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Should Sony Release Gran Turismo 6 on the PS3?

RetroRaconteur | 1061d ago
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According to a top Sony Executive, Gran Turismo 6 will launch this year...on the PlayStation 3. This would be a colossal mistake for Sony that would risk sabotaging the launch of Sony's next-generation PlayStation 4 right out of the gate.

Shortly after Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement back in February, rumors started to swirl about the next title in the illustrious Gran Turismo series. Michael Denny, senior vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Worldwide Studios told Silicon Republic, "Look at the games coming out on the PlayStation 3 like The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, GT6, and then on the third-party side..." Of course, the first two games Denny mentions have already been revealed with release dates announced.

It's entirely possible Denny simply misspoke; however, I believe it much more likely to be a slip of the tongue. The question now is why would Sony release Gran Turismo 6 on the PS3 rather than the PS4? The most likely answer is because there are far more PS3 users than there will be PS4 users this holiday, regardless of how well PS4 performs at launch. In theory, this would position GT6 to sell more copies.

Unfortunately, this would undoubtedly have an inverse affect on the PS4 launch. Sony is already showing significant support for the aging PS3 at the end of its life cycle. Both The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls are hotly anticipated titles releasing this year for PS3. If you throw GT6 into the mix, is there really any reason to upgrade to PS4 this year? Oh and there's also a little game called Grand Theft Auto 6 releasing this year on all current-gen and next-gen systems. Again, it begs the question: why upgrade with so many quality titles to play on PS3?

Make no mistake, GT6 is a system seller. The series has sold a staggering 67.89 million units. According to IGN's Colin Moriarty, "The best-selling Gran Turismo game of all-time is Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec on PlayStation 2, which has sold 14.89 million copies worldwide." The original Gran Turismo sold 10.85 million units on the PSone. These numbers easily make it Sony's best-selling franchise.

If Sony releases GT6 only for PS4, it would certainly have a positive affect on the launch. Quality racing titles tend to age well so although sales would initially be lower with a PS4-only launch, it would likely pay off in the long run. GT6 would continue to chart strongly throughout the PS4's life cycle and would also help Sony's new console start strong out of the gate.

But maybe this isn't the best solution. Why not pull a Nintendo and release the game on both systems? After all, it worked during the launch of the Wii with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The game sold better on Wii by a 5:1 margin, despite being developed on the GameCube. The Wii went on to have one of the most successful console launches of all-time (Wii Sports undoubtedly played a role in this alongside Twilight Princess).

Sony would still risk losing sales on PS4 by not giving users enough of a reason to buy early; however, it would keep from alienating PS3 owners and may convince a few to go ahead an upgrade when they consider GT6 would still be on the PS4 (likely with better graphics), much like many GameCube owners did with Twilight Princess.

The console world has changed. Microsoft and Nintendo aren't the only competitors anymore. Mobile devices are surging, PC gaming is holding strong thanks to the likes of Steam, and even web-based games are having an impact on Sony's future. They can ill-afford to launch a system without an enticing hook. Killzone won't be enough on its own. The PS4 needs its Super Mario 64 or Halo. Why not launch the new PS4 with your best-selling franchise of all-time?

saimcheeda  +   1061d ago
There're two options for Sony
They could release it for PS3 which already has millions of users which would guarantee huge sales for the game as well as allow the PS3 to continue selling well, the PS4 will sell itself initially. Or they could release it as a launch title for PS4 and increase launch sales, along with other high profile games releasing at the same time which will give the system a reputation for having a quality line up from the beginning. I would go with the latter option!
Christopher  +   1061d ago
GT is currently held back by the PS3. The developers are wanting of the PS4 for a lot of what they have planned.
xPhearR3dx  +   1060d ago
This. The 800 PS2 modeled cars were a joke. Not only is it a sad excuse to add more cars, it really off sets the graphics when you have an amazing detailed car next to a blocky POS.
Neko_Mega  +   1061d ago
They should, but heres the real question. Is GT6 going in 4k on PS4? Seeing Sony has shown off GT5 on PS3 in 4k, if it is done in 4k for PS4. I think that would make more people go with the PS4 (just to see what it looks like in 4k).

