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Five Games I'd like to see made.

I think we've all had ideas for video games. Some were more intelligent than others. Some will never see the light of day, if for no other reason than a lot of us just don't have the aptitude for game development (Hint: enroll in college and take math classes for the rest of your natural life.) Everyone naturally thinks that their idea will become THE BESTEST VIDEO GAME EVERRR!! It'll get more hype than that steming pile of Duke Nukem, have a better story than Final Fantasy 7, better graphics than Crysis, better gameplay than Uncharted, and sell more copies than Call of Duty. I'm not laboring under such delusions. I'll freely confess it was this list that got me enrolled in college for a degree in software engineering, but what are the odds of me ever getting any of this made? So.... if you manage to open a dev studio and get one of these games made, be sure and mention me. Here they are in no particular order.

#5. A helicopter focused flight sim. Now before you say "This has been done," hear me out. A real-world helicopter is controlled by two sticks: one for movement, and the other for altitude, then two petals that rotate the copter. Hey LOOK! 360 and PS3 controllers have TWO sticks on them. And the shoulder buttons would do quite nicely as the petals controlling the tail rotor. All the other buttons would.... I don't know. This isn't one of my better ideas. I was just thinking "let's do for helicopters what polyphony digital did for racecars."

#4 Patient Zero - I think this has been proposed once before. The initial premise has become cliche ( <S> Thank you SO MUCH Capcom </s> ), yet another zombie apocalypse. Here's the twist: you're not playing a marine, or a construction worker, or a little girl with a small caliber handgun, or an army Ranger, or anything like that. No, no, no. You'll get to play as the titular Patient Zero; that is, the first zombie. Eat brains, infect people, and avoid the aforementioned marines, rangers, construction workers, girls with .45s and Simon Pegg. This one might work best as a top-down (roughly: think Dead Nation) downloadable title on PSN or XBL.

#3 Kinetica HD - The original Kinetica was made for the PlayStation 2 by the same clever guys that brought us WarHawk and God of War (Santa Monica). If I remember it right, it was quite a fun game involving racing these uber-fast "kinetic suits." A remake in HD would be acceptable, but a whole new game would be much better.

#2 Heroes Unlimited - Don't know if you're familiar with Palladium games. In 1984 they published an RPG called Heroes Unlimited requiring such outdated things like pencils and paper and GASP! Imagination. I was thinking this would be perfect. THERE IS NO SuperHero SandBox game with a multiplayer. With the number of powers and skills available in the original, the MP would be wildly diverse. Throw in the option to play as a villian in SP, not an Anti-Hero like InFamous, but an outright Villain, and you have the perfect Tagline "Choose a side."

#1 Rifts - Another property that would have to be licensed from Palladium, but this world is so deep, and so expansive, that you could make quite a few different games from it. Stealth Action, Shooter, Sandbox, RPG, Flight sim, RTS, the list goes on. Or, if you want, you could do all of these at once. How? MMO. Put it ALL in there. The robots the psychics, the mages, the borgs, the Power Armor, on the whole North American Continent. Then roll out some add ons with Character classes skills and powers from the rest of the world. But the map packs will actually be worth $15, since they'll be places like Europe (All of it, not just the Vatican or a small area of Moscow), South America, and Africa. You'd pay $15 for a whole continent wouldn't you? $90 later you'd have the entire world, including the oceans. This one might have to wait for the PS4.

Anyway those are some ideas I had. Let me know what you think, or if you have some ideas of your own, or if you think my chopper sim idea is god awful.


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bozebo2449d ago

"A helicopter focused flight sim"
I think the helis in San Andreas control like that.

Patient Zero sounds like a cool idea.

DC Universe Online is a game where you play as a hero or villain in multiplayer...

QuodEratDemonstrandm2449d ago

DC universe is an mmo. I was thinking more along the lines of Infamous with Grand Theft Auto style MP games. Or maybe CoD. I keep hearing good things about that one.
The other thing that will make #2 new and unusual (not necessarily innovative) the character creation is for sp and mp. Aren't too many action adventure games where you can create your own player character.

Godmars2902449d ago

Heck, I want to see a GTA, Demon's Souls/Monster Hunter with a touch of Castlevina title that's just one big ruined city you have to explore. The main character either has cybernetics or psychic/magic abilities and limited flight.

LightofDarkness2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

What I think would work well with your patient zero idea is the mechanic of the titular Patient Zero's physical condition degrading over time, making it harder and harder to accomplish tasks using this character alone.

It'd be fun, starting out as a just-infected zombie, with the purest strain of the virus, allowing you to run extremely quickly and move quite deftly, as well as vicious attacking capabilities. So you start off initially like a third person, stealth action game.

But the goal is to spread the infection quickly and effectively, as soon you will find that PZ is unable to maneuver as he/she once did and is no longer you're best unit for infection, due to the progression of the virus symptoms. But, being patient zero, this zombie's strain also controls the others, with this ability becoming more and more powerful over time, allowing you to engineer new infected units.

The game would then be a mixture of top down RTS and third person action, allowing you to control your hordes strategically as well as zoom in on particular zombies who have special abilities and take direct control in third person as before, such as tank zombies, gun-toting undead special-forces zombies, walking infection bomb zombies etc.

Patient zero could at the end be some sort of monstrous blob of zombified neural tissue, a hive-mind of the zombies.

Pretty cool, eh?

SilentNegotiator2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

#5 - They're definitely out there.
#4 - Neat idea.
#3 - Well, there's....Sonic Free Riders *Vomits in mouth*
#2 - DC Universe Online

#1 - Too, times a billion. No one is going to spend time creating even a rough version of ALL of Europe and sell it at $15 a pop. And having a bunch of genres of gameplay,'s just not going to happen. We all dream of that "master game" but it will never come to realization.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2449d ago

I did lowball the price a bit didn't I? It would be an ambitious undertaking. I'll agree with that. If it can't all be done at once then.... cazzo. Maybe something like Just Cause 2, with a great big map.