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Fifa 14 or PES 2014 Which Will be Better?

pasie15 | 945d ago
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Throughout the years PES and Fifa have always been battling and since the 1990s both games have been fighting for supremacy in the soccer/ football gaming world. There are fans of both games that argue continuously about the more supreme game. Many even widely agree that PES was the superior title on all generations prior to the current generation of platforms. The current-gen was dominated by Fifa in terms of sales and reviews, however, many PES fans will still argue that PES was still the superior title throughout generation. PES fans generally say that PES is more of a simulation as opposed to Fifa, which is more arcade-like leading to PES having the better experience.

Now with the dawn of the next gaming generation, we have both soccer games returning this year. According to gameplay footage that we saw recently from E3 2013, PES seems to have been drastically improved graphically than in previous years as a result of Konami's new Fox Engine. Fifa on the other hand graphically is similar if not identical to fifa 13 and 12. Being that both games are being released for our current xbox 360s and ps3s there is no hardware advantage on either side. With the Fox Engine so drastically Improving the graphics of PES, while looking at a graphics comparison for both games, in my opinion I would say graphically PES is better this year. However, one should not only use graphics to determine the quality of a game but also its gameplay.

The PES Trailer features highlights of new game mechanics such as the new M.A.S.S (Motion and Stability System) responsible for dealing with collisions and physicality between players. There is also constant illustrations of the games new deft touch mechanic responsible for ball control and dribbling. These systems from my perspective seem to have been implemented very well by Konami and really raise my anticipation for the game even more.

However, looking at the Fifa trailer I see not much improvements from previous years even from a gameplay standpoint. EA constantly refers to features that were previously available in past Fifa games such as protecting the ball and creating chances. Looking at the trailer I really did not see anything new and innovative, and this makes me wonder if Fifa 14 is going to be a real improvement upon past games.

But essentially it is your opinion on which game is better from an aesthetic point-of-view that will cause you to buy either Fifa or PES this year. Opinions are extremely divided on this topic, however one thing we are always sure of is that both games will have features that will appeal to their specific fan base. So whether you are a Fifa guy or a PES guy, game on this year with your favorite title as long as your are having fun.

Modi1984  +   944d ago
PES 2014 for this year .. cuz i see hardwork here
fifa now its like COD .. nothing but repeating itself
PurpHerbison  +   944d ago
Pretty sure every sports title is just like COD in that regard.
Wh15ky  +   944d ago
COD is like sports titles in this regard, they were here first.
PurpHerbison  +   943d ago
Okay, I'll give you that. You successfully 1up'd me.
Software_Lover  +   944d ago
OMG thank you. A blog with a different topic.

I'm really not sure which will be better. Hopefully there will be demos out so we can decide for ourselves.
NYC_Gamer  +   944d ago
FIFA 14 for me on next gen console only because EA have exclusive leagues/clubs
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caseh  +   943d ago
Not sure about the disagrees to the above post.

It's guys like this who buy FIFA because of the exclusive rights. One of the main reasons why PES got slayed to begin with.

Konami need to make a vastly superior game before player names like Rayne Wooney and Ristiano Cronaldo will be accepted by the majority of Football fans.
Heavenly King  +   944d ago
PES 2014

Fox Engine FTW!
The_Klank  +   944d ago
Yup I'll be getting Fifa on next gen so Pes will be out awhile before then so I'll pick that up on current gen.
Haven't played alot of PES in recent years so I'm looking forward to a new experience.
stubbed_out  +   944d ago
Used to be a PES lover, then started playing FIFA since '09, am very much looking forward to the new PES - its like they've come up with their next gen game and put it on the PS3/360 for us.

What really gets on my tits with FIFA though is that EA refuse to fix anything that has been wrong with the series since '10. I appreciate the tweaks, defending and better physics detection in the latest game but trying to do anything that involves menus is akin to digging my heart out with a rusty spoon - and a lot of time is spent in those bloody menus, be it transfers, trying to play online, and team strategies.

I'll probably hold off this year and see what the general consensus is a month after release (and having played millions of hours of demos); do any of you know how much effort it takes to get hold of kit patches etc for the PS3? Does it take hours to implement? Had it on the PC back in the day, literally changed a few files around and voila....100+ stadiums!
mafiahajeri  +   944d ago
going to wait to see REAL ignite engine gameplay thats only available on NEXT GEN consoles, If I like what I see ill wait for the PS4 and get that PES looks like its getting good but damn it took them ages but Im waiting to see their next gen outing.
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