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If It's So Awful, Why Are We So Fascinated?

I just don't get it, I guess. We read articles on this site, and then we post comments accusing them of being either flamebait, or trolls, or fanboys.
Yet, not only does the flamebait fanboy troll article get approved, it gets some good heat. Here I am looking for well thought out, well written articles and the FTF (Flamebait Troll Fanboy) articles are getting more heat.
For the record I'm not referring to the stories that get hot because they're actually big news. I don't begrudge "Latest Uncharted 3 gameplay footage" or something similar hitting 500 degrees. What is bugging me is the articles that have 54 comments on them when 30 of those comments are calling the author a troll. You're giving hits to a story then complaining that the story was written to generate hits. Or saying "the author is obviously a ps3/360/wii fanboy"
Just so you know, COMMENTS GENERATE HEAT. So if you're looking for well written, reasonably fair articles, comment on one when you find it. Leave the FTF articles alone. If you can tell by the summary that the author is a troll, don't click on the "Read Full Story" link. If you're a contributor, there is a "Trolling" option in the Report menu. Don't let it get posted. Alternately you could refuse to submit an FTF article.

I really hope you ALL follow this advice on the grounds that IT'S NOT THAT F#$&ING HARD.

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Nate-Dog2683d ago

Same shit different day I'm afraid. I agree with you completely, I'm sick of seeing troll/flamebait/similar, poor quality articles hitting the top page and crowding out the better and better-written articles that barely get any reads compared to those, but there's always hundreds more people that just keep attributing to it and don't take any notice of what they're doing (or just don't care).

R_aVe_N2681d ago

I think it is mainly because humans love conflict. Any chance we get we will start, join, or spin anything into a conflict. Nobody will ever get along for a long period of time.

Eamon2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

It's just your usual kids fighting over which console is better.

You need titles like "Why PS3 is better than 360" or "5 exclusive 360 games that Sony envies" or "Top 10 reasons why 2011 is the year of the PS3" and presto the author gets loads of hits.

The approval process on N4G is awfully flawed. Anyone can approve. And the fanboys will always approve the FTF articles since there are just so many of them.

But it's also due to lack of moderation. The mods really don't give a damn about most of the comments here. Most likely, because over the years, there have been too many kids making multiple account.
Why would they bother? There are probably thousands of people every day on N4G so banning them would mean loss of advertising revenue. N4G site is probably making a lot of money. I have adblock by the way :)

What annoys me the most is when you see a newly approved article that is actually not FTF at all. The article is actually decent. You click on the comments and the first comment is a hateful one.
It makes you wonder how sad you have to be to stick around the approvals area and comment negatively on a game that you're not interested in.

I mean, I understand constructive criticism but blatant trolling and attempt at flamebait for a game you've never played or never will play is beyond understanding.

blackburn52681d ago

It's because of these websites we connect to. Every stupid opinion and ignorant blog is put here whether it is sensible or not. And we sit here and listen to these trouble making 'journalists' we love to spread hate and conflict between gamers just to get hits and attention.And people fall for it.You can't even stick to your own system without some idiotic fanboy rubbish being approved.