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Not Necessarily Necessary News Nor Necessarily Newsworthy


This Blob decided to "Take its talents to South Beach"

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Conzul1301d ago

You have two 8's. :P
4's funny.

rambi801301d ago

i follow the Microsoft method of numbering things. Its advanced stuff SON!

No religious jokes this time...just for you

Conzul1301d ago

Awwww, thanx. -_-

DW I'm not a Nazi, you go ahead and do your thang.
I just didn't find your early ones that funny.

destroyer116871299d ago

Thanks for another round of funny highlights. I enjoy your humor!

rambi801299d ago

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it

mydyingparadiselost1296d ago

I got a huge kick out of that sexism video, and the article is pretty good to boot! And not like boot out of a bar or a swanky strip club or anything like that, or in the crotch after a brutally intense joke about someones Mom and a frozen snickers log but in the 'Oh, I just found my other boot!' kind of way, with joy and happiness.....
Your news highlights style kinda reminds me of the humor focus that many magazines of the early 90's had, where letters could be answered by ninjas or three eyed gorilla gods and most of the magazine was a vaguely covered joke about drug use and prostitution. Man I really miss 90's game journalism... enter nostalgia here... anyway great blog, I'm going to have to read some of the other ones now.