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My/Your Favorite Is Number One, But Not The Only One

Given the end of E3, it's become pretty easy to see that Sony is rapidly increasing their already large chances of being in the number one spot as far sales for the next generation. They have managed to set record pre-order numbers and absolutely decimate the Xbox One in consumer voted polls on Amazon. Many a Sony fan are excited, some to the point of gloating and in some ways rightfully so.

The PS4 has a lot of bark, but it seemingly has just as much bite. It's confirmed to be the strongest new home console, it has a plethora of cool games announced, indie support, new and interesting features and it's valued well at an affordable price. It is, by and large, the number one most appealing video game console for, well, gamers.

However, I feel many people have forgotten one thing; it's OKAY if the PS4 is not the only console this generation.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not about to sing praises about why either of Sony's competition has it better or worse. If you've followed any of my comments, you already know I've been very vocally positive about the Wii u and vehemently critical of the Xbox One. In light of this, I feel, as of now, the PS4 has more going for it as hardware meant specifically for gamers. It has a focus on core games in particular and pushed the boundary of video game graphics. While the PC crowd may jeer at this notion, it's no debate that the PS4's new architecture (and potentially the Xbox One's as well) are quite capable of making games look significantly better than the previous generation. While not quite there, video games are becoming closer and closer to CGI quality visual fidelity and it is nothing short of exhilarating.

[I would like to throw in that, even now, I believe the Wii U can also produce better looking content, but not at the same level as the PS4 or Xbox One. I don't believe for a second that it is on par with the 360/PS3, let alone weaker]

Now, with all this in mind I feel that the other two brands (yes, both of them, not just Nintendo) have much to offer gamers this generation. We all know of Nintendo's first party content and it is torn whether it is more than enough or nothing at all. To me, this is debatable once Mario Kart 8 is released. For the time being, it remains a disappointment (however NOT low quality) how safe Nintendo's lineup is turning out to be.

As for the Xbox One, with the removal of its DRM and always online policies, the biggest flaws of the console are now rendered moot. In its stead is the announcement of games like Killer Instinct, Metal Gear Solid V and others, the Xbox brand will definitely have some huge games in its lineup. It will certainly not surpass Sony in the exclusives department (or perhaps even Nintendo for that matter), but it will most certainly have games for the gamers who supported the Xbox brand during the previous generation and plan to continue doing so in the current.

Basic point (in other words tl;dr), this generation is a generation for gamers. Each respective brand is giving more of what the fans have asked for, especially Sony. In this regard I want to send a reminder to everyone drinking their respective kool-aid...

With the PS4, I am definitely excited for what it offers, but I don't necessarily feel that it overshadows its competition. I see the PS4 as being number one of generation eight, but not the only one.

With Nintendo, who can say at this point how this console will do. I'm less enthusiastic, but still somewhat optimistic. However, Nintendo did not offer (AGAIN) to provide a heavy hitting core title in time for the holiday season AS WELL as omitting online multiplayer from a multiplayer focused 3D Mario title (which also serves as potentially the most viable game for its platform).

And finally with Microsoft, with the removal of Microsoft's "forward" setbacks, the primary reason to not even come within ten feet of the platform is no longer a factor. Some will say "the damage is done" but this comes off as disgruntled fanboys talking to me. The Xbox is a console being sold to you by a corporation that is currently making a lot of Sony's mistakes over half a decade ago, but this does NOT mean the games don't still look damn cool.

Enjoy your favorite as I certainly will, but always remember that there's always a little something waiting on the other sides.

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NYC_Gamer1759d ago

There's something for everybody on the different consoles/platforms

chrismichaels041759d ago

You raise some very good points. Competition between the 3 companies is good for all gamers. I personally don't want to see any console leave the gaming business. Everyone is entitled to an opinion on which system they think is right for them, as long as they do it honestly and without bias.

abcde123451753d ago

"I personally don't want to see any console leave the gaming busniess."

I agree, I miss Sega making consoles.