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My ps2 vs ps3 experience

The playstation 2 was king of its day and almost everyone had one. Every time I went to gamestop I got excited about a new game that came out I had no idea about. Whether it was metal gear solid 3: snake eater, a new lord of the rings game, or even when I found out star wars battlefront was in stock after I had been waiting for months to play it (even though I had already had the second game to the series). My all time favorite game was Tak but as more games came out, they seemed to get worse and worse to my disappointment. These days were so exciting and surprises were everywhere. Now, you find out about a game 2 years before the release date, I think twice before I buy a game now that they are 60 dollars and overall the ps3 games seem shorter.

Controller: The controllers of both the game systems are very similar. The only major differences are that dualshock 3 controllers are wireless and have improved R2 and L2 buttons. The wires to my ps2 controllers seemed to always get in the way and it was the worst when people tripped over them. I remember one time my Dads friend (That everyone hated, including my dad) tripped over the wire, knocking the ps2 off the shelf, opening up the disc slot, and my brand new GTA: San Andreas fell out breaking it. I will never forgive Moe (The guys name) for the destruction of my brand new and favorite GTA game. The worst part is that he didn't even say sorry! In fact, he yelled at me for not warning him about the cord.
After that, I bought a wireless controller. These things were junk and always broke on me. It was terribly annoying when the batteries fell out and they were near impossible to put back in. Still they were an improvement from the stock controllers because I didn't have to worry about Moe. I hated that they didn't have vibrate so I ended up just switching back to the stock controller. Now that I think of it, the ps2's vibration feature was much stronger then the dualshock 3's. I remember playing metal gear solid, a specific cutscene that went off, and I left my controller on the floor. The whole floor started shaking and I couldn't believe how powerful the vibration feature really was. Overall the dualshock 3 definitely defeats the dualshock 2, even though the dualshock 2's vibration was much better. 1 point to ps3.

Memory cards: ugh, don't even get me started on these things. I never realised that you could delete game saves so I had to get a new one every 3 months or so. Each one costed like $50 and I had to save up just to play the new game I had just got. Im glad the ps3 now has internal storage, it has saved me a lot of trips to Wal-Mart. 1 point to ps3.

Games: I loved how back in ps2 days you never knew what to expect when you went to gamestop for a new game. Well, at least I didn't. Maybe there would be a new tak, hopefully a battlefront 3 (sadly, this still hasn't happened) maybe even a call of duty. Now you know what you're getting before you go and you know everything about the game. There is no surprise. Hopefully GTA 5 will be a big surprise and we won't know everything about it before release date. Another thing I loved about ps2 games were the price. You could go to the store with 30 dollars and somehow end up with 10 used games! It was crazy and I always impressed my parents at how good of a shopper I was. I would sit in gamestop for hours picking out my games I wanted. Going through the hundreds of games and the $5 shelf. I would go to the mall sometimes, find a couple of dollars in my pocket, and end up with a new video game! It was awesome and really brought me joy. Sure ps3 games have better graphics but I liked the overall gameplay of ps2 games. 1 point ps2.

Online: I never played online until my ps3. It took my a year to figure out how to get it to go online and when I finally figured it out I had plugged it into my router. I never knew it was wireless. I elt a mixture of proud and stupid when I got it to work wirelessly. Online obviously goes to ps3 because ps2 never really had online. 1 point ps3.

Overall, PS3 wins the battle but I still love PS2.

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Ruggadagod1845d ago

PS3 is objectively superior to the PS2. PS2 just had a larget library of games. If the PS3 was cheaper back in 2006 it would have been almost the same in terms of game library.

firefoxprime1844d ago

I'm sorry, but what??? I picked up my PS2/PS3 respectively 2006/2011. Waited for both consoles to build their libraries. As futureproof and stellar as the PS3 is, it doesn't hold a candle to the diverse games of PS2! Are you stupid? Ps2 was the perfect blend of East and Western games. RPG's and Shooters actually lived in harmony. Sports games and platformers galore!

We didn't have to worry about overpriced DLC, annoying online wussy gamers. What you received on "disk" was the WHOLE FRIGGEN GAME.

Nuff said. No if you'll excuse me, I gotta finish my first playthrough of Uncharted:DF.

BiggCMan1844d ago

I'm pretty sure he means that, with the PS3 backwards compatibility, the library is just the same as PS2's library, with the PS3 games adding on to it. No need to be a jackass and call him stupid. Many people today still have the old PS3's that play PS2 games including myself, so there is no reason to say the PS2 is better if you can play the entire library on PS3.

firefoxprime1842d ago


To begin your agruement with "I'm pretty sure he means that...", is a clear assumption. Which means your credibility is based on mere speculation. *smirks*

Derekvinyard131834d ago

ps2 was better. every dev had a shining game, and companys werent closed after one bad game. ps2 was from a better time.

wishingW3L1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

this is my order: PS1 > PS3 > PS2.

My least fav is the PS2 because I didn't like most of the games at the time. I liked FFX but not as much as FF7, 8 and 9. I really loved MGS 2 and 3 but beside a few selected games I really enjoyed the PS1 much more because of games like Crash Badicoot while Jak & Daxter wasn't my cup of tea. And overall, the JRPGs on the PS1 were much more interesting and intriguing to me. Suikoden II kicks the ass of III, IV and V and so on. And what about Megaman X4 and Megaman 8? Both on PS1 and both 2 of my most favorite games of all times! The PS1 was terrific!

And I prefer the PS3 over the PS2 because I'm a huge fan of 2D fighting games but with no friends to play against (or with enough interest to get good at them) and the online capabilities of the system showed me an entirely new world that blew my mind to pieces. Now if only Capcom would release an online version of Capcom vs Snk 2 my life would be complete (well, not entirely since Metal Gear Ground Zeroes is coming soon!).

birdykilla1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

PS3 all the way baby! I never owned a PS2, but got to play it many times cause like you said everybody had one. I bought an OG Xbox instead of a PS2 because it had a hard-drive, it had online, and two of my all time favorites in Morrowind and KOTOR. I played the crap out of Halo 2 online, I played the GTA series even more than that. My Favorite last gen game though would have to be The Warriors just a pure classic. Now that PS3 has a hard-drive, and online it's damn near perfect!

FaSCoRP1845d ago

Good article. However, I have to say that I still have a wireless PS2 controller, Logitech brand, never an issue.

Blastoise1845d ago

I'v definitely had more fun with my PS3, but I miss the days of the PS2 mostly because of the DLC shenanigans we get these days.

FinaLXiii1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

yeah Capcom and Activision were respected at that time., how things have changed.

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