play too much call of duty. There are some famous examples of course such as my experiences with Killzone 3 and Crysis 2, but not everyone who struggles at any
point during any online match plays too much Call of Duty. That is a very ignorant statement.

More recently, over the past few days I looked at just about every article on N4G relating to MW3. I didn't even bother looking at the article as my eyes went straight towards the comments and with predictable results. Anyone supporting call of duty got several disagrees. Anyone bashing Call of Duty got several agrees. Seriously, fanboys are extremely annoying but not everybody who likes and plays call of duty is a fanboy.Honestly, Battlefield fanboys are making a rise when it comes to fanboys. In the articles I see relating to call of duty, the people posting remarks such as BF3>MW3 or any other kind of diss are always there in packs.

One of the biggest things we gamers hate about call of duty fanboys is when they bash other shooters for either being too similar to call of duty or being too different from call of
duty. But when we have anti call of duty gamers bashing anyone who likes Call of Duty does that really make them any better? When people assume that anyone isn't that good in a certain game because they play too much call of duty does that make it any better?

We gamers can purchase and play whatever we want. Sure there are better games out there. Sure there are beautiful worlds to explore, innovation to expand, and fun to be had; But at the end of the day, it is just a matter of opinion and opinions clash as false factual information when these pointless debates begin.

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iamnsuperman2507d ago

Good blog. This happens on Gametrailers. Any sort of hint made toward COD the video get rated lower. It has got to the point the produces openly make fun of this occurrence. It irritates me when in COD articles someone pops in to say not as good as BF3. Its like so. Its irrelevant. I am finding the COD lovers are becoming a minority because it is cool to hate COD and Activision as it was cool to love COD back when COD 4 was released. I think it is the most ridiculous fanboy war. It is even worse than the "console war". I personally do not know which (MW3 or BF3) if any I will get.
It doesn't stop at the fans. The companies are at it to. I have lost a great deal of respect for EA for sinking this low. Some of the stuff they have come out with has been just childish. Activision is no better but I feel EA have been the worst in this so called "war"

sdtarm2506d ago

What's worst, COD fanboys or COD haters?

CoD buyers

MrBeatdown2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I was gonna say Call of Duty haters.

Thanks for making my choice that much easier.

If you don't like the game, go find something else to play. It's not hard.

theonlylolking2506d ago

COD haters are easily the most annoying. Most of the tome the COD haters are battlefield fanboys trolling. Battlefield and call of duty have different play styles. They both take a different type of skill to play the game.

Trevonn2506d ago

shit games like cod make 1 billion+ dollars a year while better games dont even get even get 1/10 of that.
thats y i hate REALY hate cod but i dont troll

itzcoo2506d ago

how is call of duty a shit game?
i can understand that you don't like it but what makes it a shit game?

maniacmayhem2505d ago

Maybe a shit game that makes billions isnt really a shit game.

Its hard to justify a game is shit when it rakes in billions of dollars from consumers.

maybe the games you like that dont get 1/10 of that $$ are shit games.

Trevonn2505d ago

apply the same logic to macdonalds my friend


LOL I love both BF and COD but some times just for fun I troll to get a laugh at all the angry responses why cant we just agree that we love gameing and every year games are getting better

Bladesfist2506d ago

lol so what has cod change in the past 2 years then?

ThreeSpeed2506d ago

If CoD had innovated along the way I would have not become a CoD hater. The yearly whoring of a CoD title has become cliche as a cash in on a popular title. Has CoD really progressed or has it recycled similar content on a yearly basis to exploit it's popularity.

I am extremely hopeful that that Battlefield 3 brings something new to the table and gives me something to get excited about. So far BF3 has had very positive buzz, and I hope that it will deliver.

As for CoD haters versus fanboys, it's like everything else. Those who love it will love and those who hate will hate it. Play what you want, but if you just want CoD and nothing else you are limiting yourself and refusing to expand yourself to huge world of gaming that is available to you.

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The story is too old to be commented.