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Life of Pixel - A Nostalgia Trip

Life of Pixel is the fantastically nostalgic trip through gaming history by Super Icon Ltd.

Released, initially, via Sony's PlayStation Mobile service, the London based developer is now looking to bring the game to more people and more platforms.

If you don't know what Life of Pixel is it, it's probably understandable. While it's my personal favourite and likely best game on the PS Mobile service, it's hard to say that PS Mobile has been the success that it really could and should be.

Let's focus on the game rather than the platform though.

Life of Pixel is a challenging adventure that takes you through various worlds, each based around classic gaming machines. You've got your Atari 2600's, your Commodore 64's and your Nintendo Entertainment Systems.

You play as Pixel, a green pixel who wanted to see more and takes a journey through a digital video game museum. The emphasis is definitely on making you nostalgic, both in art styles as well as challenge. The tight controls definitely make it more appealing where every mistake is your own doing and there's just enough "one more go" moments to keep you playing. Every "console" has its own unique style and you will often find yourself smiling as you remember playing on the actual devices for the first time ever.

So, why am I writing this? I'm not being paid for it but, sometimes, games just deserve better. Super Icon are trying to get Kickstarter backing to bring the game to PC, Mac and Android/iOS, with Ouya, Wii U and PS3 as platforms for their stretch goals. All I can ask you to do is look at their Kickstarter page and decide if this is something you want to be a part of. If not, I still highly recommend picking up the game from the PS Store.

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