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I Love the PS4 Prototype Controller

As the title suggests, I'm really digging the prototype images of the PS4 controller and here's why.

-Disclaimer: Obviously this is all based off of the prototype imagery, which I'm aware are subject to change. However I just want to give my two cents on the assumption that the final product will be pretty similar if not exactly the same.-

First and foremost, the "screen" on the control apparently is a touch panel as oppose to an actual image screen. I'm very happy about this because it is a far more unique approach than SIXAXIS and Move (though reminiscent of the rear touch panel on Sony's own Playstation Vita), and could make for some very interesting functionality. This can also lead to unique game experiences separate from anything Ninendo does with the Wii U or Microsoft does with the SmartGlass.

Secondly, I appreciate the changes made to both the D-pad and the control sticks. The D-Pad looks inspired by the Vita's as well, but upped in size. This reminds me of the type of D-Pad Nintendo often incorporates into their controllers which, to me, have always been very comfortable and effective. As for the sticks, the indentations on the tops seem like a nice and more comfortable upgrade from the already well designed Dualshock control sticks.

Finally, while I have not seen any pictures of it, I've heard the "triggers" for R2/L2 will be fixed and made rendered less awkward.

The Ps4's announcement is apparently not far off, and there is a lot of anticipation. But if we're analyzing the controller along, I must say, I really want to hold this controller in my hands and see what it feels like. All I know is that it, like the console itself, shows nothing but promise.

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catch1925d ago

I definitely agree I hope they go with something close to this for the final product. The dualshock design has always been very comfortable for me and with the added touch pad I can definitely imagine some great experiences. I really dig the WiiU controller for the screen and touch capabilities but this seems like a really solid middle ground. Can't wait for the PS4. I really hope Microsoft take a cue from the d-pads of Nintendo and Sony for their next controllers as they have the worst in the business but otherwise quite decent design.

Cam9771925d ago

I love it, it looks like a PS1 controller with lot of modification to make it truly next-gen.

Chaostar1925d ago

I'll wait to see the final product and get to grips with it myself before I declare my love but I'm very optimistic about it. The difference between me instantly loving the thing or getting to grips with it and just liking it will be down to whether or not that is a touchscreen or a touchpad. The redesigned triggers will be a deciding factor too.

thorstein1925d ago

Unfortunately the picture you have is a fake. It looks fake and I would hate to have that in my hands. There are better fakes out there, but, until Feb 20th, I am not believing any of it.

wishingW3L1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

don't you guys think the surface of the touchpad seem a bit too shiny to be just a touchpad?

Bu I really hope Sony changes those ugly reverse nipples they put the as sticks and use real concave:

listenkids1925d ago

The picture of the two supposed prototypes aren't similar enough for me to believe in it. Handle shape is thinner on the left, longer. The D-Pad seems smaller and the pad in general seems longer and shorter on the left, like someone made a mock up.

Aside from that, I don't mind the look, and including Move into the fray is a good move, no forcing games on you, additional costs.

We'll see on the 20th.