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Top 5 Game Music Cover Bands

If there’s one thing I love more than gaming, it has to be music. The best kind of music is game music, we all know this. Donkey Kong Country 2, Tales of Legendia, Zelda: Link to the Past, Okami, the list goes on.

This post is about the music that has inspired bands to rearrange this game music into their own compositions or just flat-out playing the same songs just with a full band accompanying it. This list is numbered by order of preference and you may not agree but we can all agree that all these bands are awesome. As an aside, people who know me already know who will be number one.

The requirements of this list is that the band must play mostly game music with the compositions being the original game song but with enough personality to be its own product. Adding lyrics to the original songs will get them extra points in my book.

5. Game Over

This is one of first bands I ever heard that added lyrics to game music. Back in the day, they were the shit. I couldn’t get enough of them. They only put out two albums though and I don’t know where they are now. They’re still awesome especially the Zelda and Punch-Out! songs.

Official Website

4. The Megas

I have a love affair with The Megas that goes back a few years. They have essentially created the rock opera of Mega Man 2. They gave every boss character their own motivations and songs set to the level music. Every track is fantastically produced and brings out a new feeling to these boss characters that most people never though about. Why does Wood Man fight? Why does Metal Man feel inferior? These questions and more are answered through the rock opera that is The Megas perform Mega Man II.

Official Website

3. Powerglove

This is when things get serious. Powerglove does metal compositions of classic game music with such finesse you’d assume they were rock gods throwing a bone to gamers. The speed and power they play with makes one think that they really are using powergloves to shred with. Enjoy the power of Powerglove.

Another great thing is the band’s Web site. It’s a flash game dedicated to the band with a nice sense of humor. There’s quite a few cameos from favorite games as well. Enjoy.

Powerglove will be touring in March and April with the likes of Hammerfall and Sonata Arctica. Check their MySpace page for details.

Official Website

Official MySpace page

2. ArmCannon

This is my favorite strictly instrumental game music cover band ever. ArmCannon’s first album Leg Vacuum hit me with a raw punch to the gut in terms of its mastery of the guitar and just how fun it was. ArmCannon II: Return of the Attack of the Legend of Pizzor took things to the next level with compositions that straddle the line between game music cover and professional bad ass music.

Official Website

1. The Adventures of Duane and BrandO

These guys go beyond being my favorite game music cover band and into the realm of just amazing music. They turn classic game music into nerdcore/hardcore rap. Their lyrics are filthy, vulgar and simply amazing. These guys epitomize the reason lawmakers wanted to ban rap music in the 90s. I can’t say enough good things about Duane and BrandO. They have broken up but both of their projects going well. BrandO is still with The Adventures Of working on a Final Fantasy VII LP. Duane formed Action Adventure World and has released a few tracks already with that project. This is the greatest game music cover band ever and Duane and BrandO are true visionaries.

The Adventures Of Official Web site

Action Adventure World MySpace page

I implore every one of you, if you like this music, support these bands by buying their fantastic music. None of the albums cost that much and it’s great music. I personally haven’t stopped listening to Duane and BrandO since I bought the LP of Devastation.

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Ratchet_Co2985d ago

The Adventures of Duane and BrandO are awesome. :)

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I don't usually take the time to read blogs on n4g. But as soon as I saw this one on your top 5 game music cover bands I was all over it! Thanks for this post man I really appreciate it! Now I can add a few more game cover bands to the list I already have!

Urmomlol2980d ago

List needs moar Miniboss and OneUps