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Standalone PS4 or Wii U + Vita, Which Would You Buy?

randomass171 | 581d ago
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It will probably surprise those of you who have never seen me comment before, but I love video games. Shocking, right? In fact, I love them so much I tend to branch out beyond my favorites and play whatever I can get my hands on that also peaks my interest. This past generation is also the first one in which I have not sold older consoles to get the newer ones, so of course it's that much more difficult to get them. Having done some calculations, I'm pretty certain I will have about $450, if not more of saved money by the end of this year. Which leads me to my little conundrum, what the heck do I get with this money? The obvious choice would be a PS4, right? But why get one system when I get two other ones that have a few more games I want to play? Decisions, decisions...

Just to get it out there, I do not plan on buying an Xbox One or a PC. Those things may come at a later time, but for now I want to focus on getting one of the two options I am about to list for you below. Also, I did technically ask all this in a comment before and got some really awesome responses, so I thought I would approach the rest of the community and see what they think.

So let's start with the obvious choice: the Sony Playstation 4. The Playstation 4 is the hot sensation in the gaming scene right now, the strongest piece of console hardware on the market and Sony's big console comeback after the wonky launch of the PS3 (or as I like to call it, the third console curse). PS4 isn't perfect by any means, its updates are slow and there are not too many games I want for it just yet. I would say that the one game I REALLY must own for it right now is InFamous. Though I can say for certain that that will quickly change come this Fall when games like Arkham Knight, Evolve and Destiny come out. At $400 for the console, it is obviously the most financially demanding of my options and I will most likely only be able to get one game. That all being said, I will more than likely be able to ask for more games as holiday gifts and save up for even more later on down the line.

Now herein lies my other option. A $300 Nintendo Wii U and a $200 Sony Playstation Vita at the same time. Both of these systems are like illegitimate cousins to me: They are both profoundly underrated, have great overlooked content, and some controversy surrounding their launches and cycles. So why pick these two over a PS4? The answer is simple: games, games, and more games.

The Nintendo Wii U is FAR from perfect, to say the least. No party chat, no invitation system, not a lot of online multiplayer games, and of course third party support for it is a big pile of meh. This "meh" is also about two steps from being completely nonexistent. So why am I considering the Wii U? Like I said, games. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D was an amazing experience and I am insistent on getting my hands on its sequel. I played coop on my friend's Wii U on this as well as Mario 3D World, both of which were crazy fun. And with games like Mario Kart, Smash Bros. and Bayonetta's sequel on the rise, it feels like a no brainer to be ready to jump in. There is also the chance of a price drop around the holiday season.

Vita is actually a pretty similar case (to say the least). Having an HD screen that can fit in my hand is a pretty awesome investment, especially if this screen can support my PSOne Classics, indie games and any full console games I get through cross-buy. With the possibility of a price drop come the holidays because of the new slimmer model and of course because Black Friday. So put these two together and it's at least $500 when not counting deals and price drops. An even bigger stretch than the PS4, but it should be doable, give or take. The reason why I don't consider price drops or deals for PS4 is because in contrast to Wii U and Vita, the PS4 is selling much better than both systems and is set to outsell both (it already has outsold Wii U if I'm not mistaken). So I'm expecting to have to pay $400+ for PS4 and less than $500 for the Wii U and Vita.

Just to clarify, I know it's a little unethical to buy a Sony handheld in tandem with a Nintendo console. But the thing is I already own a PS3 and a 3DS. Vita can technically do some sync up features with PS3 and the 3DS has connectivity with Wii U, so I do believe that I will be satisfied with both.

But which should I choose?! Both selections are extremely enticing. PS4 will have a ton of software on it by the beginning of the following year (which doesn't even consider indie support), while the Wii U and Vita already have a small but respectful and growing collection of games I would love to play on them. Whichever I decide ultimately, all I can say is it certainly will feel great to be a gamer.

So what do you guys think? And thanks for reading.

rambi80  +   581d ago
The vita has a decent library but may not have the genres you are looking for. Dont rule out getting a used one though.

