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Skyrim on PS3, and the general idea of Patching

PCE|2288d ago |Blog Post|17|

For the bulk of this gaming generation I've been noticing a trend in video games, and that is patching. Patching is a great concept that updates the game we purchased with minor additional features and of course fixing a few issues here and there. How cool is that? Unfortunately companies in the video games industry have been using this little feature as an excuse to release untested, broken games on launch at full price, passing on much of the quality assurance testing onto the consumer. As a prime example, Skyrim, although a very meaningful and fantastic game, isn't so great on the PS3. From my experience with the game, Skyrim begins lagging to virtually unplayable levels after anywhere between 3 to 6 hours of continuous gameplay on my PS3. In addition, the game would hang my entire system, requiring me to hold the power button down to kill the PS3 (I am on a PS3 Slim 2501B 320GB, no touch sensors), and then restart it just to be greeted by a message prompting me to have the system check the HDD's filesystem for errors and apply repairs on damaged files if needed.

At the time of me writing this blog post, this hangup was the situation that just took place, which occurred only after 10 minutes of me playing the game. Since then, I decided to not play the game any longer for the rest of the day, and downloading Sonic CD into my system instead. I love Skyrim, I really do, but this situation is frustrating and Bethesda needs to get their head out of their ass by actually correcting the problems for the PS3 version. I want no lame idle promises of them fixing the game. I just want it done. We PS3 gamers paid 60 for this game, it should just work. I mean, it has already been two months post launch. There are no excuses Bethesda, as we PS3 fans are your customers just as much as the Xbox360 and PC fans buying your game. I want either the game to be repaired via a patch within a timely manner or my money back. I'll try demanding a refund from Bethesda if the former fails, but with a high chance of the latter failing with it.

This is a problem with this generation of console gaming. Last I checked console gaming should be console gaming: convenient, plug & play...and just work, just like how it was in the past 6 generations of video games. Relying on patches of varying sizes on a regular basis just to get a working game, and performance issues on the scale of Skyrim wasn't something consoles were remembered for. Some gamers prefer consoles over PC gaming not only because of its cheaper price but because it's convenient, streamlined, and designed for the TV. Thanks to idiot game developers and publishers, this generation of console gaming has failed to deliver an actual console gaming experience.

Being a huge lover of my PS3, Xbox360, and Wii consoles, I am not at all happy with this current state of console gaming, in the realm of third parties anyway, and last I checked third party games are some of the most important games for any platform. If I want to sit around for months relying on patches in order to get my 60 dollar game that slightly works, I wouldn't be playing games on console but on the PC. The consoles themselves of course are not the problem, but the fault of idiot game developers and publishers like Bethesda. MS and Sony intends their machines to be enjoyable to use but unfortunately game developers exploit the console's features just to find excuse for releasing lesser quality products. Between this, and the general downfall of many game franchises and even entire genres, where is gaming coming to?

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AtomicGerbil2287d ago

It's a sad truth that publishers are pushing these titles out the door to get the money in sooner rather than later, they all want money quick and often.

My heart goes out to the developers who more often than not get all the grief from the end users for doing what they can in the little time they are given. I'm certain almost all the developers now are still doing there job for the love of it, all we can hope for is that the best can find a way to break the back of these publishers so they can do their own thing in their own time.

lorianguy2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

I love you for two reasons.

1) Your comment makes excellent sense. I too feel sorry for the developers who get the short end of the stick when they are forced to push out an unfinished game by publishers.

2) MAURICE MOSS FTW!!!!!11one!!!!

SaffronCurse2287d ago

On top of that Bethesda promised that the ps3 version would be up to par to the 360 version.

Captain Tuttle2287d ago

Games today are larger and more complex than ever before so I'm OK with patching. It's just not cost effective for publishers or developers to spend the money and time to find every single bug in a game.

That being said, there's really no excuse for what Bethesda did to PS3 owners of Skyrim. It's terrible and hopefully PS3 owners vote with their wallets and PS3 sales tank on their next game.

ZombieNinjaPanda2287d ago

Patching is fine. It's the fact that developers think patching gives them the green light to throw out an unfinished not fully tested product.

Look at that one Socom Game. it was released a completely unfinished product.

Arts10002287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

YOU NAILED IT ............ Thanks ever so much !

Thank you for articulating all this junk in my head . Sadly the patch has become the the norm not the exception and the consumers have become the guinea-pig-quality-testers .
This is Totally unacceptable . My Copy of skyrim is collecting dust ...... and as a consumer product deserves a full refund . They may get it up to scratch,
............................. ....... Pat c h,............... ,P atch ,..................Patch...... .......................,
but I will likely be miles away in some other fantastic world. Shame on you Bethesda .

birdykilla2287d ago

#10 all time favorite game Morrowind, and #11 is Skyrim. I just start over once I get to about a level 25-30 and the lag isn't as bad. Do some different missions then the ones I did before, explore and do different stuff than the time before. Its to bad though I still haven't beaten the game. I haven't even played the game in about a month cause I got tired of starting over after the third time. Still though the dragons when I played a month ago were out of control, deadly, and there just usually wasn't anywhere to hide. Hopefully this game will change over the next few months into a beast of a game.

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