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Uncharted 2's "21/20" = a new milestone has been reached.

PSM3 have recently reviewed Uncharted 2 and given it a score of 21/20 to display how it has raised the stakes in what a video game can offer.

Some people believe that it isn't possible for Uncharted 2 to score "21/20" because a game can't be more "perfect" than perfect. But I don't believe any game review is based on perfection, because perfection simply doesn't exist.

I believe game reviews are based on perception. Here's an explanation.

Pong once was the only video game available. Therefore it would receive "5/5" or "10/10" or "20/20" if we were to review it. Why? Because it was the best game available, considering the state of the video game industry(or lack thereof) during its release.

But as more and more games are released, our perception of what "5/5" or "10/10" or "20/20" changes.

Even though our perception changes, we can't go back on our review of Pong and give it a lower score. Why? Because its score is still correct relative to its position in the timeline of videogames.

PSM3's numerical rating system will remain "20/20". They also won't mark down any points for games that were reviewed before Uncharted 2. Instead, they'll simply change what the new "20/20" means for FUTURE games.

All games reviewed by PSM3 from now on will be judged by what Uncharted 2 was able to deliver.

"21/20" for any videogame is basically a representation that it was able to change the perception of what the future "20/20" will be.

Hopefully those of you who read this will understand what I'm trying to say.

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lh_swe3011d ago

It could just be someone with photo shop skills and a lot of time, but I would be surprised either way. I have no doubts this will be an amazing game, no doubts whatsoever.
Is this a new milestone well yes if all other reviews of the game say the same thing, and lets consider that this game will have to nail everything and I mean everything to get this sort of appraisal, but I would be surprised if they did.

FamilyGuy3010d ago

Think of the score like this.
If PSM3 has anytime before this given out a perfect score (20/20, 10/10/ ect) then all they're saying with this review score is that:
"We thought those games were perfect but uncharted is on another level/ even better than those previously considered perfect games"

Simple enough.

lh_swe3010d ago

All that I am saying is that PSM3 is one source and I will need a few more before I start to beleive that this surpasses Goldeneye 007, Shadow of the Colossus etc. in terms of quality. But if any game can do it it's Uncharted 2.

JackBNimble3010d ago

They may have raised the bar with Uncharted 2, but lets get real here, they shouldn't be adding extra points on a scale out of 20.

High Praise and a perfect score would suffice would it not?

other443010d ago

finally someone talking sense with all this nonsense..

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Cajun Chicken3010d ago

As much as I praise everything Naughty Dog and PSM3 being my favourite in print gaming magazine and having very trusted reviews...

What kind of bloody credibility is 21/20? That's impossible. If the game is perfect, give it a perfect score, not OVER perfection, that's impossible. I know Uncharted2 will be the perfect package and include everything a gamer wants in this day of age. But OVER PERFECTION?

It's a score. The top score in a 'out of/out of' of is perfect as you said. You can't do over perfection! The only possible score nearest to perfection to a reviewer and a reader should be the highest number in that scale and perhaps a mega 'BUY IT!' stamp.

n to the b3010d ago

game reviews are always a bit subjective so don't get too bent out of shape over it.

I used to score 99s consistently in my high school drafting class. the teacher told me he didn't believe in giving 100s because there's always room for improvement. but eventually he shrugged his shoulders and gave me a 100 on 1 of my blueprint excercises (don't know if any1 else ever got 100!). I guess he thought based on what every1 else was capable of my work deserved the 'perfect' score? maybe there's a similarity to the idea behind 21/20...?

Anon19743010d ago

I have no doubt that Uncharted 2 is going to be great, but I quit listening to PSM3 years ago. God of War 2 a 6/10? Ghostbusters better then Infamous?

You can only disagree with a site for so long before you just start ignoring everything they have to say.

RockmanII73010d ago

People rating games with the numerator bigger than the denominator are SOOOO annoying. I'm even against them being the same number because every game has a flaw, no matter how trivial (Except Ocarina of Time, of course).

Digitaldude3010d ago

If its that good it may deserve it however i see exactly what your saying which i agree.

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