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No Respect... No Respect At All

This has been a screwy month for gaming, particularly if you're a Nintendo fan. On the plus side, several games have come out for the Wii U (specifically Lego City, Monster Hunter and Need for Speed U). All of these games have generally received positive scores and are just now becoming available.

Furthermore, a new third party title, a rerelease of Deus Ex: HuRev, was announced for Wii U. The title has updated visuals, content, all DLC included and tweaks to fix issues with past versions. I would have preferred a port of the new Tomb Raider, but hey, this isn't the worst alternative considering I've wanted to try the game for a while.

It hasn't been the best possible month for the platform, but I would not call it a bad one at least so far. You would think that about now would be a good time for some more productive discussions as oppose to the usual grime. I've noticed in some articles, there have been some mature discussions for a change. But was it meant to stay that way?


Recently (and unsurprisingly), a couple of more negative articles have reached enough buzz to be a part of the site header in the Wii U section. I personally have not read many of the comments too deeply and only left a couple of responses or comments myself, particularly in one occasion criticizing the comments above mine that were attacking each other. You will notice many comments on both sides have been voted down for "trolling" and other such nonsense.

Which brings me to the point of this blog post; it really is stupid to see Nintendo fans being attacked, Nintendo fans attacking others and yet there are people out there who will still insist that the hatred it is not "as bad" in this section as it is in others. More so, the individuals who will make this claim are among the ones causing the arguments, being condescending and insulting and inciting flame wars for no purpose other than stroking their own egos.

Obviously, I'm not perfect in this regard and my comment history suggests so. But it's something I continue to work on. I prefer mature debates over petty arguments and the arguments are just annoying and tiresome.

Do you believe Sony articles have had it bad? Do you believe Microsoft articles have had it bad? Then I have a simple question for you. Do you honestly believe you think it is any better when you forward that kind of behavior onto others? You're doing nothing excepting becoming a part of the problem. If you really felt that hatred should not be in the comment section of your favorite platform's articles, I would imagine you would not want to see it in other ones either.

If you are one of those people who will attack Nintendo fans and then get on a high horse and say "oh well the hate is not NEARLY as bad as it was for the other guys!" then that really is not a good argument. Not only does it make you a hateful and bitter individual, it also makes you a complete hypocrite.

On the flip side, (to name an example) arguing how much more the latest Mario sold over Uncharted is neither productive nor intelligent. Sales have nothing to do with a game's quality or how a person aesthetically responds to it.

And that's a theme here; I don't like seeing negativity of any kind. I have slammed doom/gloom Vita articles as well as Wii U ones. I also defended Sony during the hack attack when the media painted them is irresponsible holders of personal info a couple of years ago. Being pro-Nintendo does not directly correlate with anti-anything.

I don't like seeing stupid flame wars in any context. What I DO like, is healthy debate and rarely on N4G do I get that without a barrage of insults, insinuations and just general hatred. And this is primarily in the Wii U section.

Look, bottom line, if you have a different opinion from my own, then that's A-okay. I've never once had an issue with that. What I don't like is inherent disrespect because someone does not like my ideology, or someone who will bully others simply for not agreeing with them. If you want to be respected, show a little respect in return.

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SilentNegotiator1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I'll say what I've always said (since all of your blogs are the same formula every time anyway):

People on N4G aren't fans of Nintendo.

It's a perception problem that you think Nintendo gets "extra hate". It's not that it gets extra hate; It gets less attention and the people that aren't fans share how they feel about the way Nintendo (once a favorite company for many people here, including myself) is today. N4G is full of hardcore gamers. Playstation and Xbox fans. You're break dancing in a disco bar.

Yes, MS/Sony get the same amount of criticism and trolling. More, really. It's just buried among more positive fan reactions.

How long are you going to make the same blog every 2 days about the Wii U section supposedly being worse? Do you even realize that you're doing it?

If you spent less time crusading, you wouldn't get some much personal "hate"

And furthermore, hey everybody! We're all gonna get laid!

PopRocks3591889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

"How long are you going to make the same blog every 2 days about the Wii U section supposedly being worse? Do you even realize that you're doing it?"

Simply put, when you stop providing me the reason to do so. You may not have done so here, but you've been pretty obnoxious to me and to others in the past, not to mention you bury your head in the sand and pretend the negativity I speak of does not exist when I cited real examples of the opposite being true. All you are going by is your intuition and, sorry to say, it doesn't fall in line with what's truly happening right now.

"People on N4G aren't fans of Nintendo."

Except for the Nintendo fans? They may not be the majority, but that does not mean they do not exist and furthermore it does not invalidate their opinions either.

"If you spent less time crusading, you wouldn't get some much personal 'hate'."

Oh please, I've been given personal hate even for my more laid back and neutral responses, even by you. I once said that a a game console's primary focus should be video game centric features as oppose to media features and you sarcastically criticized me for defending Nintendo for leaving out DVD playback, twisting my words (per the norm).

