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Nintendo Has Most Certainly Won The Next Generation

PopRocks359 | 649d ago
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Nintendo, the creators of the game industry have already won this new generation with the Wii U. With its clearly vast library of games and incredible exclusives like Halo 5, Final Fantasy XVII, Uncharted 7 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 8, it has already bested the test of time and has shown us what a next gen system is truly capable of, rendering the upcoming Nextbox and PS4 obsolete and dead on arrival.

This undeniable fact has been proven by Nintendo even before its release at E3 2012, where Nintendo Land showed the Wii U's true potential with next generation 4D graphics and absolutely perfect gameplay. The online features shown in this game spurred true innovation, systematically and dramatically increasing the hype for this brilliant machine. Upon its release the Wii u featured a full library of games and exclusives that outmatch the PS3 and 360 combined, all with next generation graphics that would make PC gamers cry.

With a full backing of 3rd party support and twelve AAA releases slated for this year alone, the future for the Wii U is most certainly bright, leaving the PS4 and Nextbox in the shadows.

...satire over.

Okay, seriously guys, why do we even approve articles with these headlines? Honestly, you KNOW it's a troll. So why approve it just to bash it? Wouldn't the simplest and best course of action to be to, you know, ignore it? It's dumb enough that you can hardly make a comparison about three consoles in that manner when considering two of them are not even out yet. Can we save the stupidity for the next Kotaku/Pachter article that gets uploaded? Thank you for your time.

Donnieboi  +   649d ago
I see what you just did there. Nice Blog. And this goes for all sensationally-titled articles of all systems. It's really just a grab for hits. I don't know who should be more ashamed, the authors, the guy who posts the article(s) on n4g, or us--the fools clicking it.
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PopRocks359  +   649d ago
Pertaining specifically to the hottest article of this variety right now in the Wii U section, one of the highest bubbled commenters was apparently one of the people who approved the article. It seemed to me like a classic instance of "hook, line and sinker."
Dark5tar1  +   649d ago
Idk why people approve of such flamebait articles on this site. They can't save the stupidity, it's infinite!
Donnieboi  +   649d ago
Wait a minute, is there a correlation between bubbles and article submissions?
Ducky  +   649d ago
It's an easy way of getting bubbles.

Find a flamebait headline, and approve it while also making a comment on how stupid the article is.
Once it hits the front page, you'll be rolling in 'well saids'.
majiebeast  +   649d ago
I approved it because it wasnt against the rules it was a opinion piece, i do the same for other news,articles. I might not have agreed with the delusions the author was writing down but it wasnt against the rules so why shouldnt i approve it?
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coolbeans  +   649d ago
To be fair, that poster wasn't the first to approve it nor the person who submitted the flamebait-ish article. It can't really be helped if a poster gets lucky at being first to comment on those sorts of articles. It would be fairer to question what constitutes a 'Well Said' to the majority on here, rather than the one making a scathing, possibly true point.
HammadTheBeast  +   649d ago
The irony of you posting this article with that headline is absurd.

dendenmooshi  +   636d ago
Just wondering. Was the last paragraph added after it was accepted?
coolbeans  +   649d ago
@your 2nd comment

I'm not sure I follow. Each contributor gets the same limit of articles he/she can submit within a certain timeframe. Bubbles pertain solely to how many comments you can make in a certain article/blog/review.
Donnieboi  +   649d ago
cool, beans :D
Godmars290  +   649d ago
The system which wins will be the one which:
1) Can support itself.
2) Has games I like.

That is all.

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360ICE  +   646d ago
No, it will be the one that has the games I like!
Godmars290  +   646d ago
And that is exactly what was said.
Valenka  +   649d ago
How can anyone possibly judge what console has won the next generation when the other contenders haven't dealt their cards yet? Completely illogical.
arbitor365  +   649d ago
pretty good satire. could have been a bit more subtle though
MelonSaurus  +   648d ago
And yeah I agree you could of led us on a little better. I realized it was satire after the first sentence.
PopRocks359  +   647d ago
Wasn't really even attempting subtlety. I feel the articles I was making fun of don't use any, so why should I?
dendenmooshi  +   636d ago
So meta
360ICE  +   646d ago
Probably not, no. Subtle has been known to give... mixed results here.
MelonSaurus  +   648d ago
Thank you for exposing the stupidity of some of the articles that have been floating around as of late. It's so annoying seeing them over and over again.
GodsPerfectK7ng  +   647d ago
more like Wii U has EPIC FAIL!!!!
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TheUndertaker85  +   647d ago
You know the hilarious part? The only ones calling the WiiU a winner of anything are the sad, delusional Nintendo fans. Even Devs are calling the WiiU what it actually is: A mid-gen machine that's on track for disaster.

Out of every company out there only one is in real trouble, that being Nintendo. If Microsoft fails at gaming, they can fall back on other endeavors to stay afloat. While Sony is having problems with their other divisions like TVs, their gaming division is profitable. Nintendo has nothing to fall on.

If that's not enough both Sony and Microsoft are securing both first and third party support while Nintendo can't even seem to get out their first party titles, let alone get more third party developers on board the WiiU. Both Sony and Microsoft are also already on top of their respective online services, again, something Nintendo isn't.

If that's not enough again the tablet controller for the WiiU is a resource eater since it doesn't have built in processors or components, meaning the base system also has to run the controller with its already low resources compared to what is actually coming in Next Gen systems. This isn't true for either Microsoft or Sony since their components, IE Move, Vita, and Kinect, are all powered by themselves, dropping the toll they'll take on those Next Gen systems.

To add to this further Sony is already showing off the games they'll have for the PS4 at launch or shortly after. While Microsoft is being hush hush here, Nintendo is already falling behind the pack with its limited number of titles and discrepancies with the amount of content they're getting compared to even current gen consoles.

Bottom line: Nintendo can't even really compete with current gen consoles. No chance they're competing with actual next gen systems.
BeZdaBest  +   647d ago
nintendo has enough money in the bank to fail until the year 2050..

sony on the other hand wont have nothing to fallback on because like you said sony is losing money all around... selling system at a loss which aren't even selling all that good..(vita)

while wii u isnt selling its profitable after a nintendo game is sold.. giving the fact that nsmbu sold 2/3 the amount of wiiu sold i say they profited enough not to worry

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