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Why we dont need new consoles

(Just so you's all know i'm drunk and this is my first post lol) Well its been nearly 5 years since we got our next-gen consoles. There is alot of talk recently about the PS4 Xbox720 and the WiiHD.

Just so you know ive had them all, I started with a 360 spent hundereds of pounds on it loved it too bits, to tell you the truth i was spoilt for choice too many games (that i wanted to play) coming out at the same time. I had the wii, it wasn't for me, then the PS3, (which ive still got).

Now come on, everyone will tell you xbox live is 10x better than PSN but for me I like the point that its free and weirdly most of my friends arent on xbox live they are on PSN, and yes like most people i wish there were a few games on the PS3 (halo, left for dead, alan wake and gears of war) but for now im into the PS3.

Now I just came on to N4G and all this talk of the PS4, Xbox 720 and the WiiHD sorta puts me off, I mean im not gonna run out and buy PS Move or the Kinect if there is gonna be another console in a year or 2, truthly I think we are fine for another 4 or 5 years, we have pleanty power we havent used, loads of games we havent played and god knows what other things are on the horizing. So just chill we have what we have and i think we are all enjoying it.

Jackie Graham

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WildArmed2661d ago

I HIGHLY doubt that we'll see a new Console anytime soon, Jackie. (lol Jackie Chan movies are AWESOME!... umm)
With MS introducing their kinect.. and Sony introducing their move and pushing 3D REALLY hard kinda leaves no reason to upgrade.

Maybe in two years after we have seen a fair share of kinect and move game, they might introduce a new console.. but the current HD consoles pack quite a punch! (sorry wii, i'm still waiting on a Wii HD).
I dont see what I could want from the next 360 or Ps4..
The visuals are amazing.. there is enough space for any game.. we have hard drives.. a good online system..
There is nothing left (imo) to improve on.

So, even if they do announce the next big thing..
PS3/360 have too much life in them.. there wouldn't be much reason to upgrade to their successors anytime soon.