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VGR Release News Updates 8/31

Ru | 1988d ago
User blog

Hey everybody!
Im here to share some of the latest changes to some upcoming games you may have been looking forward to for god know's how long.

I hardly ever have the extra time to write release blogs but there were a few games dated recently that I have been waiting on for a while that inspired me to share with those around me.

But since I don't usually try to spread the word with my blogs, Remember to keep track of all of the games you have ever heard of and all the ones you haven't on

Apache: Air Assault (PS3/360) Confirmed for Nov.9th
Dance! It's your Stage (360) Confirmed for Sept. 8th
Sonic Adventure (360) Confirmed for Sept. 15th
Super Meat Boy (360) Confirmed for Oct. 20th
Comic Jumper (360) Confirmed for Oct. 6th
Hydrophobia (360) Confirmed for Sept. 29th
Borderlands: GOTY Edition (PC/PS3/360) Confirmed for Oct. 12th
Tron Evolution (PC/360/PS3/Wii/PSP/NDS) Confirmed for Dec. 7th
Space Invaders: Infinity Gene (360/PS3) Confirmed for Sept.
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (NDS) Confirmed for Nov. 29th

Well there you have it, some of the latest release date changes to some great games for the fall.

Remember: VGReleases like N4G is a social site meaning you can submit release dates yourself just like you do with news on N4G!

TMAN  +   1988d ago
Awesome. Thanks for the updates RuJoshin.
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