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Whats wrong with SE? From asking fortune tellers for advice to mediocre games

There once was a company called Squaresoft. Squaresoft builds a company from ground up which gets an excellent reputation for quality, then Yoichi Wada comes along and starts destroying the company from top to bottom, until its down to the levels of a sewer....

Here are some crazy things which have come from this companies employees:

(1) Yoichi Wada moved Square Enix's offices/headquarters based on advice from a fortune teller named Pau. This caused some bad blood between Sakaguchi (creator of FF series), Uematsu (Legendary FF composer) and Wada -Neogaf, Gamasutra

(2)Some of Toriyama's opinions : "He[Toriyama] also believes that it becomes very difficult to tell a compelling story when the player is given a huge amount of freedom to explore."

"Toriyama is interested in using first-person shooter games for inspiration rather than other role-playing video games,"

"Toriyama aimed for the game design of the first half of Final Fantasy XIII to play like watching a film. The reason was so the player could become absorbed with the story and characters and not get distracted or lost." -GNVR

(3)Yoichi Wada said "No More NONE Mainstream Games" are allowed, and whoever makes NONE mainstream games will be fired. -Destructoid

(4)Yoichi Wada said FF development teams should be smaller because big dev teams take to long to make games (although that is his fault since he decides to make games go multi platform mid way through development)-Gamasutra

(5) Remember at the start of this gen how Yoichi Wada decided to make a dozen games exclusive to 360 like Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant, Star well did that go?

(6) "Final Fantasy XIV a serious WoW rival, says Wada" -Develop~online


(7) "SQUARE ENIX Fired Few Hundred Staff. Yoichi Wada and Other Executives Salary Up by Few Million Yen" -Makonako

(8) No one wants FF13-3, but Square Enix will force it down our throats, because they just registered the domain, and based on the ending of FF13-2 [spoiler]which says "to be continued"[/spoiler], the game doesn't look far off. -Gematsu
..... and the list goes on.

So what is really wrong with SE ? I think Toriyama and Yoichi Wada are whats wrong with Square Enix. What are your opinions ?

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Kratoscar20082151d ago

Squaresoft will always be in my heart, i remember when getting a square game was a sure bet, now i must think carefully when buying their games.

If what you posted is true then firing these guys will restore SE, i hope they get demoted not fired.

Could you post the links to these articles please?

kevinsheeks2151d ago

i did a search its true O.o shocking and sad but true

Tuxedo_Mask2151d ago

I don't think Toriyama is as bad as he seems, I just think he's being used in the wrong way. As a part of a team he could really do well, but they put him in charge of everything and thus we get something similar to what's happened with the Star Wars films due to Lucas having complete control.

As for Wada, I think he tried to move SE forward to expand their reach in terms of genre and financial income, but he seems to make some odd decisions and he doesn't seem to realize what it was that made people like Squaresoft, Enix, and even early SE in the first place. He also doesn't seem to listen to the fans very well or understand what it is they want, which doesn't help either.

wishingW3L2150d ago

I clicked disagree by accident but I wanted to say that I do agree with this!

Godmars2902151d ago

As much as Toriyama and Wada seem to be the issue, the real problem will be who to replace them after they've been removed/fired. Nomura might be held as a savior, but then it might be his perfectionism, difficulty working with HD hardware, that's holding up Versus.

Also never forget Sakaguchi who really caused Square's problems no matter how he's praised now. It was his ego and inability which lead to Spirits Within which tried to rip on the FF mythos while being nothing remotely like it.

Ranma12151d ago

So you dont want Sakaguchi back. I want him back, i think when he was in charge all the games were great.

My friend who doesnt like FF and never played it, said the spirits within movie is great

Godmars2902151d ago

It was good, just not good enough to bet the success of a movie studio on. That was really bad judgment on his part.

kevinsheeks2151d ago

Who was leading when they where doing good?

wishingW3L2150d ago

when Sakaguchi was producer and Kitase director.

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The story is too old to be commented.