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Reinventing the Past: The Guardian Legend.

Everyone has an old game from their childhood that they want to see brought back to life. Everyone has a personal favorite from circa 1989 (ish) through 1995. Mostly Nintendo consoles. Strictly speaking, not for 90's babies. A special place for those that were born in Circa 1980's, and played atari when their parents weren't home, when they played Nintendo at age five.

Games have evolved to a point that anything is possible. Literally, anything is (well almost. . .) possible. The biggest title of the list today that deserves a major reboot is a game for NES called "The Guardian Legend."

TGL was an RPG/Adventure story that consisted of an alien robot woman turning into a spaceship, killing bosses in underground corridors while obtaining keys to rid the star "Naju" of it's monster inhabitants. It was the sexy robot lady's personal mission to take out the main boss. Putting it lightly, the game was amazing. Far ahead of it's time. It was like a cross between Zelda (no haters please) and Starfox (that's two for two on the hate list). The comparisons are rough but I hope you get the idea. If you haven't played it you should. Saying "Galaga" instead of Starfox isn't an adequate depiction of the game that came out 1988 on NES console. Also comparing it to Zelda wouldn't do it justice because zelda is a way better game for NES, but all bashing aside, this game is still one of the best games for NES.

She didn't have a name, and she assisted in the call of Naju, as they were seeking aid.

The "Robot/Lady" obtained keys, to unlock new areas to explore after killing the bosses of certain corridors. Jumping into a corridor, she turned into a jet, and blasted her way through a flying level in attempts to kill the boss on the other side. Some of these were very difficult the first time playing the game. Today, after years of training, one can play and beat the game in around four hours.

Passcodes could be entered to pick up the game where one left off. This meant putting in a 32 digit code to tell the NES what your position was when you last left off. This also meant your chip status (your secondary weapon energy life) your health (or level) and the amount of the world that was explored.

The game was an amazing title for NES, one that has made a name for itself in underground table talk where people express how fun the game was and how much they would want a remake of such an amazing NES title. If you've played the game before, feel free to comment below. However if you haven't played it and just wish to bash this blog about the references to both Starfox and Zelda, feel free as well to comment below, but just as a word of advice: try to play the game at some point, it'll make a believer out of you.

The link I have provided is a large idea of what a remake for this game could do, pro's and cons. It's an amazing idea, and the remake of this game could mean so much to modern gamers who played it, beat it and then played it a thousand more times.

"Long ago, an alien race sent a huge world hurtling towards the earth. Loaded with a cargo of mysterious lifeforms. You must battle your way deep within the alien world to destroy it's vicious inhabitants. You are the guardian of the earth, and your saga will become the Guardian Legend."

"If someone is reading this. . . I must have failed.
This star "Naju" was our home, but we were invaded by evil life-forms.
Everyone except me was killed.
I am going to try to activate the self destruct device.
If I fail I would like you to do this task so this cannot happen to any other race.
The self destruct mechanism, is protected by a safety device, which is located in the underground corridors.
Remove each seal and go deep within Naju, if you destroy all 10 safety devices the self destruct sequence will be activated.
I don't have much time, I hope this message will not be read by anyone, it will mean that I have failed."

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Godmars2901836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Love the idea of this, but being a primary console gamer I'd want to see this on consoles, only at this time console gaming is mostly 3D. Realistic 3D. And then there's the asinine trend of having to go "in-depth" with a character's history and motivation.

SilentNegotiator1836d ago

After having many of my favorite (especially 90s) characters/IPs slapped around (Namely BK, Spyro, Crash, etc - Big 3D platformer fan if you can't tell), I've become content with seeing old franchises staying what they were and trying new games (even as spiritual successors).

Jyndal1836d ago

I remember The Guardian Legend very fondly, and to see a re-inventing of it would be a dream come true.

KwietStorm1835d ago

Aww man why did you have to bring this game up? Now I have to go play it. Man I put so many hours into this game, it shouldn't have been legal. What a great experience, and what a challenge. It was like a sci fi Legend of Zelda. But God forbid you wrote a single letter wrong with those passwords. That's one thing I don't miss from old games.

aftrdark211834d ago

Loved this game. I still remember the ending music.... Most definitely needs a reboot.