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Somewhat Off Topic - My Rabbit Ate My Xbox 360 Controller

My rabbits undeniably cute but he really likes to eat random things and lately those things have unfortunately been rubber. Sometimes this rubber belongs to expensive video game peripherals, Xbox Live headsets, HDMI cables and power cords.

In this particular case my rabbit decided to eat my Xbox 360 controller. Now as you can see the damage didn't completely destroy the controller but it has made the right joystick ridiculously uncomfortable to use.

I also, strangely enough I guess, feel very attached to this particular controller. I've used it since I got my 360 and I've spent countless hours gaming with it. We've played Halo 2, 3, GTA 4, Mass Effect and countless other games together. I've used it for so much that the little nubs on the joysticks have worn down and are completely gone. There is also a a chip of blue paint stuck on the bottom left corner that happened after I whipped the controller at a wall in frustration after getting my ass handed to me during the Halo 3 beta.

This may seem ridiculously weird but I honestly felt a little depressed when I discovered the damage this evil animal caused. Sure I can still use the controller but it will never feel the same. Even as I write this my rabbit is staring at me rather evilly. I know he knows what he did, he See's me holding the controller in my hand all the time, perhaps this was revenge for cutting his nails the other night?

So I ask this question, have any of you every felt a particular connection with your video game console controllers? Whether it be a ColecoVision, Super Nintendo or even a PlaySation 3 controller.

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Dont Panic2874d ago

My wife imported a white dualshock 3 for me awhile back. I've already had to dismember and put it back together twice. I will not let it die!!!

MMOLife2874d ago

My question is...why not just keep your expensive electronics away from your hare?

pat_11_52873d ago

He likes to run around and my cords are everywhere so it makes it difficult. On this particular occasion I fell asleep, he hopped up on my couch and munched away at the controller.

sourav932873d ago

I had this same attachment with on of my ps2 controllers. My dad got me an imported Japanese special edition white ps2. It came with a white controller. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I only used that controller. Even though i had a standard black controller as well, but like you said, there was a connection. On nite i slept in the living room after a intense gaming session. When i woke up and stoop up, I stepped on the controller which fell on the ground while i was sleeping. It broke instantly. I felt like something inside me had been destroyed. It was unfixable. I had crushed it into pieces. I tried to tape it back together. No luck. That happened 5 years ago. I have moved countries since. I have a ps3 now. But....I still have that controller and ps2 in my room. Its kind of freaky but I just couldnt leave it. Well, thats my story.

-Alpha2873d ago

I had a bunny once and it able cable a lot -_- Managed to keep it away from my games. I love bunnies. better than those drooly dogs and bitchy cats

Christopher2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Love my youngest cat. He's like a dog who doesn't drool and I don't have to take him outside to go to the bathroom. Guy loves to play and fetch, though.

The other two cats aren't really bitchy, but good luck getting them to be a bit more 'sociable' other than wanting attention :p

I wanted a rabbit when I was a kid, but never go one. Wife was more afraid of getting a 'rodent' or a rabbit than a cat... so we got three. Last two were all her fault!

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