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Aimless Podcasts End of the Year Nominees and Contest Details

It's that time again folks. Time to start talking about which game was better in its respective genre and which game ruled them all. This is a special one for us though since it'll be our first End of the Year podcast officially as Aimless Podcasts. So to commemorate the occasion, I'm running a little contest. I'll get to that later. First off, there will be a segment devoted to what you, the listener, has to say about the games that came out this year (Jan. 1st 2010-present). To do so, we're going to need some nominees from you. The 3-5 nominees (depending on how many different ones we get) in each category will make it to the final poll where you will get to vote on the best in each category before out End of the Year podcast on December 15! These are not limited by platform so any game you want across all the current platforms (PC, PS3, 360, Wii, PSP, and DS) apply. Feel free to write your reasoning should you feel the need. The categories include:

Best Action/Adventure Game
Best Shooter
Best Racing Game
Best RPG
Best Sports Game
Best Fighting Game
Best Puzzle Game
Best Downloadable title
Best Multiplayer
Game of the Year

You can write about the following categories as well, but they won't be included in the final poll although we may read your responses on the air:

Biggest surprise/announcement
Sleeper hit/most anticipated game
most anticipated game for next year

Now on to the contest. Once the nominees are chosen (Nominations end Dec. 12th), they will be listed. Before the polls open, you can enter the contest by guessing which game will earn game of the year. Those who guess correctly will be entered into a drawing and the grand prize winner will win the game of their choice (No upgraded editions, sorry) and the runner up will win a $10 Amazon OR Gamestop gift card. Some rules apply. One: You must be a registered member of the Two: Your guess for the game of the year must be posted under the contest blog on the site. Three: You can't be one of the host or family member of hosts of Aimless Podcasts. The winners will be announced during the End of the Year podcast as well as the actual podcast post, which should be posted on Dec. 16th.

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gamerdude1322542d ago

Best Action/Adventure Game - Red Dead Redemption
Best Shooter - Alien Swarm (wasn't expecting that, were ya?)
Best Racing Game - Blur
Best RPG - Fallout New Vegas
(Best Platformer) - Super Meat Boy
Best Multiplayer - Red Dead Redemption
Game of the Year - Red Dead Redemption