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PSN Appreciation Program - What should you get?

With the recent news of the PlayStation Store going live this week I thought I'd help out my fellow man by giving out some advice on what to get. I have played/own most of these titles so I thought I could give my two cents for what they're worth. These are listed in the order of what I believe to be the best choices.

1. inFAMOUS: This is by far the best game they are offering. Superhero games didn't quite work until this beauty came around. The story is fantastic and gives you about 20 hours of gameplay per playthrough. Also, it might spark your interest for the sequel coming out next week.

2. Wipeout HD + Fury: This is a hardcore racing game. If you can barely control yourself at CTR or Mario Kart, this is not for you. However, the game is thrilling and beautiful. Just prepare your anus.

3. Super Stardust HD: This was the first game to have trophy support and that's the primary reason I got it. But as I played it I got hooked. The game's take on Asteroids is definitely one of the coolest out there. The best twin stick shooter on the system.

4. LittleBigPlanet: This would have been higher on list but due to the fact the LBP2 is out, can play all the old levels, and is a huge improvement over the original I'd say just go pick up the sequel. Don't get me wrong, LBP is a ton of fun but once you go to LBP2 there is no comparison.

5. Dead Nation: Housemarque makes another appearance on this list with another twin stick shooter. Dead Nation is a tough zombie shoot-fest. One of the better co-operative games on the PSN it provides a somewhat compelling story and tight gameplay.

PSP owners also get 2 free PSP games. Let me repeat the process.

1. Killzone: Liberation - This is no FPS. This is a tactical shooter brought to you by Guerrilla Games. The gameplay works perfectly for the PSP and the story is top notch(especially for the Killzone series). This is by far one of the coolest games I've played on the system.

2. LittleBigPlanet(PSP) - LittleBigPlanet shows up again and rightfully so. LBP for the PSP is a very entertaining platformer. It's a stripped down version of it's console counterpart but pulls of the feel fairly decently. It's not perfect by an stretch but there aren't many better platformers than this one on the PSP.

3. Modnation Racers(PSP) - A kart racer on the go sounds good right? Well how about a kart racer with an endless stream of new tracks and content. Similar to LBP(PSP) Modnation Racers is a stripped down version of it's console counterpart but does a decent job with everything. If you like some good fun kart racing and you have a creative itch to scratch then this might be the choice for you.

4. Pursuit Force - This is the only game I haven't really played. I cannot really render any form of judgement on this specific game but if you look into it an it tickles your fancy by all means go for it.

If you really want more bank for your buck, that you don't actually spend, then I say stick with the 3 choices above. And if you already own all those(which I doubt you guys do) then I guess you could check this out. Remember also that any game downloaded through the PSN will also be playable on the NGP/PSV or whatever it's going to be called.

Hope my input helps you all out. Cheers.

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a08andan2333d ago

Well Europeans can choose Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty instead of Superstardust :)

Good read though^^

I am planning on getting inFamous and Ratchet & Clank ^^

DragonKnight2333d ago

Quest For Booty is not that good. It's way too short a game. You'll be left with a "that's it?" feeling. I pretty much guarantee that.

a08andan2332d ago

Well I have never played a Ratchet & Clank game so I am gonna try it :)

DragonKnight2332d ago

Well in that case you'll like it. And then afterwards you should consider getting both Tools of Destruction and Crack in Time from the franchise. Great games in my opinion.

dinkeldinkse2333d ago

LittleBigPlanet. I already have Infamous and Super Stardust.

ZombieNinjaPanda2333d ago

>what should you get

Whatever you damn well please sir.

Cosmit2331d ago

Hmm I'm thinking about getting Infamous. But then again my friend has it and I can just ask to borrow it. I already have LBP. So maybe Wipeout HD and one of the other two left. I've already played the Stardust HD demo but never really tried to get into it. And I haven't checked out anything for Dead Nation.

Sheikh Yerbouti2331d ago

I most happy about getting my inFamous back from my friend now that he can download his own copy.

Everything else I want, I have. Might try out Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation.