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Dark Souls II Beta Preview

Well, this is my first blog and preview for that matter.
Dark Souls is the third game in the souls series known for its difficult gameplay.
Dark Souls II beta second round ended just now and after two hours of playing here is my current opinion of it.

When you first boot up the game you are greeted by a terms and condition, to which you have to agree upon. Then information about beta, and finally the main screen, which just like previous games is pretty barebone with only "DARK SOULS II" written on the background.

First comes up the usual display settings and control settings option. Then you got to choose one of few characters you wish to play as. Like in previous games, only your starting equipment and stats would matter though the game doesn't really tells you the stats when you choose your character.

I started with Warrior, the poster boy for Dark Souls II. He started with a medium armor, longsword, ultra greatsword and a shield. His talents were pretty spread out a good class for pure melee starters.
When you jump into the game you will get greeted by a shopkeeper and a bonfire, and few already placed summon signs.
Dark Souls is still a dark gritty world, and when I say dark I mean both ways, the story and presentation. It will be nightfall so things will be harder to see and you will die alot due to it.

After killing first 3 hollows you will be presented with your first challenge. A very dark area with small passageway and a way down into a cave which would either lead to death, or with careful planning get you starting equipment of warrior class.
You can also light up a torch at bonfire though it will take place of your shield so your blocking might get affected. You can still two hand a weapon, so it is better idea.

After the small passage way and going up a little you will be presented with your second challenge.
A dark hallway full of assassins. You can either kill 2 of them and make run for exit or stay there, kill them and take the loot that is dropped on the floor. I chose latter after dying like 4 times.
There will be many hidden items and areas and the game is semi-openworld with alot of areas to explore.

After going more forward you will be presented with your second bonfire and first mini-boss. Unless you started with Sorcerer or Warrior you will die alot unless you figure this fatty out.
By this time I had died so many times I changed classes to dual swordsman and started increasing his HP to 12, and STR to 18, and Agility to 12.
I like the idea of a nimble two hand warrior more wielding a giantsword.
Sadly I my progress was halted here because of more assassins up at the bridge and dark spirits at opposite side of the bridge.
And the cave was too scary for me so I ran away.

The new engine certainly helps alot. When you move you can clearly see your characters flowing with the wind, and it looks beautiful.
The grass also flows too, and the fire effect looks good.
The only problem with the game was frame-rate. Indoors it felt real smooth like game was running at 45+ FPS, but outdoors sometimes it went jittery and felt it was running at around 22-26fps.
Also unlike Dark souls you will have to wait until the complete attack animation has been played before you are able to roll.

I only got to try melee weapons.
Zweihander returns, with its long damaging reach.
The pursuer greatsword will be the choice of many because its good at all kind of situation.
The knight sword, is great for dual swordsman because of its long reach and moveset.
Longsword is...longsword.
Daggers feel real smooth now, and you can even play as left handed character with no setbacks. You can use shield on right hand and your weapon on left.
Though the greatswords felt fast and Ultra greatswords too fast for me. I hope they balance this issue.

The game still has few of its faults which I hope FromSoftware fixes by the release date , most importantly being framerate issue and weapon balancing, but I have full faith in them.
And now finger crossed for third beta test.

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NewMonday1469d ago

got my hands on this game at the GamersDay event in Saudi Arabia.

not my type of game but my nephew loves it, personally looking forward to Deep Down.

side not: Ninja Gaidn Z was a shocking disappointment.

BiggCMan1469d ago

If you like the look of Deep Down, i'm surprised you didn't like Dark Souls. They are very similar in design and gameplay. While i'm super excited for Dark Souls 2 (been a fan since Demon's Souls first came out, platinumed both games), Deep Down is something brand new and refreshing, with an interesting futuristic twist that is very co-op based. So i'm super excited for it, especially since it's free to play.

NewMonday1468d ago

It's the real like graphics that got me interested, that Dragon looked real, awesome fire and all

Also hoping DD is a bit less difficult

Skate-AK1469d ago

Might want to be careful. Last I read the Beta was under a NDA.

DragonKnight1469d ago

There's already videos on Youtube.

e-p-ayeaH1468d ago

I enjoyed the beta quite alot im liking the level designs so far.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1468d ago

Longsword is... op haha. Glad to hear great-swords are faster, since I'm a sucker for great-swords in mhfu

Roccetarius1468d ago

Well, expect to see a lot of Greatsword wielders, if they don't reduce the speed. :)

That's not going to turn out well.

Jurat1468d ago

Same here; I've never used any weapon in the whole Monster Hunter franchise other than the Great Sword.

Only just found my beta invite (Gmail had put it in my spam folder!) so missed out this time.

Looking forward to some dedicated Dark Souls II co-op in 2014.

RBlue_Desire1468d ago

Well, longsword was longswordish, perfect for Sword and Shield roleplayer, but weak if you used greatsword in other hand, which had insane speed.