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Anime had big influence on video games -Miyamoto

We already know anime has had a big influence on pop culture in the last decade. For example, once i had a training job at school and was assigned with some art students...when asked to draw a realistic person or animal most of the students would end up drawing in the same anime inspired way.

It was like it was in their genes to do so even though the art teachers had never taught a lesson about anime (and I know, because i asked the teachers). I don’t think they (students) knew much about anime to begin with. The recollection of that event has led me to analyse the influence anime has had on the creation and appreciation of video games.

Its not just video games there were influenced by anime. Many Hollywood films have completely ripped their stories straight from anime's like: (1)The Matrix ripped of Ghost in the shell scene by scene (2)Lion King ripped of Kimba the white Lion (3)Inception ripped of Paprika and Black Swan ...and the list goes on. The truth is: Hollywood rips everything, not just anime.

In the video, Miyamoto admits he was inspired by anime and manga when making his video games. Its not just the games Miyamoto made like Zelda, Mario, Pokemon e.t.c that were inspired by anime, its all sorts of games

The mecha genre of anime and manga has proved an enormous influence on videogames, from Virtual-On to Metal Gear Solid. Metal gear Solid was inspired by Snatcher (an anime game), and Kojima also put in a well known anime freak into the MGS series called Otacon who mentions all the robots he made were inspired by anime.

Most JRPG games are influenced by anime, we can see that in the character design and stories of games like Persona 4, Tales of Vesperia, and FF series. What else has anime given video games? Generally, the anime influence with character emotions and expressions is a good element for games since it gives characters more personality. However...Some people say anime has also given us characters with: (1)no facial hair (2)barely any muscle (3)and borderline metrosexual. Am sorry for the people who have those views, but i dont want link looking like this (I think most people wouldn't)

Neither would I want Dante from Devil May cry looking like this:

I just feel anime doesn't get the praise it deserves. This is the purpose of this blog. Anime and video games work in tandem, people should know this. LONG LIVE ANIME !!!

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Ranma12110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

If we didnt have anime/manga, Link & Dante would probably look like the guys in the pictures above.

If we didnt have anime/manga, FF7's story would be completely different

If we did have anime, there may not even been robots like Metal Gear Rex in the MGS series.

....most of the pokemon wouldn't exist

....Hollywood wouldnt have Ghost in the shell to ripp of when making the matrix

watch this is you don't believe me :

Hell Matrix probably wouldn't exist.

No hentai, Comicon would be dead by now, No studio Ghibli movies, some of Miyamoto games might not exist...and the list goes on


wishingW3L2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Chronicle was a rip-off of Akira, they simply changed its setting. Instead of Neo Tokyo we have kids in a high-school on America. And what about Schala's theme used on a song of Kalifa? They just put some gangsta lyrics on it and that is it.

Capt-FuzzyPants2110d ago

I actually agree for once. Anime inspired games are usually very good. I like the art style for the most part. Chrono Trigger was very pleasing visually and I think the guy who did Chrono Trigger did Dragonball right? You were spot on when you touched on how characters in JRPGs are like anime characters. They have strong emotions and personalities. JRPGs and animes are usually far fetched and thats why I like them. Anime does deserve more credit for helping shape the best genre of video games.

gamerben2110d ago

Yeah, just look at the characters from dragon ball z and chrono trigger side by side.

Marle = 18
Lucca = Bulma
Crono = Goku


GamingBuddha092110d ago

well to be fair akira toriyama was the artist for both, as well as for blue dragon, dragon quest

Megaton2110d ago

The influence needs to go deeper. Tentacles deep.

gamerben2109d ago

You also forgot to mention the western influence on anime.

Early anime artists were inspired by the western comic industry without a doubt, and lots of western sci-fi and action movies from 70's and 80's are often referenced in anime.

Bimkoblerutso2109d ago

Don't know why you got a disagree. It's a well-documented fact, not some baseless conjecture. Osamu Tezuka was directly influenced by Disney shorts and movies of the time. Even two very popular anime sub-genres, steampunk and cyberpunk, originated from Western literature.

Obviously it's become it's own unique entity at this point. No one is disputing Anime's diversity or authenticity, but both the West and the East seem to bounce influence back and forth at each other all the time.

2109d ago