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Collectors Editions' of Future Games

So I was looking at some future games that I want and was wondering, "Hey I wonder if these company's know what we want in collectors edition of games and know if we want them." So here are the 5 games I would like to see get collector's editions and what I would like to see in them.

1)The Last Guardian

This is a game that Sony can make a limited amount of collector's editions and know that fans would buy them up. Some of the things that I would personally would love to see in this collectors edition would be:
-100+ page Artbook
-Games Official Soundtrack
-Team ICO HD Collection (cant hurt right?!)

2)DMC: Devil May Cry

As much hate as this game is getting it couldn't hurt for Capcom to make some nifty collector's edition for the new DMC. And I got a few ideas that would hit the sweet spot.
-Making of DMC: Devil May Cry
-Special Movie: Evolution of Devil May Cry and Dante. (all games not just the new one... and make it nice and long.)

3)The Last of Us

I can only speculate what this game could be about apart from what we already know about it but I think I got a few things that fans of Naughty Dog wouldn't mind.
-The Last of Us: Prelude to the Apocalypse Movie (you know live action shorts about what happened before the game.)
-T-Shirt with "The Last of Us" logo in the front and the Naughty Dog logo in the back.
-Poster of the game.
-Special Case (Steel book etc.)

4)Hitman: Absolution

Come now. Who is not looking forward to this game. With the original assassin coming back next year he needs a cool collectors edition yea?
-Real life (wearable) gloves worn by Agent 46.
-Steelbook Case (I like these so what?)
-Hitman: Entering Next Gen Making of Blu-ray/DVD

5)Final Fantasy Versus XIII

If you have read my blogs before than you knew that this was coming. I have been waiting for this game forever and have never been disappointed by a game directed by Tetsuya Nomura. So I very much look forward to this game along with many others. If Square Enix had any business sense than they would make a collectors edition for Versus XIII. Here's what I would like in Versus XIII collectors edition:
-100+ page Concept Artbook
-Making of Final Fantasy Versus XIII Blu-ray(as long if not longer than the making of for MGS4. Remember that one? It was epic!)
-Final Fantasy Versus XIII Official Soundtrack
-Movie: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete (since the game is being made by the same people.)
-Special Final Fantasy Versus XIII Dynamic Theme and Avatar(s)

That's it for this blog. Tell me what games you guys would like to see get collector editions' and do you think they should make collector editions' for the games above. Should they have the things I mentioned above? Comment below to voice your opinion. PshycoNinja out.

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Nate-Dog2339d ago

Nice blog. I am a fan of CEs too myself but only when they're done right (not stuff like the ME3 CE which is basically just in-game content and some useless items to leave in your drawer) and for that reason I don't actually have that many. The only CEs I have currently are the ACII Black Edition (which I spent a while trying to get on eBay, but eventually got it for the price I wanted), and the FFXIII Collector's Edition which was OK, although the art book was pretty disappointing since basically everything in it is just rendered as opposed to concept art or things like that). I also have the Mass Effect collectors edition which I adore, I found it second-hand in a local store and while the box had a few dints in it all of the content was in perfect condition. A handbook of the in-game Codex, artwork, and a lot of other stuff too which I loved.

As for future CEs I'd like, FF Versus XIII is definitely on my list: a concept artbook, soundtrack and PSN avatar and theme content sounds pretty good, I'm sure there's some other cool stuff they could perhaps think up too, maybe even something like a mini Magitek armour model? (I'm playing through FFVI right now so maybe I'm just in the moment thinking of that. :P ) I do hope that if they do include an art book that it is concept art though. I'm also planning on getting the Japan edition of Versus too, and if there's a decent CE of that I'll probably try and get that too if it's much different from the EU/NA collectors edition.

I really want a CE for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time too. The CE for Infamous 2 (if I am remembering correctly judging what others said to me since I didn't get it) had a number of items relating to Sly Cooper and in general just some pretty awesome stuff, stuff that CEs ought to have in my own opinion and stuff that is worth paying for. A big Cooper calling card is undoubtedly a must, and I would love a figurine of Sly, Bentley and Murray too if possible, and don't forget a (small, if it must be) replica of Sly's cane of course! I am well aware something like the above would cost a pretty penny but I'd prefer to pay a good amount for a CE with a lot of content rather than pay an extra €5-€10 for a "collectors" edition with barely anything in it.

I'd like a decent Assassins Creed III Collectors edition too like the ACII Black Edition (or even one of the many ACB CEs since there was around 4-5 of them crazily enough) if possible. A CE with Desmond's jumper, an art book, the soundtrack (the FULL soundtrack too, not just about 6-10 random tracks), maybe something else too.

Brownghost2339d ago

the only thing i hate about hitman is that the next one feels like conviction and AC combined, its retarded that its been toned down for the casual audience

2339d ago
PshycoNinja2337d ago

Keep it coming guys. I want to know what collectors edition you guys want!!

2335d ago