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Fanboysim today is extreme

Why do we play games? This is a question that many have asked me to which I reply" We play it to enjoy them and step out of reality for example jumping of the empire state in liberty city or being kratos and killing a bunch of dudes to get that feeling of satisfaction or feeling like im on the top of the world". There are gamers who play games to go through this thrill ride and then there are fanboys that blatantly support one console and talk crap about other consoles. Finally there are extreme fanboys that are a plague to gaming and these individuals can ruin the industry that we love so dearly by continuing this attitude. Now how many of you have been spoilt in a game? Well from personal experience I have been spoilt in heavy rain which is probably one of the most awe inspiring games that i have ever played. This troll named bungie was going to over 30 gaming websites and posting spoilers in comments an forums, I was one of the unfortunate victims and therefore didnt buy the game. I later borrowed it from a friend and played it and enjoyed every minute of it. There must be many people like me that probably didnt buy a game because the story was spoilt especially for stry driven games like heavy rain. What is the point of spoiling a game for another person? These trolls should be in the shoes of the people that got spoilt to understand how horrible of a feeling it is to be spoilt in a game that you were anticipating for 3 years. Maybe it is that you own one console but does that mean you have to go and bash the other console just to have a feeling of pride and superiority. Dont hate on other consoles because every console has a weakness and if you do feel that particular console is not right fro you because it is too casual or too expensive or has too high a failure rate, then do yourself a favour and dont buy it instead of bashing it in the comments section time and time again. I was playing super mario galaxy 2 the other day and told a person that i was playing this game and it was awesome to which he replied," R u serious? playing a game without 60fps and no 1080P? how can that be fun!! I rather play some crysis on my high end Pc that the crap that is mario". Thats when i realised that gaming wasnt about fun anymore. It was all about fanboys boasting about their graphics and what not. I personally like mario more than most games on 360 or Pc. We play games to have fun. Did people not have fun in the 90s? Maybe the graphics werent as gud but games were as awesome back then as it is now. You can still be a gamer by owning a single console but not by proving that your console is the best of them all. Be a gamer not a Fanboy. btw im 15 years and this is my first blog post so bear with me if my english isnt good enough.

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Nate-Dog2794d ago

I agree. The amount of Sony fanboys here on N4G is shocking at times. People that literally go into every single article related to Sony and talking them up, no matter what the article is about (i.e. the article saying that Sony are looking into charging everyone that buy pre-owned games extra to use online play), and then going into every article about Microsoft and talking shit about them. I mean really have some cop on.

I think this gen really has focused on graphics too much. R&C: Tools of Destruction is a prime example of that. A series that is known for it's fun and easy-going gameplay. But it's first showing on the PS3 and it's suddenly all about the graphics. It was indeed quite beautiful to look at, but when the gameplay suffers from it, you don't care. You want to play a fun game, not watch a beautiful game that feels boring and dull to play through.

I went from FFXIII (the best looking game I've ever played personally) straight to FFVII, a game that is a long, long distance away from the graphics of today. All you can make out is a blocky, blonde, spiky-headed character running awkwardly through most of the game, yet it is one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I've ever had. You don't need graphics to enjoy a game, and I hope devs and companies realise that when we enter the next gen.

thorstein2791d ago

Calling out others seems exactly what the whole stupid fanboy garbage is about.

Nate-Dog2791d ago

Yes well the thing is as a PS3 fan myself (haven't ever had any console other than Playstations) it gets annoying when such a huge section of the site blindly follows Sony no matter what they do, even when they know it's bad, and then go trash topics related to Microsoft / Xbox when it's anything even relatively similar.

big_silky2792d ago

I agree. Sony fanboys, you don't like Kinect: WE GET IT. If you don't own the console in question then your opinion really doesn't matter too much, now does it? I dont own a Wii, I dont give 2 poops about the Wii, thusly you won't find me in articles about the Wii.

There are like 3 known Xbox trolls on this site. Except for maybe a dozen fair people, the rest are literally Sony Sony Sony in every single bleeping thread. I can't even count the disagrees I've gotten for simply saying "please explain why blu-ray is necessary for games". Not a single bleeping one of them can explain why but they certainly repeat it like a mantra. They truly are the worst. 360 fanboys are laughable but the Sony fanboys are literal cultists.

Scotland-The-Brave2789d ago

O really? 3 xbox fanboys? Try these users off the top off my head:

Green/bungie, soda, hallmark, cez of rage, omega4, iflowlikewater, alithebrit, SKCshifty, The maxx, murderdolls, t9x69, evrfighter, evilblack cat, commodore 64, dance, madman.

The fact is both sides are as bad as each other. Blaming ps3 fanboys is ridiculous when obviously there is another side.

phatak2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

actually guys. This is a long story and u cant entirely blame the ps3 fanboys. if u were here 3 years ago u should have seen the hate on n4g. it was crazy. when there were ps3 articles posted u should have seen the number of 360 fanboys in it and insulting the ps3. it was like if u even mentioned 1 gud thing about the ps3 all 360 fanboys would reply calling u an idiot and now after three years when the tables have turned its the ps3 fanboys who r returning the favour so i cant blame them for doing so. stuff like graphics were all started by 360 fanboys when gears of war came out.

iamnsuperman2790d ago

So true but the fanboys probably need to calm down more and be the bigger man but lets face it most fanboys pubescent early teens. The argument which is better is a little silly each have their own good points.....I do find someone who blindly follows a brand because of the name is a little stupid...Lets take Apple....people blindly buy the computers without looking at the market you can get the same specs but cheaper the only think you can't get is the software....I for one could never afford an Apple laptop....I am a student who 19 I have come to realise what products I could get for good value its all about value for money...when these fanboys grow up they too will realise unless they are sitting on a large inheritance

TheHater2790d ago

I remember owning a PS3 3 years ago was a death sentence on N4G.

n to the b2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

"Did people not have fun in the 90s?"

I distinctly remember snes vs. genesis arguments in the 90s. I nitpick because I care! :)

I've definitely allowed myself to get riled by anti-360 comments on n4g, but... I think I've gotten much better at not falling for the flamebait. anyway I agree and think that even more casual fanboyism should pretty much be avoided. after all how can we have any worthwhile discussion when we throw objectivity out the window and fall into a defensive, fanboyish frame of mind? it can happen almost without our noticing if we're not careful - at least for me I've seen that to be true.