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An ideal scenario for Sony's E3 presser.

I'm sad to say that for E3 this year I will be on a remote Scottish isle called Isla. It has a population of about 3,500, several Whisky distilleries and not a whole lot else. I'm not sure if i'm going to be able to watch the E3 pressers this year as I have no idea if the internet there is servicable. This makes me quite sad as E3 is my (and many others on here) Christmas.

What i'm going to do here is type my ideal scenario for Sony's E3 presser in detail for your perusal and I will assume this is how it has gone down until i'm back in the land of the living with a decent internet connection.

So, here goes.

First of all I expect the business talk to be kept to an absolute minimum. Jack doesn't need to be going into masses of detail here. It isn't required. I think he should talk about how Playstation has a bright future and how Greatness Awaits. He should cover the PS3 by saying that it will retain support whilst showing the logos for Beyond, GT6 and TLoU on the big screen. At this point it doesn't need more than that.

The Vita is an interesting prospect this year I feel. It needs its own games and it needs to be shown working alongside the PS4. I think announcing 3 new titles for release around the holidays and an incremental price drop would be a good strategy. I would expect that later in the show a bundle of a PS4 and Vita would be announced.

Now onto the meat. 'We've shown you what the PS4 can do, now we'll show you what it looks like'. As this is said smoke plumes out and the lights dim. A podium rises from the stage and on that podium is an actual PS4. Not a shell, the actual console, one of the first off the production line.

Now 3 games we already know about are to be demonstrated live. First up Mark Cerny takes the stage. He carries with him the case for Knack showing of the design as he approaches the PS4, places the disk in, and takes some time to introduce us to the new OS. Once this is done it is time to show off Knack. 3 minutes of gameplay later and it is over to Evolution to show a race in Driveclub.

A 3 vs 3 clubrace with 3 Evolution team members on stage and 3 others from other studios back stage. A short track is chosen and the way the Club scoring and individual experience works is explained. Normally a tournament would comprise of at least 3 races with the Club with the most points advancing to the next tier. In this case the short race is shown with destructibilty, the idea of defensive driving to get you team the most points possible, show off the sound, the graphics engine and cars. At the end it is explained that 1st gets 10 points, 2nd 8, 3rd 6 etc.

Now to move onto a live gameplay demonstration of Infamous Second Son, but rather than a mission, open world gameplay is being shown as more of the game is being explained to us. We see all new animations for climbing, some of Delsin's new powers and are shown just how beautiful it is when stood atop a building in Seattle with huge draw distances.

All of these will be launch titles. I choose to leave KZ off the list as that has already been shown.

Honestly, i'd be quite happy with all of that but here is where my thinking becomes wishful. It is time for a couple of third parties to take the stage. First up is Capcom. They are going to demonstrate more of Deep Down which looks as rich and beautiful in motion as it did in the trailer and is revealed to be a Dragon's Dogma style action RPG exclusive to the PS4 (very wishful). Next up is Square Enix showing off FF Versus for the first time. It is very much an adult orientated Kingdom Hearts and will be a launch title for the PS4 and will be exclusive (more wishful or less wishful, you decide).

Next up is SoE first announcing Planetside 2 for the PS4 which will be free to play from launch day. They will also announce a PS4 exclusive MMO which is also compatible with the Vita so you can play it anywhere you have an internet connection.

After this we will get some flashy trailers. The first will be for a new Syphon Filter developed by Ready at Dawn with the game keeping the tradition of the series alive. The second will be for The Last Guardian on PS4 and it will look absurd and make people cry. Last will be a trailer for The Getaway 3. It won't get cancelled this time.

Next we have some more Indie titles demonstrated to us show Sony's continued support of Indie developers. I can't be specific as to what will be shown as I have no idea.

From here we move into more unknown territory entirely. I have no idea what SSM and Media Molecule will show but i'm sure it will be pretty fantastic. I'd love an SSM developed open world title. I'd hope for a new Wipeout as well even with Studio Liverpools closure.

Finally Naughty Dog will take to the stage for a gameplay demonstration of 1866. Spiritually similar to Uncharted but instead of being a third person shooter it is a third person, swashbuckling action game with the exploration themes kept intact but with gun battles replaced by sword battles. It will look ridiculous.

Finally, Jack Tretton will come onto the stage and announce an October release date for the PS4 at $399 and then he will dance.

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xneoarcx1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

I don't want to believe Naughty Dog will be the last to show a game, I want to believe it will be The Last Guardian ^^

Edit: Btw Bungie Latest Title Destiny will reveal a worldwide gameplay at sony conference xD

Pintheshadows1664d ago

Yeah, I forgot about that. Should be good as the premise for the game sounds intriguing from a genre perspective.

I'd also quite like it if Eight Days returned but set in the 80's as an almost buddy cop game.

colonel1791663d ago

@Pintheshadows: Square Enix will be there announcing a "new" Final Fantasy (confirmed) also Bungie revealing Destiny gameplay.

colonel1791663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Hopefully The Last Guardian will be there.

dedicatedtogamers1664d ago

I do hope Mark Cerny shows up. He's the lead designer behind the PS4 (imagine that, a game designer designing a videogame console?!?) and I would like him to talk more about it.

At this point, Sony doesn't even HAVE to announce games. That's the hilarious situation we've found ourselves in. If Sony simply clarifies one or two things (used game fee? mandatory installs? price? basic online is free?) and reaffirms things they have already said (no mandatory online, every game is playable offline) then they will walk away with the 8th Gen in the bag.

Pintheshadows1664d ago

The thing is i'd rather they didn't rest on their laurels just because of the poor Xbone reveal. I think they should take the opportunity to go for the throat.

dedicatedtogamers1664d ago

Sure, they shouldn't rest on their laurels, but it's sad that "going for the throat" is really just as simple as "not doing what Microsoft is doing". Games and features are just icing on top of that.

deep_fried_bum_cake1663d ago

I was questioning my Scottishness when I read "Isla" and thought "where the hell is that", though I quickly figured out that it was mean to be Islay.

While that does sound like an exciting show I have to say that I don't expect the PS4 to be announced for October, purely because Watch Dogs has been announced as a launch title and that releases in the second half of November.

Pintheshadows1663d ago

I was just thinking of BF4 on the 29th of October. I'm guessing it will be a launch title regardless, but yes, you are right about Watchdogs.

And I know it is supposed to Islay but for some unknown reason, south of the border we call it Isla. I don't know, I just got told about the Whisky. :)

deep_fried_bum_cake1663d ago

I hadn't actually thought of Battlefield 4, though I don't think it has been announced as a launch title, so I'll stick to my November guess.

I didn't realise it was called that down south, you learn something new every day. I imagine you'll find out quite a bit more about the whiskey when you get there. It will be hard to leave an island famed for its alcohol with a healthy liver.

phantomexe1663d ago

i'd like to hear legend of the dragoon 2. Ofcourse if you remember i wished for this last year and the one before that. A man can dream.

thereapersson1663d ago

If so, make sure you visit Laphroaig, one of the best distilleries out there. Peat, peat and more peat!

If I am wrong in what you meant, forgive me :-)

Pintheshadows1663d ago

No, you are not at all and that is definitely on the list of distilleries to visit. I don't know why but everyone south of the border (i'm in Norwich) calls it Isla, but then again we are strange here.