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The XBOX ONE, no thank you!

I've owned two 360's. I've fought the Covenant, I've bleed with my brothers on Sera, and visited Albion. I gave up the last X machine a little after the release of the Kinect. Why? It's not because I didn't want it anymore, IT no longer wanted me.
That was the rebirth of the Xbox, a new beginning a time when Nintendo was king of sales, and both Microsoft and Sony wanted in on the action. The Playstation Move failed, because Sony choose the safe route, one that stayed loyal to their fan base and at the same time tried to lower the average age of their gamers. Microsoft at first seemed that they choose the same thing, we all laughed at the Kinect, thinking I was a harmless toy, and just like the Wii Remote before it, that toy changed a brand forever.
Back in February Sony showed us the PS4 (sort of) and many games with it. There was a game for every type of gamer out there. Microsoft showed us the new Kinect, or “Kinect 2.0 TV ONE” to be more precise. An excellent rival for Apple TV and any other type of media box out there but not for the PS4, no Microsoft made it clear that gamers are the sort of people that like to watch TV while playing and that Halo would be cooler as a TV series rather than a new game. Also every gamer out there loves ESPN and American football. I always wanted 3 O.S.'s on my console and dreamed of the day I say goodnight to grandma while killing aliens. I pride myself on being a hardcore gamer, I love the industry, I've been here almost from the start and I have no intention of leaving no matter how much companies like Nintendo and Microsoft, who once cared for me and my needs and I rewarded them with money and trust, even when that trust was put to the test (RROD, Wii etc.), try to sell my passion, my hobby to some stupid f**k that plays only COD and Fifa (or anyother generic sports game that is launched every year with nothing new to bring to the table), and was wet dreams about the high score he made in Dance Central and Fruit Ninja.
There isn't going to be a next-gen war! The PS4 and the Xbox ONE are on two different battlefields.
Microsoft, with the Kinect you pushed me away, but with the Xbox ONE you lost me forever. I wish you luck in the future in all you projects, we were friends once and I will cherish those moments forever.

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HammadTheBeast1800d ago

I heard you have to pay a fee now to access used games, and its mandatory to install them to HDD.

GG Well played MS, it was an interesting generation.

dedicatedtogamers1800d ago

Wrong. You don't pay a "fee". You pay full price. Phil Harrison confirmed on Kotaku that if you bring a disc to a friend's house, they have to pay full price to activate the game on their account.

Hilarious. Everyone has known since 2009 that Microsoft was losing touch with the gaming market, but I don't think anyone predicted they would be THIS clueless.

HammadTheBeast1800d ago


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Crazyglues1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

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HyperBear1800d ago

All of this outrage/anger/hate over the Xbox One reveal is most disturbing for me as a gamer. Can't really explain it or put it into words, which is probably why I'm not commenting much today :/

Someone should write a blog about the "Judgemental Opinions on Negative News in Gaming"

Donnieboi1800d ago

Are you serious? Each of us has a brain, and we can use it to form judgements. Some people tend to not use theirs, and are fanboys who can't see past the faulty decisions made by the manufacturers of their favorite game console. Which one of the two are you?

Xbox One will block used games (in a subtle way) by making u install it. The disc will be useless if u wanna go to a friends house. Also, they claim that DRM is not required, but it IS an option for developers (so it can still happen). Also, all they focused on was TV shows.

Non of these things are cool to hardcore gamers. So if u think people are hating for no reason, than maybe YOU are the one who's judgement is faulty. Maybe a glorified DVR sounds fun to you, but don't get mad when real hardcore gamers complain. Freedom of expression--get used to it.

HyperBear1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Way to insinuate that I'm a fanboy of a particular system. Which side of the brain did you use to make that assumption?

Let me make this clear...I'm all for people with their own opinions and decisions. It's the way life works, people must ultimately choose and decide for themselves. But feeding off of negativity and making predictions based on incorrect news articles or jumping to conclusions without having actually tried said devices (in this case, the Xbox One) is just bogus. Read every article today and try and find me 1 article on N4G where there's more positivity about the Xbox One than negativity?? You can't and it's because people are so quick to judge certain things, just based off of what's been told to them or what they've read elsewhere.

I'm still a little ticked off by what Microsoft did show today, but not as upset as 99% of the gamers on N4G seem to be. But that's because I wasn't expecting them to show off a lot of games like Sony did and because I still have a lot of unanswered questions that may or may not determine whether I purchase it or not. Ultimately, Microsoft decided that they are going to target the Xbox One to every demographic at every age level and market it as an "All-in-One" Entertainment device. And thus far, it doesn't seem to be winning the gaming crowd over, and that is understandable given that Xbox as "we" know it has changed.

All my comment was trying to get at is I personally do not think there should be this much hatred (or as @RoninRaven put it, sadness) just from what Microsoft have showed from a 1 hour reveal. Hold off your judgement until you know all the facts and have seen "Everything" that this machine is capable of doing (Like at E3 and GamesCon) and have actually tried it out at your local games store.

rainslacker1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

"Read every article today and try and find me 1 article on N4G where there's more positivity about the Xbox One than negativity??" is that the gamers fault, or the fault of their opinions? MS didn't show anything to get us excited. Of course some people will like it, and they are perfectly at liberty to express that fact I would welcome it.

