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PlayStation Vita RPG's

I think it's safe to say that most gamers are looking forward to the launch of PlayStation Vita. However, there's one genre that I wish we saw more of on the Vita's launch lineup: Role Playing Games.

Don't get me wrong there's a lot on Vita's launch lineup that I am looking forward to: Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, and ModNation Racers: Road Trip to name a few. I just wish there was... more (if that makes any sense).

I cannot wait to play Final Fantasy X again on my Vita. I cannot wait to play Ruin. After that what is there for RPG's on this great system that seems to be doing everything right. Am I crazy to want more RPG's on this system? I dont believe I am. I dont think I'm alone on this stance either.

What would constitute an RPG on the Vita? Something with a deep story, side missions and a big world to explore. We all know the Vita has the power and capabilities to be able to handle large games and grand worlds. Why isn't anybody tackling this and going in head first to create a grand, epic RPG on the Vita. The first RPG to do this will see massive success. Who wouldn't want to see another Crisis Core like game?

On the subject of Square Enix's games, where are the digital downloads from Square's catalog of great RPG's to be put on Vita? Crisis Core or Kingdom Hearts addition to the PlayStation Store would be great! Square would also see many sales from people who would want to spend their money on those games. With a better screen and dual analog sticks these games would be at their best on the Vita. So why isn't Square not doing anything about it? Is Square allergic to money and success? Many gamers would love to see these two games on the system so why not give the people what they want? It's just too simple.

And lets not forget Capcom and its Monster Hunter series. Monster Hunter. The game that became popular because it was a great game on the PSP. And with Monster Hunter's success came PSP's success. So why isn't Sony or Capcom saying or doing anything about getting this series back onto a Sony handheld. I'll admit that I am not a huge fan of the series but you cannot deny the overwhelming success Monster Hunter has had in the past on Sony's handheld. Why is Capcom so hesitant in making a Vita Monster Hunter?

It just to me seems like Japanese RPG developers are somewhat ignoring the Vita. And I believe that is a fatal mistake. All signs indicate that the Vita will be a success. So why wont developers want to ride that success wave and want to create something that gamers would happily pay for? It just seems shortsighted and leaves me a little dumbfounded.

I am sure that one day these developers will see Vita's success and will jump on the boat only to find that someone else took the risk and got there first and found massive success in creating PlayStation Vita's first big successful RPG. At this point it will be too late and these devs will only find some success and profit because by then gamers will have so much to choose from that they dont "need" to buy your game. The first RPG that does come out on Vita will see big numbers because gamers will be craving a grand RPG on the Vita and they wont have much choice but to chose that one RPG until the next one comes out. Supply and Demand is the name of the game.

So my fellow gamer's, what RPG series or developer would you like to see on the Vita. I would personally love to see Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep have a small visual upgrade and put onto the PSVita (and putting Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation Store wouldn't hurt either ;)). I would actually love to see Square Enix, Level 5 and From Software develop games for this system. But enough of me going on and on about this, what RPG's would you like to see on Vita?

One of the best RPG's for the PSP

The big game for the PSP

Who wouldn't want to see this on the Vita?

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Kthalas2317d ago

For the most part I agree with you, but I disagree about Monster Hunter being an RPG. I've played it and it's no where near an RPG in my opinion. An Action/Adventure game, sure. RPG? No.

But with that disagreement out of the way, I'd love to see Dragon Quest VII brought out for download. Final Fantasy XII would also see good success for re-release (after all they're bring X back for the Vita, why not XII too?) Dragon Quest VIII, Champions of Norrath, Return to Arms, Suikoden III, just to name a few PS2 greats that deserve to be re-released.

More so than re-releases, I'd like to see new IPs or new installments of established IPs. Series like Champions, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, and Persona would see great success I believe on the Vita.

We can only hope that in time there will be more RPGs announced for the Vita.

coryok2317d ago

i was really hoping for xii for the vita, but x is good also i guess. ill definitely be buying x for vita if anything, just to show them that theres a market for them to remake these games

ReservoirDog3162317d ago

Haha, and Persona 4 is gonna be on the vita eventually. Can't forget that. Also with FF Type 0 probably performing better on the vita with the second analog stick, that's probably 100-200 hours of RPG just on those two games alone. Not to mention FFX on it too. And I'm also gonna finally play FFXIII and FFIX on it too.

I was honestly thinking I'm gonna play way too many RPGs on my vita when I get it to be honest.

dedicatedtogamers2317d ago

Persona 4 "extended" (with 50% MORE content) will be coming to Vita. Dragon's Crown is a action/RPG hybrid made by the same people who did Muramasa and Odin's Sphere. I imagine Disgaea 4 (with added content) will eventually make its way to the Vita.

But to be honest, I expect the DS and PSP to remain the indie RPG source for a little while longer. Smaller RPG devs can't afford to make high-end RPGs on the DS and Vita yet.

jdfoster2317d ago

Isn't gravity rush meant to be a RPG?

Alabaster2317d ago

IGN had a preview up yesterday, and they called it an "RPG".So, yes I guess.

Cloudberry2317d ago

Action Adventure game with RPG elements.

cloud4952316d ago

The title for the preview on IGN is: "Gravity Rush: Not Your Average RPG"

Ulf2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

RPGs have really found a home on handhelds -- the PSP and DS have far, far more great RPGs (at least JRPGs) than the home consoles do.

I'm hoping that the Vita will allow RPG devs, which are traditionally lower budget (hence, the appeal of handhelds to them), to have the power to do some cool stuff, while still not having to blow a huge budget on development.

If all we get, on the Vita, are PS2-grade games with higher-rez graphics and fancier scenery (i.e. "HD" ports of PS2 RPGs), I'm going to be happy. The fact that most of the great PSP RPGs are going to be playable on the Vita (as PSN downloads) is already enticing enough.

guitar_nerd_232317d ago

It's not specificly Vita but im looking forward to trying out FF Type 0 on Vita.

I'm hoping it will become the go to machine for jRPGs because its supposed to be easy to develop for.

coryok2317d ago

agreed, hopefully they even put in a little extra functionality for the vita, i heard that they were planning on letting us use the second analog, and thats cool, but i would enjoy it even more if it took advantage of everything else the vita has to offer.

Capt-FuzzyPants2317d ago

Squares new action RPGs that aren't announced yet are on Vita and Ps3 I'm pretty sure. This along with FFX are getting me excited.

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