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The Spectrum of Subjectivity

I'm not entirely sure why I used to be as defensive of Nintendo as I used to be (hell, to an extent I still am but not as much as before, I'd say) but I can tell you this; it led to nothing but a bad attitude, some nasty arguments and some bittersweet conclusions. It was quite often in response to extremely negative comments in regards to, at the time, Nintendo's upcoming console the Wii U. This was after its E3 unveiling but before its followup E3 press conference. Many of these comments were outright insulting toward fans of Nintendo; saying how they were "stupid," "man-children," or "brainwashed." And this rhetoric was completely acceptable at the time.

Nowadays I prefer to take a slightly more neutral stance since a few more people who share my mindset are there to engage in mature debates as well as that I am interested in discussions about games/companies other than Nintendo. Obviously my personal preferences dominate how approach said discussions, but I like to think I am not as extremely pro Nintendo as I was a year before.

That said, it seems a large part of the community does not possess a great deal of neutrality for the most part. I've been seeing much debate (and in some cases petty squabbling) between enthusiasts of the PS4 and PC gamers, as well as those anticipating the Nextbox. Having a preference in any of these three platforms is perfectly fine, in fact I welcome this variety. However, the extreme nature of any one side needs to be toned down somewhat. And just to clarify, YES, this does indeed include extreme fans of Nintendo or any of their content.

I remember when the screenshots of The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Reborn were shown, I noticed that a number of the comments were praising the look of the game a lot. To me the graphical upgrade seems rudimentary. Not to say it looks bad, in fact it's quite beautiful, but it wasn't the "big leap" I was looking for. One person suggested that it was "better" than Pixar-esque graphics. Now, I can understand loving the art style more than that of a Pixar film... but graphical fidelity? It's alright to praise Nintendo's work (I mean, come on, if you're reading this then you probably already know I do it all the time), but keep it within reason. Nintendo's FAR from the point of CGI film graphics with this console, regardless of good the games will look in the end, I think.

Onto a Sony related topic, an article went up a week or so ago involving whether or not the Playstation Vita will pick up in sales due to its cross-compatibility with the Playstation 4. I personally felt that because of its compatibility with the PS3 failing to sell any initial units, the PS4 compatibility would fair no better since the Vita is a $250 - $300 handheld device, not necessarily a controller and the latter should not be its primary feature. And this is not a criticism so much as it is an observation of the market. Yet in this particular discussion I was labelled as a troll (albeit by what I presume to be an actual troll). I also received many disagrees for the comments involved.

I mean in that regard, sure, it's fine not to agree with my thoughts on the matter, but I'm more bothered by being labelled a troll for simply engaging in honest discussion. I never once bashed the Vita or the PS4 (matter of fact I've praised both in the past), and I was simply commenting on the topic at hand involving cross-compatibility and how it would affect the sales of the Vita (in which case, I honestly thought it would not). If I called the Vita/PS4 "rubbish" then yes, I would understand it completely, but this instance was hardly a case of needless or hateful bashing.

I totally acknowledge that I should not be showering Nintendo with constant praise and I try to make sure not to do it to the point of needlessness. But at the same time, if I'm not necessarily showering another company's products with praise in a comment, how exactly am I being inflammatory?

Everything goes both ways and what goes around comes around, as they say. There should be an essence of a middle ground; a place where if someone is not entirely for or against a specific topic they should not be blasted by fans or haters because of it while the rest focus on trying to refrain from being too far blue or too far red on the spectrum.

Let me end it by saying this; I love Nintendo's games as much as any Sony fan loves Sony's games or so on. But I'm well aware Nintendo as a company has its flaws but I continue to support them in spite of it, just as I know not to slam another company when they make a mistake here or there. That's generally what sensible fans do. If I can do that, I'm not sure why others here cannot.

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mamotte1898d ago

I know that feeling bro.

I love Nintendo games too, as much as I love Sony and MS exclusives. I just try to play everything I like, and sometimes those games can only be found in one plattform, so I try to get money somehow and buy it. Now, as always, I have some kind of rules, since it's obvious, for example, not getting a console just from one game, and this makes obvious that I dont buy consoles at launch, since, as history teach us, they always lack games for a year, more or less.

