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Project Crystallis: A Final Fantasy Fanbase Movement

Project Crystallis is a movement that has recently been started on the GameFAQs Message Boards ( ) that is working towards making a statement to the Square Enix PR Departments in general. Its main goals are to gain information on both Versus XIII and the Type-0 localization process, but the group also is hoping that this movement will gain more information on other titles such as FFX HD. The premise is that the fans feel that they have been mistreated through the handling of Versus XIII and Type-0 from an information standpoint, and it is the time to make their voices heard.

In general, the group is attempting to be peaceful through the negotiations. The movement does not want to bash other titles on their way to gaining information on the titles they want (No stuff like "Lightning Saga sucks! Give us Versus/Type-0/X HD!!11!eleven!"). It will work through petitions, websites, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, message boards, and certain contacts to Square Enix to raise the awareness for the need of more consistent information to make the fans happier. Any support from these boards would be appreciated (particularly from spreading the word, and making this movement big), thanks for reading this. If you have any questions on the movement, I'd be glad to try my best to answer them.





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Godmars2902084d ago

An attempt at "peaceful" protest in regards to something that Square has total control over maybe well and good, but still there's the issue that they haven't been at all forthcoming this gen. Towards anything.

Even if they do respond to this, its not going to mean anything until there's a gold announcement, the product is on shelves and unbiased gamer reviews are in.

Note I do not mean professional reviews.

NBT912084d ago

I would rather at this point have a solid explanation for VS lengthy dev time rather than any new information. I somehow doubt they intentionally sabotaged one of this gens biggest releases so there must be some reason for it...

Griffin48712083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

More power to you guys! I personally think it's rather silly getting a movement up just to get more info on a game. We aren't the only ones waiting on information; the Japanese fanbase is as well, plus, they already have Type-0.

So when Square looks at this, they're gonna shrug it off as typical gaijin whinin'. They absolutely do NOT have a history of listening to fans.

Kratoscar20082083d ago

If they were listening to fans then FFXIII-2 and XIII-3 shouldnt exist, we would had at least FFXV already!

KingKelloggTheWH2083d ago

Signed and hope it gets us something.

Capt-FuzzyPants2083d ago

I really want Type-0. It looks so good and I don't care if it's on the Vita or PSP, but I just want it badly. I don't think a petition for Versus news will work though. They have an announcement lined up and they already know the demand for Versus.

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