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Suikoden 2-highest rated game on metacritic by userscore, why doesn't Konami put it on PSN?

Since their are very few quality JRPG's this gen, i decided to go back to the past and play some quality retro JRPG games. Suikoden 2 is one of them.

If you want to play Suikoden 2 on consoles, you need to fork out $50-$100 as this game is rare and Konami refusing to put it on PSN doesn't help much either.

Its also the highest rated game on metacritic by user score (which is only counted if it has >4 reviews).

IGN rated the game extremely highly giving it a 9/10 with a very low rating for the graphics, it would get a much better rating if it had good graphic instead of 2D.

I really wanted to play this game. So i bought it and will play it next week. But i only decided to buy it after realising i have no choice since games not on PSN, and their wasn't any indication that it would be any time in the future. I couldn't wait.

Suikoden 1 is on PSN, but the best one isn't. What is Konami thinking, what do you think might be the reason for not putting it on PSN?

I am thinking its because their is:

1. copyright/rights/licensing issue.

2. Suikoden 1 made insignificant amounts of money on PSN.

3. or Konami is just plain stupid?

What reason could their be?

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Jio2190d ago

I've never heard of it, but now I really want to play it.

Ranma12190d ago

So why do you guys think the reason isfor why Konami is not putting Suikoden 2 on PSN?

DragonKnight2190d ago

Konami is just plain stupid.

Suikoden 1 is on PSN. So it can't be licensing or copyright issues especially since Konami is also the publisher.

I guess it's not possible to find out how many sales of Suikoden 1 were from PSN, but given that it was out for so long in only Japan and then came to NA much later, it'd be Konami's fault for any lack of sales.

And another reason Konami is just plain stupid is that they recently disbanded the Suikoden team. All the members still work at Konami, and they said that the series isn't dead, but when you disband a team it means only 1 of 2 things. Either 1)They are going to outsource the next Suikoden game. Or 2)They don't plan on another Suikoden game coming out any time soon.

There are so many people wanting Suikoden VI for consoles it's not funny. Everywhere I go where there is a Konami story or on their twitter or facebook page, someone is asking for Suikoden. Konami just doesn't care. They will likely use the excuse of having Suikoden 1&2 on the PSP as why Suikoden 2 is not on PSN, but even that game never released outside of Japan. I wish it had since it adds Georg Prime to Suikoden 1, and as we all know Georg Prime is the most badass overpowered character in all the Suikoverse.

catfrog2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

it can definitely be a licensing issue. if konami didnt have the foresight to put digital distribution clauses into things that were outsourced (sounds like "HIYA!" when a character attacked, for instance, held breath of fire 3 back from psn, and was also blocked for a psp release in the americas because of a few noises that were outsourced) they might have to redo the contracts which might be too much of a hassle for them to deal with.

either way, i think suikoden 2 could at least make its money back if it was released on psn and hope konami will put forward the effort to do so.

Redempteur2190d ago

^^ agreed with Above

Konami is just plain Stupid..
And it's a shame since i've finished suikoden psp ( the last one , not the compilation ) and it's a very nice game that would had been a masterpiece had the team got enough money to polish it ...

As for suikoden 2 a corrected version without the translation error ( that game got a few of them ) would be also a greater masterpiece than it is alredy

Mikefizzled2189d ago

Not to be a drag but you used 'their' wrongly every time except for the last. Should be there instead.

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