I wouldn't buy either a WiiU or PS4 yet. The PS4 does seem to have the better outlook though.
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randomass171  +   581d ago
I really like platformers, RPGs, some shooters, etc. I am willing to play almost any game at least once. Vita's library will hopefully support all the PSOne Classics legitimately soon, and I really want Gravity Rush and Tearaway.
rambi80  +   581d ago
Of the 3, the vita seems to be the best option in the short term if the sly cooper collection and the ratchet and clack collection turn out to be good ports. You also have the rayman games on the device and a really goop lbp. also factor in the cost for at least a 16 gig vita card.

I say take your time and see what happens software wise until the end of the year when you can get a good black friday deal.
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xHeavYx  +   580d ago
Personally, I think the PS4 will have a better future, it also has a more varied libraby and, as you said, there are some great games coming (also, Sony has always provided when it comes to games).
People keep saying "there are no next gen games", but that's just bull, unless you finish 5 games a month ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

Regarding the VITA. There are many games that you can get for free and lots of great sales (the only game I bought for it was Killzone Mercenary) so you pretty much pay for the console (and maybe extra memory) and there is no need to get new games.
I would wait for E3 in case they announce some type of discount though.

Nintendo has some great games, yes. My only concern is that the console is selling well below expectations, so I wouldn't be surprised if a new console is announced sooner rather than later
caseh  +   581d ago
'I wouldn't buy either a WiiU or PS4 yet. The PS4 does seem to have the better outlook though.'

This just about nails it.

I sold my PS3 in readiness for a PS4. In six months i've bought 3 games, anything worth owning simply won't last you through the current drought. We get Watch Dogs at the end of next month then...nothing worth noting for months.

See for yourself: http://www.pushsquare.com/g...

It does however have the better outlook but even 6 months in I feel like I stupidly gave in to the hype when holding off till the start of 2015 would have been the better option.

Wii U, I won't go there.
DonDon  +   576d ago
Why did u sell ur ps3? I own a ps3, ps4 and vita...and the ps3 is the LAST one i'd give away. I have 230 games on my ps3 (on a 1 GB hdd). I only have 11 games on ps4. Anyone who had ps plus for years (like me) would be a fool to sell their ps3.
NYC_Gamer  +   581d ago
PS4 would be the best choice due to having better support in terms of software
Geekman  +   580d ago
And you can play the grand total of one non multiplatform game it has on it that isn't mediocre.
KwietStorm  +   578d ago
stubbed_out  +   581d ago
Very interesting - realistically how much time do you have to play the games you want? Will you definitely be looking to get your hands on a PS4/WiiU/PSP later down the road anyway?

Personally, I have a pretty good PC and am very interested in getting a PS4 once Alien and Batman are out (they'd make for a pair of lovely console introduction games) but that's not until Oct/Nov.

I'm very much considering buying a WiiU for the space in between because I've played so few Wii games and absolutely zero WiiU games, it'd be like two consoles in one for me. £180 2nd hand doesn't seem like such a bad deal...plus online infrastructure means fairly little to me.

Now I noticed you didn't mention the Wii (apart from DK but don't know if you completed it or sampled) so am thinking you could potentially be in the same boat which means it would make a lot of sense to purchase a WiiU.

The above point could also work in relation to the PSP Vita, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it just yet other than potentially it could partner the PS4 very nicely - kind of a wait and see regarding Now integration and future PS4 firmware updates. But that's just my opinion, I've never owned a hand-held (did steal my cousins Advance for a while which was great) and as you already own the 3DS I'm assuming you know more about that area than I do.

Hope this helps, have fun.
randomass171  +   580d ago
The good thing about my job is that the pay is nice but the bad part is the hours are minimal. So I actually do have a pretty significant amount of time each week to just kick back and play video games. If I had to take a guess, I can get at least 20 hours throughout the week to play games. Great point about the Wii U/Wii aspect. I totally forgot to mention that the Wii U was backwards compatible. But either way, I currently do own a Wii and have some games on it. Donkey Kong, ironically enough though, I played on my 3DS. :P

Handhelds are a great field if you have a tendency to move around a lot. I obviously go from home to work and back as well as friends' houses in my free time, so being able to play something without lugging my home consoles is pretty awesome. If the recent digital dump the Vita got becomes legally permanent on PSN, I'd practically kill to be able to take Spyro and Crash to my friends' places without taking the entire PS1/2/3.

Thanks for your input! You have fun too. :)
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slivery  +   580d ago
Not to rain on your parade but there is little to no connectivity between the systems you want and currently have.