EDIT: Also for someone who does not like my "formulaic" blog posts, you sure do enjoy visiting and commenting on the ones where I am specifically defending Nintendo or pointing negativity toward the products or fans.

caseh1888d ago

SilentNegotiator has a point.

Nintendo doesn't have the same level of dedicated trolls that the PS3/Xbox factions have here on N4G. With that in mind, anything outside of the PS3/Xbox domain is going to get sh*t on unless its doing something right. Recently (actually, for a long time now), Nintendo haven't done anything particularily interesting and releasing 'Super Mario Wii Me U' or 'Prof Layton and the random franchise tie-in' is just asking for a verbal beating these days.

I used to love Nintendo, then I realised how streamlined their software lineup has become. Outside of the Zelda, Mario, Metroid franchises there isn't a lot else going on with the exception of the odd game here and there, Fire Emblem maybe. But when people use Pikmin as a valid argument in reference to a great selling point I suddenly understand some of the stick Nintendo fans get.

Each to their own at the end of the day, but from my viewpoint Nintendo has become a bit of a joke.

maniacmayhem1887d ago

"People on N4G aren't fans of Nintendo."

I'm sorry what? I just happen to be a person on N4G who is a fan of Nintendo!

NeXXXuS1885d ago

I think what he's trying to say is that Nintendo isn't as popular as the other systems on N4G and doesn't have enough attention directed towards it. I'm sure there is a Nintendo community on here (obviously) but it isn't nearly as large as the PS or Xbox community. I do think his comment came off sort of dickish though...

Deadpool6161889d ago

I really don't see why people rage over a console they don't like. If I didn't like a console, I would just ignore it. Otherwise, I'd try to be constructive, instead of destructive and move on. If a console succeeds then that's great. If a console fails then I hope the company learns from it and becomes better in the future. For some, the success of a console is just as serious as life/death. (I honestly don't know why.)

As for healthy rarely happens, if it occurs at all. The bubble system on N4G is a big limiter. I've been posting here since 2010 and I haven't gained or lost a bubble. So even if I wanted to debate I can only reply so many times. I started putting limits on how I comment after a while. If the comments are too vile, I just move on to something else instead of adding fuel to the flame. If I don't know something about a subject, I ask, and move on. If I can be constructive, I try to be in a respectful way.

smashcrashbash1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

You keep complaining about how much hate Nintendo is getting and lack of respect for Nintendo people trying to pepper it with how you slammed VITA fail articles and defended Sony during the hack attack.Then you understand EVERYTHING gets hate.It doesn't make it anymore right but you have to get over it.So what if some ignorant person says something bad or someone doesn't want to listen to another 'Nintendo always wins out in the end' or 'Nintendo is king' speech? Nintendo people have their noses in air and constantly drone on about how Nintendo saved us all and how this game will NEVER get stale and who is copying or will copy who and are no more or less annoying, disrespectful or humble then then rest of us.No one has any obligation to support anything, listen to anything you say or agree with what you say.

If someone wants to say something bad about a console he has the right whether you like it or not.It's stupid to see anyone bulling anyone for any reason because of what they believe in but writing articles based on a single platform claiming that it gets a lot of hate compared to everything else is pointless because we all have to deal with it all the time and don't let it stop us from enjoying our consoles.Sony has recently gone through the whole unreasonable taunting about invisible consoles and how seeing the console is so important. We all go through it and ignore or defend or strike back accordingly.We all have our overzealous,trolls and naysayers on our sides.I am sure if the PS4 doesn't sell well at first the Nintendo people will be first in line to say how much it fails counting, calculating and putting down anyone who says it will get better later.Just grow a thicker skin and don't let it bother you.It's okay to try and make a point but remember the companies don't need you to defend them.

PopRocks3591889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

"No one has any obligation to support anything, listen to anything you say or agree with what you say."

Read the end of the article again. This is about stupid petty feuds, not people disagreeing with each other, let alone over Nintendo products. You're skewing the point I made.

"It's okay to try and make a point but remember the companies don't need you to defend them."

Fair point, and I never said they did. I'm just speaking my mind here. I like to think that one of the largest game news websites ought to have a community with higher standards than its lowly reputation precedes.

Of course I'm aware people like that exist everywhere; it's the internet. Thing is I like getting my news here and I like interacting with intelligent/respectful people. I would prefer to encourage that over the usual immaturity I see.

urwifeminder1888d ago

Seems more hate comes from sony gamers they hate on nintendo ,xbox,and pc thats one of the reasons im not a fan of sony well that and the games they make.

IcyEyes1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Im sorry, but you partially "fail" to get an healthy debate with your post. Its not your fault ... Just read comment like urwifeminder or other comments that remind me how awesome is The Scream by Munch.
If you are ok with people like that, just continue to post your opinion, you have all right to do :)

Ps I respet all point of view anyway, even that are a bit pointless ... :)

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