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E3 2012 and What I Want to See

Another year, another E3.

Every year around June, the biggest and the best announcements and games are unveiled at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). Every year something big is always announced at the worlds largest game trade show. It was E3 2005 that the PS3 and Wii were unveiled. In 2006, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII were announced. And it was 2007 that we saw Killzone 2 in action. 2008 saw a bombardment of software shown off. It was 2009 that we saw the likes of God of War III, Uncharted 2, Kinect and Gears of War 2. E3 2010 saw the unveiling of the new handheld for Nintendo: the Nintendo 3DS. The following year in 2011 saw the new Sony handheld NGP get a name and a price: the PlayStation Vita at $250 and $300.

Now here we are again. Three short months away from going back to the LA Convention Center and seeing it all go down again. What can we expect from the big three? Will EA and Ubisoft have great press conferences like they did last year? Will Square finally show off Final Fantasy Versus XIII and show the new Final Fantasy XIV? I don't know but what I do know is this: I have been accepted to go to E3 this year and I am very excited to see what everyone has in store.

But lets do what we gamers do every year and do what gets us most excited for the event: speculate! Here are the things I want to see and do when I am in the LA Convention Center on June 5-8:

-Sony: This is another year for Sony to deliver another killer E3 showing. Agent would be a welcome surprise. Demoing The Last of Us at the beginning of the show would kick of the press conference just right. Getting an announcement of what Guerrilla Games are up to would be exciting to see. Maybe the return of a few key franchises wouldn't hurt Sony either. And I am just putting this out there but getting Square Enix in the press event would be huge!

- Square Enix: Speaking of Square, this is a huge year for them. Not only are they releasing Hitman and Tomb Raider this year but Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts 3D are supposed to get proper press time this year too. Don't be surprised to see Versus XIII have a demo at E3.

-Ubisoft: Assassins Creed 3 is headed into some territory that have a few people worried. Gameplay of this game should alleviate any worries the fans may have.

-EA: Another shooter this year? Surprise? Medal of Honor Warfighter hits this year meaning that EA will have a lot of game to show at this years E3. Can they surprise everyone with a killer new FPS. Lets hope so.

-TakeTwo: GTA5? Check. Bioshock: Infinite? Check. Games that haven't shown any gameplay yet? Double check. Look out for these guys at this years show.

These are the things I am excited for but are you? Comment down below to share what you are most excited to see at this years E3.

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a08andan2237d ago

I would be very excited if they showed The Last Guardian :D

Clayman2237d ago

Same as every I guess: Half Life 3. Lol. Also, Next-gen.

redDevil872236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Fist bumping > Half life 3, Cooking Mama HD, God of War 4, Halo 5, Far Cry 3, When Nintendogs attack and Final Fantasy Versus 13

Rage_S902236d ago

Micheal Phelps Kinect: Push It To The Limit 2.

redDevil872236d ago

Game over man, game over.

If thats announced it's not only MS's year but MS's decade.

I'm anticipating it more then Half Life 3.

CaptainSheep2236d ago

God of War IV, Half-Life 3 and another inFAMOUS PSN-only title...

maniacmayhem2236d ago

Would love to see another inFamous. I'm curious as to where they would go with it considering the ending.

I got the good ending so if they go with that it will be interesting.

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