The PS3 and Vita more so I suppose but it is extremely limited. As far as the 3DS and Wii U go, I wasn't even aware there is any connectivity between the two other than a unified ID system which I can't necessarily call connectivity between the two, mainly just a combined account and nothing more. There is not anything more than that right now for the Wii U and 3DS.

To be brutally honest I don't see them bothering, I see their next handheld having a better chance at that than the 3DS. I have a feeling they will announce a new handheld in a year or two if the Wii U is still alive and kicking, not to sound too negative but things are not looking bright for it currently.

Also, the last I heard, Miyamoto said it was too complicated, which I can understand, the Wii U and 3DS are not similar enough for me to really see it work like a PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. Plus Sony had that intention all along and had been working with remote functionality since the PSP, it seems Nintendo is just considering the idea of it for the Wii U and 3DS, even before there wasn't much connectivity even with things like the Gamecube and GBA.

The most I heard of the 3DS working with the Wii U was back in 2011 when Nintendo said they would have cross play between both systems for Smash Bro's but sadly it was later announced that Wii U and 3DS players won't be able to play together after all.

Just giving you a fair warning, I wouldn't be expecting much from either the 3DS or Vita when it comes to connecting to the devices you have and plan to buy with it, if you got the Wii U and Vita that is.

As for helping you choose, I really couldn't tell you, I am a true gamer at heart and will play anything on any system really, as long as it is fun to me.

I own everything besides the Xbox One right now and I would have that also if Microsoft wasn't so shady all the time, I can only take so much but that is not to say there aren't any Xbox One games I am not interested in. I just have been burnt by Microsoft many a time throughout my life, so I am holding out on the Xbox One. Plus I have no use for Kinect, I just wouldn't use it and I don't like buying things I just don't personally see a need to use.

Anyway good luck choosing what you want, all I will say whatever you choose, I guess it really doesn't matter, they are all great systems.

You seem like a open minded chap, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding games with whatever you do pick. Another way of looking at it, is I usually end up buying every system there is eventually anyway.. So I tend to just grab what appeals to me the most for the time being first, if that helps any..
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randomass171  +   580d ago
I definitely see where you're coming from. Perhaps I put too much emphasis on cross-connectivity in my blog. Either way, I do appreciate your input. There are plenty of other facts I'm considering with these purchases. For example, if I wait long enough I might be able to get a PS4/Vita bundle on the cheap. Or perhaps a Wii U for a ridiculously good deal on Black Friday. But the reasoning boils down mostly on how much money I can save and of course which investment will be the most effective for most of the following year. As far as content is concerned, the Wii U + Vita option has a bunch more games I have interest in than the PS4 does. That being said, by early 2015 that can and probably will change pretty radically. So as a lot of the awesome commenters here are saying, playing the waiting game seems to be the best thing. Thanks a lot for your input! Happy gaming. :)
Geekman  +   580d ago
Tough choice, tough choice.
AceBlazer13  +   580d ago
From the sounds of it, it doesn't matter. Your most likely gonna get whichever one you skip later down so it's just a matter of which you wanna get first.Flip a coin and you'll know which you want.But quick question if you get the Wii U and Vita can you afford any games after?
randomass171  +   580d ago
Yup! That's the idea lol. I will probably wind up getting the one that is not chosen the following year. As for affording games, I more than likely can get one game, if any, and just ask for a few more as holiday gifts until I can save up for more. So no matter what I choose, I thankfully won't be too strapped for content.
Thehyph  +   580d ago
As a ps3, ps4 and Vita owner, I would probably suggest the WiiU/Vita combo.

My reasons:
Vita is an incredible and incredibly underrated piece of hardware in my book.
I don't, but would absolutely love to, have a WiiU.
Ps4 is great, and I use it almost every day, BUT the only reason you stated for buying it was InFamous. Now, don't get me wrong, I loved Second Son, but you can be done with that game in a weekend.
Ilovetheps4  +   580d ago
As a disclaimer, I have a PS4 and a Wii U, but not a Vita. So, I cannot vouch for the Vita.

