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Virtuix Omni: Wii Fit, Eat Your Heart Out

Take a gander at this conceptual device that is meant to simulate "true virtual reality." While the tech is obviously in need some maturation, it shows a great deal of promise for being able to truly move and feel in a game environment.

Not all gamers would be interested in a setup like this; some just love the traditional controller and that's fine. However, I look at this and see a different sort of potential. As a gamer, I spend a lot of time 'consuming' as much as I can. I blast through games and watch many different shows and movies new and old. While I also maintain a healthy diet I don't get much exercise done throughout my day outside of what times I need to walk up and down several flights of stares, which is obviously not remotely close enough to the exercise that a person should do each day.

If you're rolling your eyes at this, hear me out; Wii Fit was seen as a type of weight loss game (though the results were pretty debatable) and to make matters worse, it was almost exclusively catered to casual gamers with very little depth for the hardcore enthusiast. Something like VO could actually produce a better result for the core gamer; upping your kill count and earning new weapons can be done at the same time as a daily exercise routine. Imagine getting hours worth of jogging or even sprinting done while aiding teammates in Team Fortress 2 or perhaps the next Quake.

Call me crazy, but I would like to see more VR systems of this nature, ones that really involve the body being active and moving about. As long as they do not hamper the player's skill, latency remains low and the transition of control can be made seamless (being able to switch back and forth between the VO and a standard gamepad for instance), then I think there is a great deal of potential in this kind of technology.

What are your thoughts on VO? Are there any alternative methods of control or VR technology you are interested in? Or is the standard controller your preferred speed?

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Toon_Link1863d ago

That video is pretty impressive, I didn't expect it to work so well. I recently got a gym membership for the whole family so I'd rather relax when gaming but it's pretty cool to see that setup. I remember when I was a kid there was a VR rig pretty similar to this thing but it was junk and not really fun to play, but this actually looks like a good time (if you don't mind running).