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Most wanted games unlikely to be made ෴

This is my top 10 list, what is yours ? Note that the list doesn't include games such as Persona 5, FF15 or MGS5, as they are games that have either been announced or guaranteed to be made.

Some honourable mentions:

-New Suikoden game
-New XenoGears
-Pokemon Console rpg
-Vanquish 2

Lets get started:

10. Shenmue 3: Shenmue was a revolutionary game which invented quick time events. Excellent story and gameplay.

9. Killer instinct 3 or new Bloody Roar: A good-effort mash-up between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter , but with better formulas like Ultra combo's, Combo breaks e.t.c I want it back

8. Final Fantasy Tactics or Ogre Battle: both are made by the same people and have similar gameplay. You can get 100's of hours out of these tactical games. Its like excercise to the mind

7. New Valkyria Chronicles game on consoles: to this day I think this game has the best story I have ever seen on the PS3 and any current gen game in general. I would like put the series back on consoles where it started.

6. A Dragon Ball Z, One Piece or Naruto RPG game with a large world to explore like Final Fantasy 6 or 7 or Skyrim.

5. Shadow Hearts 3: unique and fun gameplay, the ring system is very addictive. It also has a dark story, sometimes I find the atmosphere scary. But I like the world and ideas in this series. Unfortunately the company who made the game (Azure) has gone bankrupt I believe, I wonder who holds the rights to it now?

4. Dark Cloud 3: Sony owns the rights to this amazing series. Think of Sims + Legend of Zelda. This is Sony's Legend of Zelda game, and many reviewers have pointed it out. Its high rated, highly wanted, what's keeping Sony stopping from making this?

3. Chrono Trigger sequel or a new Chrono Game (AKA Chrono Break): Square Enix did register a tarde mark for this game, then they canned it. Fans then tried to revive the series by making a Fan made game called Chrono Ressurection, until Square Enix put an end to it with a cease and desist notice. Its one of Square's highest rated franchises, I do not understand why they aren't taking advantage of it.

2. Kingdom Hearts 3: at this point I am guessing SE doesn't want to make a new KH game, they are just as happy making spin ff's as they see fans buying them spin off's anyway. This game needs to be made now, the KH series is so fun.

1. FF7 remake: The game which put RPG's on the map, never mind JRPG's. This game single handedly made RPG's mainstream. The JRPG genre has been on a serious decline on consoles, and I think it will just take 1 great and amazing game to put it back n the Map. SE says the game will NOT get made until they make an FF game better than FF7. This came straight from Wada...well considering SE's recent offerings *cough* FF13 and FF14, I doubt we will see that happening, so long as Yoichi Wada and Toriyama are heavily involved with the series.

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Ranma11805d ago

Whats your most wanted unannounced game, and why?

wishingW3L1805d ago

hasn't Nomura said like a million times that there will be no KH3 until FFvs is complete?

Capt-FuzzyPants1805d ago

It's practically been announced for years. Everytime he's asked about it he acknowledges it's existence.

But anyway, I really wanna see a Dark Cloud 3 or a Collection. Battlefront 3 would be awesome, a new Tactics game would be cool too. I put well over 100 hours into the remake on the PSP. I got a lot of the cool classes that took forever to unlock. A new Chrono game would be good too.

Blastoise1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

I can think of a bunch. Considered writing my own article with something similar actually.

A new Bloody Roar game
Timesplitters 4
Starwars Battlefront 3
Knights of the old republic 3
Republic commando sequel (the FPS on Xbox & PC, was great)
A decent next gen Turok game (or just dinosaurs in general...)
A decent Harry Potter game that has some kind of RPG elements
A full 3D HD pokemon game, which takes the story back to team rocket, with anime cutscenes, multiplayer Colosseums
and all 649 pokemon with references to older regions
A decent next gen Tenchu

I have zero hope for these games, as most these days (other than Pokemon) wouldn't have a market big enough

BrentonPHX1804d ago

There will never be a MAG 2 (obviously, Zipper Interactive is closed *sniffle*). However, there never was going to be. One of the things that I LOVED about MAG was the concept that game evolved, changed. Yes it was annoying to update every couple weeks, but the prospect of new gameplay, modes, weapons, maps, ect always won over my serious impatience. More "MAG 2.0" than "MAG 2". More games should follow this model. The devs over @ Zipper were always working to make the game better.

Blastoise1804d ago

I agree, the updates that followed release made the game loads better. They added quite a lot. I still like to play the odd game of MAG every now and then, it's a game like no other.

Godmars2901805d ago

Want to say a Front Mission title that uses fog of war, electric/cyber warfare and permanent death as well as squad based versus combat for online, but hey, I'd be asking that from Square.

Sad truth: the way game making is being looked at and done by devs and publishers doesn't really support the kind of innovation I was expecting in say the 90's.

Crazay1805d ago

I'd love a new Shadowrun, Lunar, Popful Mail, Snatcher, Sewer Shark, Rise of the Dragon, Super Dodgeball (I'd settle for an XBLA release), Fallout 4 (Yes I know it's coming but I want it NOW), A Final fantasy game that actually looks and feels like Final Fantasy and a relaunch of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.

rnmartinez1804d ago

I really wish these did get remade somehow, but I agree they are highly unlikely. I'd love to see a new MDK game and River City Ransom HD.

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