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Not Necessarily Necessary News Nor Necessarily Newsworthy

rambi80 | 244d ago
User blog


Nothing to see here

Software_Lover  +   244d ago
#3, #5, #12 with the art.

Good job
rambi80  +   244d ago
yes, but your comment needs a numerical score to have impact.

I give your comment a 6/10.... :)
Software_Lover  +   244d ago
longcat  +   244d ago
Dude, your seires is awesome. I hope you never get help you so obviously need.

Please continue with your "Non-conformist YouTube" videos.lol
rambi80  +   244d ago
What no candy? That's ageist man!

Thanks for approving my blogs though. Appreciate it. Don't worry i don't intend on getting any help that isn't court-mandated
randomass171  +   244d ago
Hehe, the art review scores were definitely the most entertaining part. Good blog. :)
JoelandEllie  +   244d ago
I loved this. thanks.
Tross  +   244d ago
Entertaining read. I especially appreciated the gamer's approach to ranking classic art. I especially liked the comments about AI, physics, and environments, as if art actually has those. But, to be fair, a movie critic is no more an authority on gaming than you are on classic art, so whatever. To be really fair, Ebert apologized for his judgment of videogames, before his death, and most people seem to forget that. As someone who was offended by his initial comment, I actually found his apology more than acceptable. Maybe I'm just forgiving though. That's not to take away from this great post, mind you. I just felt the need to clarify that he did, in fact, apologize.
rambi80  +   244d ago
I did not mention him by name but yeah, the joke was about Ebert. I honestly don't think he had anything to apologize for. I'm more pissed at the gaming media for making his opinion a big deal in an effort to generate news and hits. The poor man was just a pawn in an industry-wide troll tbh.

The joke was more about cognitive dissonance really, where the media claim to think games are art but go about examining them as a mechanic would with a car. There are only a handful of movies and games that i would consider art and i don't see any problem with that. It does not affect my enjoyment of either.

Thanks for the feedback though.
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Conzul  +   243d ago
Well, as long as you're gonna keep bashing religion, get it right! Like, EVERYONE knows that Jesus respawned Lazarus looooooooong before he respawned Himself.

Damn heretics these days mumble grumble....
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rambi80  +   243d ago
Oh no you dont. If Jesus helped Lazarus then that counts as a "revive" or an "assist". A respawn is done solo. Lol. Never thought anyone would fact-check this nonsense.

And that joke bashed nintendo and net neutrality more than anything else. i just broke it up into 3 parts to make it easier to read.
yoshiroaka  +   241d ago
Nice blog man

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