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Is There a War on Good Games?

In This current generation we have a good amount of triple A games released?  Where most of those games were received well by reviewers, the gaming fan base seems to be unsatisfied with a majority of them.  From Halo 3, GTA4, Uncharted, and to most recently KZ2 and RE5 games run to blogs and forums to complain about every little thing that is wrong. Some is “FANBOY HATE” we all know that others are less than skilled gamers then there are the ones who HATE good games.

Halo 3 was mostly bashed by SONY Fanboys for no reason when in reality the HALO series made FPS as popular on consoles as it is today. GTA4 complaints ranged from too boring, too realistic, bad driving,  just to name a few. Uncharted isn’t even spoke of as one of the greatest games this generation, let alone being spoke of at all. KZ2 need I even list the KZ2 complaints? Living up to the long lived media title of “HALO KILLER” scares people. Finally RE5, it seems RE5 problems go from too short (which I agree with) to no run and gun or bad controls and not enough horror.

All of those opinions are fine if you choose to think that……but, when good games are bashed and mediocre games are praised that’s when I lose my marbles. RE5 is shorter than your average RE game chalk that up to it being co-op RE series is meant to be a single player experience. CO-OP in RE5  equals more survival less horror. Not only that most gamers that complain about RE5 are fans of generic survival horror game Dead Space. The same hold true for the other game previously named ; GTA4 & Saints Row 1 & 2 … Halo 3 or KZ2 & Left 4 Dead ( true meaning of lackluster ) Uncharted & Tomb Raider.

What Happened to playing the best product? Mediocrity over Greatness? Is this a result of the Casual Gamer Boom? Or Have we as a Gaming Community transformed into a bunch of whiney nitpicking crybabies?

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