I guess my question to you would long do we hold off judgement? First it was "Wait until the 720 reveal". Now it's "Wait till E3". If they fail to deliver there, will it be, "Wait for TGS" or whatever. How long do we have to wait before we can form an opinion based on what we're shown?

As gamers, we want games. MS didn't deliver that, and to add insult to injury, they showed us a xbox console which is clearly not focusing a major part on games. Will this change at E3? Maybe. But for the time being MS has sewed the seeds of discontent among the gamer community. Fan boy or not, I see a lot of negative perceptions, both among the press, and among the gamers.

First it was "Wait for the 720 reveal". Now it's "Wait for E3". If they fail to deliver there will it be "Wait for TGS"? How long do we have to wait for it to be acceptable to form an opinion based on what is presented to us?

Donnieboi1800d ago


You said:
"Read every article today and try and find me 1 article on N4G where there's more positivity about the Xbox One than negativity?? "

I say: Why the hell should people allot anything positive to MS's conference if they didn't find a single positive thing there to like? Respect/admiration is EARNED, not given/easily distributed. And people did not find anything about MS's conference that was worth their respect/admiration.

THAT's why they didn't have anything positive to say. Even if they looked at the cup as half-full, they would see that the proportion of positive-to-negative is like 1 to 10. And that little bit of 1/10th in the cup that is "filled" is not enough to quench the CORE gamer's thirst. Life is hard--people/companies have to provide something worth buying, if they wan't people to buy their products. So, just...stop crying.


HyperBear1800d ago

Thanks @rainslacker for not judging me :D

Personally, I'm waiting until E3. In 19 days, if Microsoft doesn't show me some games that are exclusive to the XbOne and actually come on stage and address all the bigger issues that have come out of today, then they will have lost me as an Xbox customer for the past 9 years....And I'll just be purchasing a PlayStation 4.

And I should be corrected. It was and is indeed Microsoft's fault for getting themselves in this much heat within the gaming community (It's not that gamer's fault for what Microsoft have done to themselves). I've spent the last hour reading on post-show interviews, etc. and must say I'm a little more pissed off the more I read.

However, having said that, I will still hold off on my judgement until E3 on whether or not I'll be purchasing one or not. It was Sony's amazing focus on the games and the gamer at their Reveal in February that caught my attention, which in turn made my decision to try and purchase one on launch day. All we can do now is hope things clear up by/on E3 or else I fear the worse is yet to come for Microsoft and this Xbox One initiative.

AtomicGerbil1800d ago


News 4 Gamers dude, no way in hell is a positive article going to make it here. That presentation was not for gamers.

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RoninRaven1800d ago

It's not outrage, it's not anger or hate, to be honest I think it's sadness. For me at least that's the case. Both the first Xbox and the 360 (pre-Kinect) were designed for the hardcore crowd. For people like me, and you for the gamers, not for the kids, or grandma or the family dog. I play games to escape reality, to escape my daily life, to relax. Now if you take away the means for me to do that by connecting me more with the things I'm trying to escape using the very thing that I buy to do just that, well that's sad and stupid.

zeal0us1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Honestly think I'm about to jump back over Sony ship or just go the PC route.

MS lost me with the...

"Isn't always online but requires a internet connection"
Then the whole might have to pay a fee to play used games.

At least when Sony did their conference they instantly dispel always online and rather or not the PS4 can play used games.

I didn't have to play Sherlock Holmes searching for answers.

After the whole Adam Orth( or w/e name) event you would think this would be something MS would address directly.

Donnieboi1800d ago

Why haven't u gone over to PS sooner? Why does it have to be one or the other? If you were stuck with a 360, then fine. But why didn't u get a PS3? The amount of amazing exclusives it has had in the last 4 years is astounding. No way I would let the fact that I had a 360 stop me from getting a PS3 (especially since I got sick of paying Live fees and yet getting NO original IP/ exclusives despite the money MS has been stacking--what the hell are they spending our money on?)

RoninRaven1800d ago

TV boxes :)

No but really from my POV an hardcore gamer by definition can't be a fanboy. I loved the 360, yes I had some problems with certain MS policies and practices and managed to bypass them and focus on the console's great, at the time, game offerings. Now, well it seams that the Xbox One is asking too much and giving to little in return.

zeal0us1800d ago

College being the main factor why didn't get a PS3 sooner. The only reason I went with the 360 because it was given to me for free.

Before this gen I was with Sony. Even back in the PS1 days.

hennessey861800d ago

Did this get approved as a blog

cyguration1800d ago

I know a lot of people complain about N4G being a playground for Sony fanboys and the SDF, but seriously now -- I don't care where your allegiance was before the conference -- but after MS announced the XB1 it's obvious they have NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING to do with core gamers.

We got a couple of pre-rendered videos and about 8 minutes of Call of Duty that didn't look impressive at all (compared to Battlefield 4, anyway). I don't see how anyone can be excited for the XB1 when it has nothing to do with gaming.

This blog was spot on...I just can't put into words how disappointed I am with MS and the Xbox brand right now. To think, I'll have to get a Wii U for core gaming purposes...if I had said that back in 2008 people would have laughed at me. Now, I assume I'll be joined in line with others picking up a Wii U or PS4 this holiday season.

1800d ago
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