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Gamestop and lies or stupidity, you pick.....

So, yesterday I walked into my local Gamestop to purchase Rage. Of course, seeing that I am a "lover of all things game" with two kids, a wife, and responsibilities, saving a few bucks means alot so I looked at the "pre-owned" option first. Oddly enough, the game was $55, so I took it to the counter and asked how they would handle the missing content, would I receive a code, a discount, etc.... The response that I received was, "you're missing no content, it's $55." I tried to explain that the underground and various other aspects are tied to the new purchase DLC, only to be looked at like I was stupid.

Well, since I was there, I figured that I'd test the waters on a few other games, seeing if they had a copy of Batman : AC or Resistance 3, they did of both. So, I enet to the same clerk and repeated my question, "Why are these $55 when they both have DLC included with a new purchase that cost $10 to buy seperately." Once again he responded, "you're missing no content". I explained that Catwoman missions in Batman, online play in Resistance, all of these things depend on the code thus valuing these games at $45 maximum. All he was hearing was "yadda yadda hooba hooba"......Just before he turned his back on me he said, "I've worked in the gameing industry for 10 years, I know about these'll be missing nothing from buying these games used." I guess my 30 years of playing them makes me a "consultant" at a minimum.

Is this what the Gamestop Corporation is training people to do? To lie to the consumer? Are they so intent on getting the extra $10 that they're willing to cheat people from their hard-earned money? I'm not sure if this was my interaction with a "dummy" at a single Gamestop, or corporate guidelines......what I did get out of this was one overwhelming change in my buying habits.....BUY NEW!!!

UPDATE: After writing this, visiting the Gamestop website let me in on one fact, what's behind this is "Corporate Stupidity", as a copy of R3 is $55 on the site......I say every person out there should boycott Gamestop until they accept the value of games with new game DLC has de-valued most games! Futhermore, the reports that Gamestop is giving passes out to those purchasing used copies of Batman AC seems to be untrue (see pic)!

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Wow, i would feel insulted if they tried to pull something like that upon me. I research before I buy a game and obviously that dude had no idea what he spoke of. "you'll be missing nothing from buying these games used." maybe except a few dlc content that adds few extra hours of gameplay.

"I've worked in the gameing industry for 10 years, I know about these things" Obviously this dude does not play video games anymore and is not informed with these things You should send in a complaint and get him fired.

darthv722396d ago

the guy was both right and wrong. From the initial purchase of the disc you are getting everything that is on the disc. As for stuff you have to download, yeah i know those codes are good for one time so the fault should lie on the store for allowing it to be received.

They certainly cant sell it on the premise that you are getting the same game as if you were to buy new. They obviously cant ask for the codes back from those who are trading them in nor can they get the codes deactivated for use by another person. You have to blame the developers on that one.

I was torn between buying a track pack for rockband used or new. I knew i could play the game stand alone used but could never import the songs into the regular game without an access code. I chose the retail copy with the code and did the import myself.

I generally dont trade in games and perhaps these code situations is not only a deterent for used sales but also to give reason for the consumer to keep the game when they initially bought it. GS cant certainly reimburse the consumer for an activated code. That is something you would need to take up with the publisher/developer. GS could stop taking in games that have these bonus codes having been already redeemed.

gamingdroid2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

Yeah, I kind of agree.

Personally, I think the issue as a consumer you are getting screwed by both the publisher and GameStop.

Solution is to boycott both!!!

Plenty of great games and other retailers that don't pull that sh!t for *now*....

jadenkorri2396d ago

i stopped buying from gamestop long time ago, ill go else where unless absolutely no other choice, it will only be a new purchase if i have too, not used.

NewMonday2395d ago

he wasn't stupid, he was out right lying, this works on 95% of customers

SageHonor2396d ago

Its not just that dummy. It's like a trend that most gamestop employees act like this. Nothing new here, I'm not surprised that they tried to lie like that.

Here is something else cheap. Not even 2 weeks after RAGE released i wanted to trade it in so i asked about the price i would get... He said 20 bucks -_________-... in STORE CREDIT....

I just sold it on or 45 bucks. I reccomend Amazon for your purchases

Hicken2396d ago

This stuff again?

Listen: boycotting GameStop will change nothing. For every one person on this site (to say nothing of those who would follow you), there are a hundred who wouldn't even care. They'll keep going in and buying things at inflated prices, and your money will not be missed.