But they should out it on PS Vita as well.
Christopher  +   1061d ago
No game will be 4k on PS4. Only media (read: movies).
AdmiralSnake  +   1061d ago
Nope, Save it for the Playstation 4 has a near launch title and boost the sales of the PS4 demand, while also releasing your flagship title, and one of the best, if not the best Driving Racing Simulator on the market. (I think it's personally the best)
Rage_S90  +   1061d ago
That would only serve to hold the game back, and canabalize sales of what is a system seller.
Derekvinyard13  +   1061d ago
most likely ps4
bunfighterii  +   1061d ago
I think a PS4 release is the most likely option from Sony. I've seen contradicting stories on GT Planet and elsewhere stating that its in development for the PS4.

Sony aren't (hopefully) stupid enough to release their biggest IP on their previous ten system right at the precipice of the release of their next-gen offering.
MrBeatdown  +   1060d ago
I'd be surprised if Sony actually releases a full blown GT6 for either PS3 or PS4 this year. It just doesn't make sense to launch a game like that alongside PS4, unless it was actually for the PS4. But then it means DriveClub gets overshadowed.

I can only think of one scenario that avoids all the problems, but matches what Denny said...

My guess is the game Denny was referring to isn't GT6. It's GT6 Prologue.

To me, that would make the most sense. It gives PS3 a recognizable game this fall, but not big enough to slow the PS4. And most importantly, it will whet people's appetite for the full game... which will come a year later on PS4, giving them a major first party title in the fall of 2014 when the PS4 hits its stride, and maybe gets its first price drop.
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RetroRaconteur  +   1060d ago
That's a really good point and it just might work.
karthuu   1060d ago | Spam
hesido  +   1060d ago
My suggestion to Sony:
Make GT6 a timed exclusive to PS4, 3 months after release (to not overshadow DriveClub), let the GT fans flock to buy PS4's. Wait another 6 months, and release the game on PS3, sit back and enjoy the record amount of sales.
Orionsangel  +   1060d ago
This article is so Ridiculous! Forget whether they should or should not. GT6 is gonna take so long to come out. That the PS3 will be a fading memory. Everyone will be on PS4.
RetroRaconteur  +   1060d ago
Not sure if you're referring to my blog or the article from Silicon Republic. A Sony executive specifically stated the game is coming out this year.
Gamer-40  +   1060d ago
I want Gran Turismo 6 on Ps4, i think ps3 weak for GT6.
solidboss07  +   1060d ago
Yes to GT6 on PS3 if: The game engine has been refined to a locked 60fps without screen tear (perhaps scrap 3D ect), 20 cars or more on track with better A.I, better damage incuding mechanical failures, more premium cars and a higher No. of tracks with more visual detailing.
Without these improvements and others it would just be GT5+.
I can't imagine that the PS3 has any capacity left for a new and improved Gran Turismo title, and any new tracks and cars can be added to GT5 as more DLC, as could any further game engine refinements.
I would love for an improved GT experience on my PS3, but I do not think that it is possible. Then again if it happens and the difference is equal to GT3 A Spec Vs GT4 then it would probably be worth it. I bought a PS3 on day 1, my PS4 will take longer, as would a proper next gen GT, so I hope Polyphony can bring an improved Gran Turismo title to PS3 this year.
Aclay  +   1060d ago
I believe that GT6 will be released on the PS4, it would be ludicrous on Sony's part to only release GT6 on the PS3 and not also release it on the PS4. Sony being able to get out GT3 early in the PS2's lifecycle was huge for the platform, and I'm pretty sure Sony knows how huge it can be for the PS4 is GT6 out early in the PS4's lifecycle as well.

Also, I'm not much a believer in some reports that GT6 is going to come out this year since it hasn't even officially been announced yet. I just think that if GT6 was going to come out this year, Sony would've at least announced it at last year's TGS or at the PS event in New York last month. The fact that Sony announced Drive Club and didn't say anything about GT just gives me the suspicion that GT6 is still a little ways off from being released.

Just considering how ambitious Kazunori Yamauchi and Polyphony are, I think they've accomplished all there is to accomplish on the PS3 with Gran Turismo. For them to push the envelope even further w/ GT, I think they need new hardware to take the series to new heights.
andreasx  +   1060d ago
They should do whatever they feel they should do. I personslly think they should release on ps4 because it will be a massive sellingpoint for sony
Duffman2  +   1036d ago
I just got a PSN card for free! :D freepsnforever(dot)com

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