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More Games for the Young Players on PS3

Sony needs to have more original games for the younger players.

If Sony does this then all of these marketing stuff will follow.

They need to have characters that are compelling and can't be found on any other system like Mario & Pokemon. PlayStation 1 & 2 used to have these games. Crash Bandicoot, Digimon, Monster Hunter, Klonoa, Jumping Jack Flash etc. Sony used to have an answer for all the 'Nintendo gaming needs' any PlayStation owner could want.

But what does PS3 have now? games most children are even not allowed to buy or play! Its ridiculous to compare God of War III market and sales to Pokemon! This is why Nintendo games are evergreen and have mass market appeal. In fact almost all of their games are aimed at kids-the casual gamers.

Sony made it clear that gaming consoles are not just toys for kids. Okay Sony have succeeded with that with flying colors, but it does not mean it must take this market for granted. What am I going to let my kids play, Heavy Rain and God of War III? Its not about the money its about the games.

Sony has the power best of both worlds. We need balanced content on our PS3. And looking over the shoulder PS3 gamers can only wish they also have Nintendo games on the PS3. That is a fact!

One major gripe I have with the PS3 is the lack of: First Party AAA Exclusive games for the kids at home.

LBP, Ratchet and Clank or Jak & Daxter are great games but they are not in the league of Sonic, Mario, Pokemon and Link. PS3 gamers NEED this kinds of games in High Definition! As much as Sony develop AAA games for the grown ups they should also give us AAA games for the younger gamers.

Just as much as PlayStation exclusives like Gran Turismo & God of War managed to keep the PS brand on top, rated everyone games like Mario & Pokemon kept Nintendo from quitting the console business! Much more if Sony got both bases covered.

That Eye Pet game is amazing but in reality the mascot design is SCARY! And we want those games made in Japan. Just like Mario and Sonic are Made in Japan. Not U.S. not Canada, not Europe. Made in Japan. Japanese appealing character designs and Western intelligent game play design combined together is full of win!

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goalweiser2892d ago

I think PS Move will take care of the games you desire for younger children, but you have to remember, the PS3 is not targeted to children. This is a complex system meant for adults. It was done on purpose.

The PS2 is still out in stores. Putting out children's titles for the PS3 would completely destroy any reason for buying one. I think Sony is simply protecting their products and at the same time creating tiered gaming for consumers.

RageAgainstTheMShine2892d ago

Still, many analysts and game developers are still puzzled by Sony's position on not going for Nintendo's mass market. I remember Kaz Hirai saying, "Nintendo is not even considered as competition". Which makes perfect sense with your comment.
... or maybe its just a matter of time for Sony.

Cajun Chicken2891d ago

Yeah, I hope to see those type of games out again. Although, arguably, I don't know what's wrong with Jak and Ratchet. Still to this day, I'm shocked what Sony aren't doing with Jak as a franchise, I grew up with Jak and he grew up with me, it was an amazing thing to be a part of.

I think these games need to be testing and not just a game kids can 'win' like all these minigames, like back when Crash Bandicoot, Rayman and Spyro was popular, you could die, lose the game and you learnt from mistakes and had situations to figure out to proceed.

But if you look at it, except for a few titles from Nintendo as a first party, not many people are making the kid friendly game these days, typical platform game stuff, not anymore.

It's all about minigames now, and if I had minigames instead of an adventure with good vs evil back when I was younger, I'd be bored soon enough.

I have no kids or nothing like that, but I understand what you mean, here's a user blog I wrote a good while back saying similar things.

Narutone662891d ago

Eyepet being scary. My children love Eyepet, and they named it "Coco" too. They also happens to love the Rubber Ducky game, I forgot the name. As with games that can compete with Pokemon, it's in PSP though. It's called Invisimal or something like that. I wish there's a PS3 version of that game.

thor2891d ago

Yeah my little sister is always asking what new games there are for her on PS3, because 90% of high-profile games are about gore and violence. Hopefully modnation racers and LBP2 can fill the void. Also more PixelJunk games!

Sillyace922891d ago

Spyro on PS1 FTW!!11!11!!!!!11!

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