If you want to buy at a GameStop, I suggest you be more selective about the store you buy from. GameStop's primary hiring practices are to approve- and promote up the ladder- people with selling ability; employees who know games and care about games, as well as those whose primary focus is customer service, are being pushed out the door.

In my district, about six or seven managers and store managers have been fired, along with a dozen or more lower level employees; these were all individuals whose focus was not making a sale, but creating repeat customers. Corporate thinks nothing of foolish practices like hiring someone for a management position who has no experience with the company, and little with the industry, and then leaving that person out to dry.

It bothers me because our store- frequently one of the best performing stores in the company, despite competing with Toys R Us, Best Buy, and two other stores within a mile, and being smaller in a hard-to-access shopping plaza- has gone from a customer-oriented experience to one where the primary focus is getting numbers. A portion of it is unavoidable, as they literally decide who gets how many hours based on this performance. But it's already coming back to bite us in the ass, as our new manager is overzealous about encouraging people to reserve games, but hasn't figured out how to get people to come pick up those games.

I won't ever defend the company, even though I work for them, because I don't like most of their practices. I WILL, however, speak out against blanket statements that make all employees look stupid. Yes, there are those that exist, as there must be for every company. And it has even gotten to the point where that may be the majority. But please don't assume or imply that this applies to all employees at all stores. It's unfair to those who work hard and genuinely care.

Nate-Dog2396d ago

I do agree with you that usually for one person that stands up for themselves against companies and corporations like this there are at least 99 others who will replace your service to them. But lately I've said to myself about matters of the same importance "well if I say that then no-one will ever stand up to these people will they?". Sometimes you've just got to stand up for yourself and hope that others may follow in your footsteps when they realise what's going on in the world and in business.

Not saying I disagree with you, but I just want to make that point. There are people willing to take a stand but if you always think that no-one else will do it and continue to think your action is completely pointless then it always will be so because no-one will want to make the effort.

Hicken2396d ago

Part of the problem is that, right now, people can't afford to risk whatever little income they have coming in. Believe me, if I had another job lined up, I'd be doing and saying all sorts of things. But, right now, GameStop is my only source of income, and I just can't afford to lose that right now.

That's also a reason why people who work for the company don't stand up more often: because they can simply be replaced with someone less likely to make a fuss. At least half the managers and assistant managers in my district dislike the way things are being handled right now, if only in our area. But it's far easier for the company to just rid of ten or fifteen people than enact policies that would change the problem. And because most of them are afraid of losing their jobs, anyway, they won't say anything.

discstu372396d ago

Instead of trying to save $5 and prove how intelligent you are by getting in a a battle of wits with a minimum wage worker, just buy the game new and get it over with. If you're willing to spend $55 on a game, the extra $5 isn't going to throw your family into financial ruin. If it is, you should really re-evaluate what you're spending $55 on. Get over yourself. You outsmarted a GameStop employee and wrote a blog on the internet about your intellectual conquest, congrats bro.

theonlylolking2396d ago

You missed the point. He is being charged $55 for a used game that is worth $45 because of what is not included.

discstu372396d ago

No, I didn't miss the point. GameStop, just like any retail outlet, can charge whatever they want for a product. Once the product is owned by them (which it is, upon a customer trading it in), GS could charge $100 for the used game if they wanted. OP knew there was DLC (which some may not...) so good for him. He got his answer the first time when the employee basically told him he isn't missing content. And since when is LAUNCH DISC DLC considered to be less than full content? There's reasons why companies want you to pre-order, and they try to get you to commit to that first go round of titles by including either company specific or general launch title DLC around it. If OP wanted the DLC so bad, why didn't he pre-order on Amazon where the prices are generally a bit lower or at least saved the tax? No. This is a clear "I'm smarter than you" post, and I for one do not think the OP should be patted on the back for yet another GS hate story.

Pillville2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

"And since when is LAUNCH DISC DLC considered to be less than full content?"

Ummm... when they started including free DLC codes in the package.

The CONTENTS mean what's in the case, not just the bits on the disk. Ever notice how Gamestop charges less if the original case or manual are missing? Wouldn't you agree that there's a reason for that?

A new game includes $20 worth of DLC codes. If that's not in a used copy, then the used copy is MISSING CONTENT.

kennyboy2391d ago

discstu37 what if he had no amazon cards, paypal, or credit card?

Deadman_Senji2396d ago

I haven't stepped foot in a GS in years, man. I buy all of my games online now.

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