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Gaming Musical Relevance... Not Just in the Industry?

Every night when I go to bed, I set my radio to my local NPR station because they are the only ones that play Classical music throughout the night. I love music of all sorts, but really love Classical (plus, it puts me to sleep compared to music genres); it's just something about the many instruments coming together to orchestrate a melody.

There is this one segment called 'Performance Today' which highlights concerts in many areas of the world, and plays the music that had been played. We hear about highlights, as well as some interesting stories behind the music.

So one night, I head to bed as usual and I hear something about 'DarkSiders II.' I leaned over, and turn up the volume. I think it was a stand in for the regular host, but he talks about the music in the game, and talks about a particular piece.

Emily Reese is host of a Video Game music podcast called Top Score: a podcast about Video Game music, and the composers who write them. In this particular mention, he talked about the soundtrack of DarkSiders II, and the composer Jesper Kyd.

Unfortunately, I missed the interview (but it's available to listen on their site, which I will link to at the bottom) - but it was just interesting to hear a mention about Video Game music in the program. I know Video Game music has been played at concerts and such sometimes (just look up videos on Youtube), but it was just... interesting to hear a mention, and to hear the song actually played on the radio station.

I'm really curious as to how Video Game Music, particularly ones like the DarkSiders II theme above, are acknowledged by Classical Composers. Are they taken as seriously as non-Video Game pieces? Of what relevance would a Video Game piece have compared to, say, a non-Video Game piece revered by Classical lovers of the world?

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