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Why I play: Uncharted 3's MP

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Uncharted 3. When you read that, Im sure you'll be thinking bout Nathan Drake and his adventures in the sand. Surely, you wouldnt be thinking bout its multiplayer. Well, Im writing this blog here to change that. Whenever you see the name Uncharted 3, I want you to remember not only of its pretty grand single player, I want you to remember its pretty dang fun mutliplayer. Here's some of the reasons why I enjoy the MP and why you should at least consider to play it. Let's get the boring stuff out of the way first.

Multiplayer comes down to 5 vs 5 which fits the game quite nicely IMO. Competitive modes come down to Team Deathmatch, 3Team Deathmatch, free for all, objectives mode, plunder(think basketball but with guns), Elimination(no respawns TDM), The Lab(special version of TDM but with whacky maps and or load outs). There are also 4 co-op modes, wave based, one competitive mode, co-op story mode and co-op shade survival(demon version of wave based) for those who just want to buddy up instead of shooting them down.

Now that you got some idea of what it's about, let's get started.

Its Free!(but with limits)

As of February of this year, the multiplayer portion of Uncharted 3 is free to play. If you do choose to play the F2P version instead of the full game's MP, let it be known that there are limits, just like most F2P titles. You can only level up maximum of 15 and unlock certain weapons by literally cashing out. Doesnt help that after each map, you are forced to watch one ad before you can do anything. You can still quit but the ad will continue to play till it ends.

Customization, customization, and oh, did I mention customization?

Other than weapon loadouts, there is also a grandiose amount of character customization. You want your Elana character with cat ears? Sure! You want Nathan Drake with sunglasses and a hat? Why not! Other than customizing pre-made characters, there is also a character maker, though it is very limited. Your character has only one gender and they are split to three races. There is at least seven different voices but clothe options are a plenty! So when you jump in, don't be surprised to see a flaming skeleton man or fat Nathan Drake breaking your character's spine.

Gorgeous maps, beautiful visuals, jaw dropping sets. Oh and they're all FREE.

If you havent seen any of the maps, you can bet your pot of gold that each map is just as b-e-a-u-tiful as the single player's visuals. There's also some great verticality and design to each map. If you ever wanted to feel the rush of running away while being gunned down and chased OR sliding down a rope and shooting some guy down, this is the game for you! Naughty Dog has recently released all of their DLC maps for free, for celebrating the U3 anniversary. The DLC maps include Uncharted 3 make overs of most of the U2 MP maps and a recently newly designed map. Boasting a hefty 22 maps, variety is a plenty! So expect tons of jumping and the X button being your best buddy during your time with Uncharted 3's multiplayer.

Team's score ahead of you? Well, time for a power play

Here's another feature that sets this MP apart from most others. Whenever a team is 6+ kills ahead in a Team Deathmatch or the Lab or Elimination modes, the losing team has 3 chances to equalize the score. Each chance/power play is a minute long and usually follows by Marked Man(one of the winning team is targeted and given bonus points to kill), Exposed(winning team member's names are revealed and show how close/far they are) and lastly Double Damage(explains itself). Each one takes a minute and happens randomly before the match's time is over.

Sounds are damn well made in this MP

Perhaps this is me but this should be mentioned as well. The sound direction in this MP is amazing. What I mean is that you can actually tell where a gun is shooting or explosions are a happening. Near or far, the game will clearly indicate to you where a gun or explosion or a messy death just went off. Not only are the sounds well recorded and produced but the in-game music fits perfectly well too. For example, every time you obtain a kill or something epic like getting 5 kills from hanging from a ledge, the game plays a nice 'whistle' tune, iconic and akin to Killzone's 'chirp' sound. The music that plays during power plays are especially fitting to hear. Here are some of the songs that will play during your matches

Satisfaction of the animations and melee

Another part of this MP that is satisfactory to experience is the melee. Ever felt like a pulling an enemy down like in those TV shows or movies? Well you can in this game. Whilst hanging and if there is an enemy next to you, you can kick his ass off and let him plummet! There are also stealth melees. If an enemy leaves his back open to you, you can stealth kill the guy if timed right(blue symbol pops up to indicate the right time). Sometimes, if an enemy is close to death, the game will let you melee your opponent in a very cool looking animation, for example, your character would slide under the near death opponent and punch can guess yourself.

Those are just some of the reasons why U3's MP is one of my top multiplayer games I still play to this day! While I hope to have made you somehow more interested in this addictive MP, I must warn you of some of the mixed parts of the game that you either love...or hate.

For example, like in CoD, there is a sorta kill streak and reward thing. Instead of a 'sky strike', U3 players get Medal Kickbacks, special attacks or bonuses given once you reach a certain number of medals. Medals are often obtained by pulling some skill kills or just sitting in cover for 10 minutes. Some of these Kickbacks include the ability to turn your character into a bunch of spiders that one hit kills(takes 20 medals), grants you a rocket launcher and much much more. There are also character boosters by the way.

So, with that, I hope that you at least consider U3's MP to be a viable choice to gaming online. You might as well try it, its free anyways and you wont be loosing much. Hope to see you online...fresh meat.