But, somehow, at some point, EVERY console is worth a purchase. I have a lot of games in Wii, I have a lot of games on PS3. Sadly, I cant find enough reasons to buy a 360.

Now, why we cant people just accept other's choices and tastes is without my knowledge. It's really sad that the competence for "a good game" had become a "let's see who is using more ram and GPU" race. More if you take in account the fact that there are really good indie games that -in theory- should be trash. Than games without "realist like-life graphics" should be trash.

And now, we have the new "hardcore" breed. Pro (¿?) gamers who just cannot accept games that doesnt requiere awesome skills and hours and hours of sweat to be good. I suppose they dont know they joy of a Wii, four controllers, just dance, and friends. Because all games must be done only for hardcore, and other kind of gamer should not exist. It's like someone was all the time pointing'em with a gun, forcing'em to play casual games they dont want.

The subjectivity is there. Sadly, the tolerance is nowhere to be found. Sad times, really.

Sorry about the wall of text and the poor english.

khowat1898d ago

How I fell as a pro nintendo person on N4G

TongkatAli1898d ago

I remember you posting that you weren't getting a Vita cause it didn't have games and why should I play LBP or AC III *AC III Vita had a different character and setting* when I can play it on my console.

Correct ? I called you a troll and maybe I took it too far, but you are INSANELY pro Nintendo so I don't feel so bad. Come on you was getting on the Vita cause it had ports, but you bought a Wii U and bought AC III and Mass Effect.

Nuff said.

PopRocks3591897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Wow. You know what's really sad about this comment? The first time you ever replied to me, you must have called me a fanboy three individual times. What the hell does this comment make you exactly? Not a fanboy, but an extremely bitter fanboy.

I am only "INSANELY pro Nintendo" to you because I am pro Nintendo. That's really all it boils down to, nothing more. Why? Because you simply don't like my ideology. Here you are, whining over a topic irrelevant to the blog I wrote, and for what? For a foolish excuse for a debate (from MONTHS ago, I might add) where you were incessantly calling me a fanboy simply because I was not up and ready to buy a Vita in the next five minutes.

I said I bought the ports of ACIII and Black Ops 2 for OFF-TV PLAY. You know, an feature that is exclusive to those versions; and I never purchased Mass Effect 3 because of the announcement of Mass Effect Trilogy.

So, in conclusion, kindly step off and get your facts straight before you try to call me out.

TongkatAli1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Yeah, I didn't even call you a troll. I called you Fanboy which you are, defending Nintendo 24/7 acting all neutral, lol. I say pro things about Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. I honestly wouldn't call you out if you didn't make it so easy.

Calling out the Vita cause it has ports when most of them have EXCLUSIVE features as well and aren't just ports. Don't buy one, who cares you're one singular person. You honestly think I care ? Look at your reaction, you're getting so offended cause you're a huge Nintendo fanboy, there is nothing wrong with that, just stay away from Vita articles which ao far you've done a good job, thumbs up! You never getting one to begin with cause you going to get every first party Nintendo game this year cause its your money, do what you want with it.

I just hate halfass excuses which you pull out of your ass left and right and you LOVE playing the victim, the F ? I was cool with you until I read this pity whine fest.

PopRocks3591897d ago

"I called you Fanboy which you are, defending Nintendo 24/7 acting all neutral, lol. I say pro things about Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony."

I've said positive things about Sony, Microsoft, Valve, Double Fine, WayForward and a plethora of other developers and publishers. Not that you would ever have the decency to acknowledge it.

I love that all you did was dance around my responses, continue calling me a fanboy and did not respond to anything I actually said. You're either a troll or a complete moron.

CLEARLY you don't care about me not wanting to buy a Vita, which is why you keep attacking me about it.

"You never getting one to begin with cause you going to get every first party Nintendo game this year cause its your money, do what you want with it."

You are an idiot.

TongkatAli1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Take care bro and have a goodnight : )

Already a disagree, lol. You aren't going to prove me wrong about everything I said that is the irony of this whole waste of time back and forth bs.

I'm done, please do me this one favor, put me on ignore, thank you.