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Not Necessarily Necessary News Nor Necessarily Newsworthy

rambi80 | 108d ago
User blog

Episode 8

This Blog was purchased by EA and then shut down 5 minutes later

a)Make that bondage porn video you always wanted to make

b) Conquer your OCD / Make a cat happy

c) Anyone can make a sex tape but now, you can wear yours! Still not enough tape to cover Kim Kardashian’s ass though. Waiting for that 500 gig.

d) Make that ironic art project. For best results, use laser discs and HD dvds

e) Build the dang fence! Multi-lingual threats sold separately.

f) Explain to your kids early about how society works / Get ironic revenge on a hipster

g) Sony’s Next Challenge.

Octodad  +   108d ago
Thanks for the lols man!
rambi80  +   107d ago
You are very welco....wait a minute! how come you can type so well? You're not the real Octodad. Imposter!
Conzul  +   108d ago
Good stuff as usual.
2-5 great stuff. Many lols, much win.
rambi80  +   108d ago
Many thanks, much gratitude
KonsoruMasuta  +   108d ago
Man, that Nintendo video will forever haunt my dreams.
rambi80  +   108d ago
Erm, i'm sorry for the trauma caused. It didn't start out like that i swear. I actually cut something out that i though was too much / too gross.

Still, thanks for leaving a comment.
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JoelandEllie  +   107d ago
Amen to that!
JoelandEllie  +   107d ago
Man, this series is just awesome. I was worried when i didn't see you post this weekend. Better late than never. Keep up the great work.

That video though. WTF? I'm sending you my therapy bill. Nintendo directs will never be the same lol.
KonsoruMasuta  +   107d ago
I laughed so hard at the part where he compared Reggie's head to the planet.
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rambi80  +   107d ago
I'm trying to figure out the best day to post this. Thanks for the support though. Also, i love that avatar.

Trust me, i'll never watch Nintendo directs the same way again either.
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