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iliimaster1645d ago

this game is fun online i forget the game type i had the most fun with but the only reason it wasn't for me because the match would end at around kill 15 just when i felt like i was starting to take over it would end, it had a COD fun feel to it but the kill count to win the match was horrible atleast make it a solid number of kills like 25

r211645d ago

Im not too sure what mode you were playing. As far as I've played, the kill count for most matches is 50, which is pretty fitting for the game. The other one is 20 for 3 team deathmatch, is that the mode you enjoyed?

Also, mind me asking if you play the game alot or stopped playing?

ChronoJoe1644d ago

I think he may mean regular TDM? Since it's 5 but split across 5 players the average kill total is only 10.

Uncharted isn't COD though, it's much slower paced. whilst you're only liable to get 8-15 kills per match, there's a longer time between kills than on games like COD. So it's not really a fair comparison.

On Uncharted the bullets required to kill players are far greater than COD, you're not running around on skates with magical instant-killing bullets. Uncharted has gunfire exchanges etc, where encounters can individually last a bit of time.

If you want longer gameplay sessions though you should play Plunder. It generally lasts near the full 20minutes, unless one team is particularly terrible.

Kryptix1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Love playing classic mode, AKs and pistol only. Brings me back to the Uncharted 2 days when it was mostly about relying on just instincts and skill.

Uncharted 3 is fun and very fast paced in certain maps, keeps you active all the time in matches. One of those games that you can't stop playing once you pick it up.

iliimaster1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

havn't played it in a while it had to be TDM but for some reason i thought it was 15 to win? i havn't played it in a long time but my rank is 35 i think i was better in part 2 online with my resistance character i loved that dude

r211644d ago

Your memory's probably a bit fuzzy there. The lowest to win is 20 and thats 3 team deathmatch. TDM is 50 kills and 20 minute time limit. If you want, jump back in to U3 MP now, all the maps, like i mentioned, are all free :D

Stringerbell1645d ago

I may have to give this a second try. I cant tell you how long I spend playing Uncharted 2's mp, simply I loved it. But then Uncharted 3 added all these boosters, power plays, why try and make this like COD?

r211644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

U3's MP is vastly different to U2's MP thanks to what you wrote. Power Plays help to even the odds, there is buddy spawning now(you can spawn on one of your buddied up team mates) and CoD like features BUT its still a fun MP to play :)

If you dont want all those U3 features, theres a classic mode that gets rid of em. No loadouts, no medals and kickbacks, no boosters, no PP. Basically U2 MP.

Personally though, I like all those new features. Used to play U2's mp all the time but i dunno, something bout all these features just clicked with me more thus playing U3's more now.

Might as well jump in man, its free ;D

ChronoJoe1644d ago

Both UC2 and 3 are pretty fun games, although I hate Kickbacks and powerplays in UC3, and in UC2 I hate the lower health and absence of weapon loadout options.

Both are great games though. UC2 used to be better pre-patch where the health was more akin to how UC3 is now.

CobaltS31644d ago

I have not played it yet, but after reading your post,I want to play it, I have mostly buy my game from http://miami.metrolistings.... going to find it.

r211644d ago

Alrite, glad to see I helped some folks jump back into U3. Its a great MP :D

@ChronoJoe Exactly, you get it! Its a fun game. And yeah, kickbacks are a mixed bag. Sure they unbalance the game...its still a fun feature to use. Pretty exciting to use a bazooka when the enemy least suspects >:)

IamWilliam1644d ago

I'd like to start off by saying, I am a huge Uncharted online player. I have about 700 hours in Uc2 with 40k kills and about 600 hours in Uc3 with just hitting 38k kills. It makes me very happy to see someone writing about it's MP component somewhere else other than the dedicated community groups like the official forums and the Facebook group.

I will clarify a few things mentioned in the comments above me as well. The mode illimaster was playing was Free For All, it ended at 15 kills pre-patch 1.18 which came out a couple weeks ago to celebrate the 2 year anniversary. They also upped 3TDM to 25. Also, in this patch the Power Plays were adjusted. Marked Man starts at 8 kills now rather than 6, Exposes is at 10 rather than 8 and Double Damage is now 15, they also decreased the amount the of damage done during this Power Play to 1.5x damage instead of 2x. I personally hate Power Plays (why punish someone for winning?), but this was a good thing.

I love Uncharted's online component and it is really the only MP game I can really play for a long period of time. Simply put, there is nothing else like it. When you get in a gun fight, it is dynamic and anything can happen. I love the vertical aspects and the escape routes that are possible if you are caught off guard and need to get away.

They had a really fun Lab called Dodge-ball. Basically, there was a net type structure in the middle of where the 2 teams spawned and all you had was grenades to throw over at the other team for kills. There were the special grenades that are kickbacks you could find, sort of replacing the power weapons.

Another fun Lab was on a map called the "Flying Spaghetti Monster". The layout resembled a Pirate ship. The teams spawned on mid levels of the map, could jump down the a lower section or zipline to an upper section. There were also ziplines to go around the map, under it and pretty much just ziplines everywhere! It was a really fun map and these two labs are another reason why I have loved the Uc MP experience that much more.

Thanks for making this blog post. The MP component of the game is highly under rated if you ask me so I am glad to see other people talking about it elsewhere. Good day, sir.

r211643d ago

No problem man, this MP needs to get more attention :) Oh and I remember Dodgeball Grenade Lab day, twas freaking nuts but fun. I must have missed the FSM Lab though.

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