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The 3 worst locations in games

If you had to live in a gameworld you can think of a long list of places. From the lush regions of Tamriel (Oblivion)to Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball.

But which places would you never want to live? I give my own examples, please include your own!

3. Vice City. (Game: Grand Theft Auto Vice City) Why?: Well, this may actually seem like a nice place for some. The beaches are beautiful, the weather is perfect, the women are hot. But you need to put yourself into the situation. For starters you're treated by drug dealers the moment you land, the people in the streets are crazy (really, you can't walk past them without them shouting at you), most of them weilding some sort of weapon. The government is totally corrupt, the richest people are sleezy and the gang problem is worse than any other location. But the women! This is the 80s buddy! They've probably contracted some sort of flavoursome disease.

2. Zanarkand Ruins. (Game: Final Fantasy X) Why?: Again, this is at first glance a pretty place to live. It also appears peaceful, but it isn't. The homes are completely destroyed, people left without family or a way of life. The spirits that lie need a summoner to take them away, and it's at constant threat from Sin. Around the area there are constant attacks from viscous creatures, and unless you can carry 1 ton of metal or can kick a ball really hard you're not likely to live for very long.

1. California. (Game: Fallout) Why?: In much the same way Vice City is lead by complete scum, so is Fallout. The inhabitants of the world are completely hostile, and when you find a good place to stay there are threats by mutated creatures. Not to mention the fact there is little to no clean water. The food consists of rats and that's going to give you raditation poisoning. Even if you can survive it's not going to be a pleasant stay.

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