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Top 10 JRPG games that are not FF

I made a blog post before of the TOP 10 JRPG's here:

5 of the games were Final Fantasy, here are the Top 10 JRPG games of all time discluding Final Fantasy.

Honourable mentions:
16. Xenoblade

15. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together & Ogre Battle 64

14. Skies of Arcadia

13. Chrono Cross

12. Pokemon Cyrstal

11. Grandia

10. Dragon Quest VIII: in my opinion, the game has an average story and good gameplay. Sometimes the gameplay is the part which shines the most, usually when you need to be very strategic in hard boss battles. but the best part of this game is the large amount of side quests| meta-critic 7 user rating: 89,84

9. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness: a very addictive turn based rpg where you move characters from place to place, it has a lot of replay value and many side quests| meta-critic & user rating: 84,87

8. Secret of Mana: In my opinion, this is the game which is the blue print for modern day action rpg's like Kingdom Hearts. It also has a highly addicting battle system and reminds me a lot of the shining force series| Gamerankings: 86.5%

7. Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicles): This game is the Legend of Zelda of the playstation. It has a very similar lock on system to LoZ, tons of side quests, a sim style mini game where you can build your own towns and a secret hard dungeon at the end to give it a lot of re playability | meta-critic & user rating:87,92

6. Shadow Hearts 1 or 2: Shadow Hearts 1 is scarier, its one of the best horror themed RPG's I played. It had an interesting ring based battle system which was quite fun. I miss this series. The company that made it is now defunct| Metacritic-critic & user rating:85,91 (Shadow Hearts 2)

5. Suikoden 1 or 2: good story about geopolitics, conquest and war. Although the game had 2d graphics which kind of let it down. But it didnt stop me from enjoying the game| Metacritic-critic & user rating:82,98

4. Tales of Symphonia: my first tales game, highly addictive battle system, quite of number of side quests and very difficult optional bosses. The story was average and was quite cliche| metacritic-critic & user rating:86,90

3. Xenogears: the game is full of robotic battles and customization. The game itself is constructed in the traditional turn-based RPG style but with several innovative features that make it stand miles apart from its predecessors. The combat system utilizes some of the same aspects of a typical Square game by incorporating the Active Time Gauge system. In my previous list, I somehow forgot about this game| Meta-critic & user rating:84,94

2. Persona 4 & Kingdom Hearts: these 2 games are tied at number 2. Persona 4: the gameplay is ok & much better in the hard mode of the game. But what stood out is the amazing story, it has quite a lot of plot twists. I have not seen a JRPG with plot twists as good as this game| Meta-critc & user rating:90,91

2. Kingdom Hearts 1: also tied for number 2. What i loved most about this game is the gameplay & difficult secret bosses, this game should not be judged based on face value. Just because it has Disney characters in it, does not mean its an easy or rubbish game | Meta-critic & user rating:85,89

1. Chrono Trigger: epic and addicting battle system, excellent story, just 1 optional boss in the original, I wanted more. The music in the game isn't better than FF 6, 7, 9 or 10. Never the less this game is a master piece | Gamerankings (snes):95.1%

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coolbeans2236d ago

Interesting list. It's certainly sad to see the general sentiment from fans tell me just how lacking this generation is when it comes to JRPGs. Hopefully it'll pick up soon.

Ranma12236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Yeh am quite annoyed at the situation.

I blame Square Enix mainly, they ruined the most popular jrpg's series of all time.

Thanks to the merger, we now have poor FF games (they dont know how to make them good anymore), and no more games like Chrono Trigger or Xenogears.

They are now incapable of thinking of anything unique

Some people say SE isnt dead because they made DQ8 or Kingdom Hearts, actually SE didnt make any of those games. LV5 made DQ8 !!!

PhantomTommy2236d ago

I know most people will disagree with me but I thought Final Fantasy 12 was a masterpiece, like Dragon Quest 8, I found myself coming back to it for it's brilliant gameplay rather than the story and that's a sign of a great game. So I wouldn't say that Square Enix are incapable of making a great FF game, they just f***ed up this gen.

r212236d ago

i see you like huge anime boobs, anyways, has no one played radiata stories on the ps2? that game was simply mind blowing with so much interactivity between NPC's.

Series_IIa2235d ago

The only 2 JRPGs I've played are Legend of Dragoon and Lost Odyssey, they were both pretty decent.

Also Pokemon Blue too if you count that as a JRPG

WitWolfy2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Lost Odyssey is easy the best JRPG of this generation PERIOD! Mist walker really out did themselves with that over looked gem. Too bad it was only exclusive to Xbox 360, it would've sold 10 times more if it went multiplat IMO.

They just dont make games like that anymore :(

Enate2235d ago

Xenogears and Suikoden II my top two favorites of all time. That and Legend of Legaia, never did get to fully play crono trigger but I might for the ds.

Megaman_nerd2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Parasite Eve, Grandia 2, Lunar, Rouge Galaxy, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma, Sailor Moon Another Story, VALKYRIA CHRONICLES, Tales of Phantasia(PS1), Star Ocean first and second departure, Sakura Wars V, Valkyrie Profile, Albert Odyssey (Saturn), Shining Force III, Shining the Holy Ark, Seiken Densetsu 3

That's why I don't mind the current lack of Jrpg with this huge backlog of retro Jrpg. =)

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The story is too old to be commented.