If I had to choose between the PS4 and the Wii U, I would choose the Wii U currently. It just has a better games library right now. My collection includes Mario 3D World, Pikmin, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Lego City, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Wind Waker HD, ZombiU, The Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World, And New Super Mario Bros U. Compare that to my PS4 collection: KillZone, Infamous Second Son, and Assassin's Creed 4. Now I'm sure you can quickly tell that I own a ton more games on Wii U. I'm about to add Mario Kart 8 to my collection in about a month. But each and every game I listed for the Wii U, I've had quite a bit of fun with (excluding ZombiU). I have spent way more time on the Wii U than my PS4. My PS4 has basically become a designated Netflix player, and that's a sad thing to admit.

I was pumped up for the PS4. I was looking forward to it for so long, but when it came out it was just missing a ton of those big hitter titles. KillZone is alright, but I (as a huge KZ2 fan) was highly disappointed. The game was just boring. InFamous is a fantastic game though, but I have beaten it twice with 100% on both files in about 30 hours. And Assassin's Creed I beat and never played again. I know that the games will come soon, but I doubt that'll be until November. There really aren't any PS4 games coming until then.

Another plus I have for the Wii U is backwards compatibility. I'm not sure if you had a Wii, but I have quite a few Wii games. My Wii isn't completely broken, but it's on its last leg. So, I just throw Project M on the Wii U and have so much fun with it. Same goes with the Zelda Wii games. I think that the Wii U is a highly underrated system. Do I agree that it isn't nearly as powerful as the other two consoles? Of course. It's not close to being the most powerful system on the market, but I'll tell you one thing, it's fun. And to me, that's all that matters. I have fun every time I boot it up. And games like Monster Hunter 3 are able to keep me playing for a long time. I think I have around 150 hours in the game and see no end in sight. But, the major drawback for most people is the nonexistent online structure. And yes, I do agree the online is not very good. But, at least friend codes are gone. And besides, I'm not the biggest online gamer, so it doesn't affect me. I'd rather play a single player game or a couch multiplayer game. So, if you need a great online experience, the Wii U won't be for you.

I know this opinion may sound bias, and well I guess it is. It's an opinion piece. But, just look at my name. I'm a Sony fan, but I have to admit to myself that the Nintendo console is currently better due to the games it has right now. I would suggest to you buying that and waiting a bit on the PS4. Let that library build up or else I fear you will have a designated Netflix player like I do.

If you have any questions, feel free to pm me as I see you are out of bubbles.
Nicaragua  +   580d ago
I have a WiiU, Vita, and PS4.

I would advise just getting the Vita and skipping the WiiU. None of the WiiU games are particularly brilliant with the best so far being Wind Waker, the system is pretty clunky and has some mind boggling load times. Pikmin 3 is cool but over very quickly, All the Mario games seemed a bit uninspired to me although they are fun to play with the family.

Vita has some great games and with the quality of stuff they give away with PS+ means that I very rarely have to buy games. Wipeout, Uncharted, MGS HD collection, Lumines, Dynasty Warriors...loads more I cant even remember - all free on PS+. The only games I bought were Killzone and Soul Sacrifice and they are both superb.
MysticStrummer  +   580d ago
I'd get the PS4, simply because Nintendo exclusives don't do anything for me and I'm not really into mobile gaming other than some basic strategy or puzzle stuff on my phone.
Idree  +   577d ago
PS4, will probably last the longest out of those 3 in terms of support and games, hence best resturn on investment ;)

Vita and Wii U are somewhat older and i don't expect these consoles to get the same support as their predecessors, the Wii and the PSP.

I can see the Vita or Wii U getting replaced within 3 years judging by their sales...
The PS4 is the best bet if you don't want to your console to get outdated in the next 3~8 years.
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TheLastGuardian  +   576d ago
Get the Vita. It's the cheapest and easily has the best library right now.
Ghanja  +   576d ago
Ps4 and vita why wii u? And if want to hold out just buy a vita!! Ps plus justifies buying a ps4 and vita and you know that already!! Wii u is just gonna gather dust!!
Knuxxx  +   574d ago
I have to suggest getting a Vita AND a PS4. PS+ will pack you with games to check out, and Vita has plenty of interesting games out for you to play during the PS4 droughts. Dangan Ronpa, Virtue's last reward, Gravity rush, Disgaea 3, Uncharted, both Rayman games.... It supports PS1 games, and remote play with PS4 games is really useful for times you don't want to use the TV but want to play games.

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