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Buying a console a few years into it's "lifecycle"

Have you ever bought a console years after it was first released? What are the very first things you do?

Well, for me I have done this numerous times. My Wii and PS3 were late purchases, only my PSP and 360 were day 1(ish).

The first processes into owning a new console are extremely daunting. You start by researching exactly what you'll need, and then you set it up. Those first steps are fine but afterwards? It's hard.

Day one of my PS3 I was overwhelmed by what to buy and what to do. I'm one who can spend up to and over an hour playing around with settings, and the PS3 is very in-depth. From it's wifi to HDMI connectivity, to PlayStation Home and PSN.

Even transfering from Xbox to PS3 was odd, because PSN did things differently, you don't buy anything for a starters and you go through what I deemed to be a primitive sign-up process.

Afterwards, there is the choice of games to buy:

The PS3 is a terrible console because of this. There is MGS, LBP, inFamous, Killzone, the early "hiddem gem" titles like Folklore, Motorstorm, etc. (I should note that I got my PS3 in 2008)

When you have these games the process of "settling in" is still odd because you don't really treat it as a gaming console just yet, it's really new. You may play for a few hours of each game but it's SO daunting, especially if you have a pile of back-purchases lined up.

Even if you "settle in" there is a tough choice if you held onto your previous console : which platform do you buy multiplatform titles for? I chose the PS3 because it was my newest console, it was a decent investment (£320) and the fact is you still need to make a small collection so you have all genres (this may be just me).

Luckily my experience with the Wii was different, for starters getting it online for the update was too simple. Then signing up was simple. There were no extras, the only odd thing was using a motion controller.

With back-catalogue buying of a Nintendo console it's much easier. You get the franchise you like the most, my first game being Metroid Prime Trilogy. Enough gaming to get along with in itself, and then after that it's a case of nitpicking.

Then the choice of buying multiplat games for it was very easy: don't. The wii version is essentially what would be the PS2 version or PSP version with motion controls added.

This is by no means slagging the Wii off, I think that the Wii is great when the game is good but otherwise I do believe my points are valid.

I wonder what your own experiences are of buying a new console are? Did you find it daunting? Exciting? Spent a lot of money? Spent as little as possible? Any problems?

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Xbox360PS3AndPC2623d ago

I Buy A Few Years After Because I Want To Know Which Console Has More Games, Better Graphics Etc.

smoothdude2621d ago

I am not a day 1 buyer. I started out with the Xbox 360 but got a red ring of death, so I went without a console for a few years.

I then purchased an HDTV, and I wanted a blu ray player, so obviously I bought the PS3. I love the PS3, but my desire to game is not what it used to be.

Dramscus2621d ago

I lost mine for a while but I was determined to get it back. So I played every game I could get my hands on until I enjoyed one thoroughly exciting way I remembered.
It came to me running down pedestrians in gta go figure.
In any case I now game more than ever, it has become an almost consuming hobby, and a passion of mine is to become a game developer.
It may be a fine line maintaining interest and becoming an eccentric.

PS3Freak2621d ago

I got my Ps3 in april of 07 and my wii in july of 08, so I'm a semi early adopter.

theonlylolking2623d ago

I am usually a near first time buyer. First time buyers are the deciding factor on which console devs will support first.

darthv722621d ago

it isnt just the devs but the first time buyers themselves. Meaning that the one you got first you tend to buy more multiplatform titles for.

That is not true of everybody but there is a majority that follow that way of consumerism. I have all systems and yet I dont start off that way. I will pick my favorite of each generation and by the end of that gen, I will have purchased the others as well.

This gen it was the 360 then wii then ps3. I do have more games for the 360 than ps3 but have more ps3 games than wii.

young7yang2623d ago

well im buying a Wii tomorrow only because i found two games that caught my attention

Xenoblade and Last story

i never new the Wii had games like this untill a few weeks ago.. im a huge J rpg fan and the ones on the ps3 and 360 subpar.. well ok final fantasy, tales of vasperia, tales of Grace f, valkria chronicles and lost odyssey but other then that nothing

Wii has a huge roster.. so i cant wait

militant072622d ago

why would you buy it know if it gona takes sometime to reach us.

the wii may get a price cut until then!

young7yang2622d ago

i got the games already..and in thailand i can get a wii console that plays all regions for under 300 usd... its a good investment as i anm not a patient person when it comes to good games... for example iv already finished yakuza kenzan and 4 and am currently play tales of grace f

Ayreesfoxx2622d ago

I've been a person to wait till the second-gen pops out, the price drops, see if there are any "red ring" scenarios.. or combinations of the three. In this day and age, $300-$500 on a console isn't a drop in the bucket and I want to make sure it lasts.

Plus, it does com down to games, graphics, and quality of what I'm playing, though with most companies developing multi-platform, it really breaks down to the style of game I prefer to play on what console. It's all strategery

SeraphimBlade2622d ago

I got my PS2 and 360 well into their lifecycles. PS3 I got about a year-and-a-half in when MGS4 came out, and really? I hadn't missed anything.

360? Mass Effect was what sold it. I haven't got a ton of exclusives, but I really prefer to play shooters on it. PS2? I'm STILL catching up on. Every two months or so, I'm like "oh hey, I meant to play that." Just happened after Christmas with Odin Sphere.

pain777pas2621d ago

True gamer in the house. Like your post man. Real talk.

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