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Apple is not killing the portable market

Everyone can agree on this, that half the articles on N4G are about Apple taking over the handheld market and those articles are usually written by idiots.

They say look at he sails of the Apple products, but there are a few reasons they are so high.
1. They is popular
2. People think they are good because the Mac and PC ads.
3. They break easily, and when people get a refund they count that as a new sale.(I know this for a fact)

They say apps get downloaded a lot more than games are bought. They should looks at how much people actually buy apps instead of checking how much people download them to be more accurate.
1. One person can buy Angry Birds and 20 people can download it.
2. One person may download Angry Birds and uninstall it and do that multiple times
3. Games are like 0.99 and old people who dont care for gameing usually buy them or you play them on the bus ride home.

I like the DS and PSP more because you get stuff you cant get on Apple products.
1. First party support
2. Buttons
3. Third party support
4. and some stuff I am missing but you know what it is

The only Apple product I own is an iPod touch. I dont buy stuff on the app store only thing I ever paid for was the rabbids game. My Mother buys a bunch of stuff on it so I would just download what she bought and get it for free or I download a free app to see if its good. I usually read digital comics on it. I use a free app I found to read them on. I would only get an iPad for digital comics and that's about it.

We have those people who make an app and it gets downloaded a lot and they make a big deal over it and think they are gods of the gaming industry(Angry Birds Dev). But the gods are Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Valve. For giving us gamers systems and software so we can play video games with great features and games.

Apple products are just a fad for now and would die off when a new thing comes out the people would like. I'm not saying they are bad or good products, I am saying they will never be solid gaming device like the 3DS and PSV.

Anyone can be a journalist but not everyone is smart enough to be one but sadly more idiots call them selves journalists.

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Captain Tuttle2441d ago

Please tell me that English isn't your first language

Rush2441d ago

"Anyone can be a journalist but not everyone is smart enough to be one but sadly more idiots call them selves journalists."

Yeah I can tell your abilities as a journalist are over 9000.

Thecraft19892441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Just remind the poster this is an English speaking site.............

thebudgetgamer2441d ago

this is an apple hate article, nothing more. not only are they not going away their becoming bigger, even in the face of countless pc manufacturers, fifty different kinds of android phones compared to one iphone and general hatred of the apple brand.

the only thing i agree with is apple not killing the portable market.