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The Master Race - Who Really Wins

My first blog on N4G will be my way of breaking down this on going argument between console gamers, otherwise referred to as peasants, and the PC gamers, the self proclaimed master race. Its worth noting however, that both of these terms are created by PC gamers themselves, if only by the minority, as PC has such a great community in all genres I wouldn't dare tarnish just how great it is. Also, I won't be going too in depth into tech talk or trying to break down things to a definitive outcome, so please don't go all serious, this is an opinion piece. One in which changes myself as I write it, and afterwards as i think of other things, haha!

If it all comes down to statistics and raw power, then PC's win…. By a large percentage. What can be achieved not only by its visual prowess and resolution capabilities is beyond what any console can do, PC can continue to be upgraded and games themselves can then be modified to look simply epic, think skyrim or GTA 4 or even crysis. But all this comes at a cost, to truly be cutting edge you are going to be spending well over $1500 as your initial cost, and they can cost over double this still. You can argue that you pay for what you get, you can earn a living off a PC, you can use adobe Photoshop or literally do anything you can think of even before you mention gaming. To compare an actual monster PC to a consumer friendly games console is quite simply stupid. You would laugh at an 18 year old in his/her Toyota yaris as they pulled up next to the latest Bugatti veyron… OK, the ps4 or Xbox one is more like a Nissan skyline GTR as they are still impressive, IMO. But the ps4 and Xbox one are essentially mid range PC's when lined IP next to these monster rigs, they are not high end specs… games being compared are just not truly pushing PC's that are this level of spec. At least not ones that are being made with consoles in mind. And this is nothing for console gamers to feel ashamed about, when we see games like Tlou on ps3 look so stunning, or indies like journey being artistically amazing, console gamers have never been let down visually, ever! And the gap between console and PC has been massively reduced since the new gen has come, for now if you go by face value and ignore elitist issues like fps, screen tearing or whatever as we are all aware PC is beyond consoles, and that the average gamer can look past these issues, unless its crysis 3 on ps3…. Then its just a no! Begone foul demon!!

Raw power is one thing, when you mention Tlou you have to mention naughty dog. They squeezed amazing results from hardware that if inside a laptop, you would likely use it for watching movies or general media usage, ignoring cell of course. But the point is, lazy devs rely on power to do the hard work, while technically, devs like naughty dog, quantic dream, remedy, guerilla studios and cd project red "the witcher 2 looked great, especially considering how great it looked on pc too" to name a few all made stunning games. Elitists will moan about screen tearing or resolution…. But you cannot deny consoles are still impressive today.

So consoles, they are the go to medium for gamers. You will pay far less outright to own one and will be safely in the knowledge your gaming device won't require any upgrades aside from the HDD. You will get games like uncharted and other great exclusives, while getting multi plats in advance to PCs quite often. Although games often cost more on condole, combined with gold/plus subscriptions, chances are your annual spend will be higher than PC gamers, but the initial cost and upgrades may still weigh down PCs too much. $300 console, 10 $60 games in 12 months PS plus, general sales could push the average 12 month costs for console players to over $1000, which is really a rough guess but for the sake of argument, that's obviously less than PC. And again, the difference are not earth shattering if you look at the specs, it should be more. Consoles need to hit 60fps and 1080p… that will be sufficient, 4k on consoles? Doubt it! But with a great lineup of future exclusives for both Xbox and PlayStation, I'd feel very happy owning both, without a single worry that of might look better, consoles still produce stunning visuals. Consoles are just so easy, pick up and play… great visuals, solid games and this gen is really maturing the console to the point all condole gamers are playing next gen games for less than most monster rig graphic cards do alone….

So are PC gamers master race due to specs and the height of what is technically possible? Or are console gamers due to having full dev support and great visuals for less money? I'd have to say for me, console gaming just edges it. I will look at the PC footage and go wow… but I do just that on my ps4 all the same.

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pixelsword1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

At least to me, console gaming in terms of power is a little better in that although they don't have the power of a souped-up PC, neither do most PC gamers; and so the PC devs mostly design for the average PC specs, which is currently inferior to the PS4, and perhaps the Xbox One this gen. In terms of control, I to love the PC as the kb/m is vastly superior to controllers. I hate controllers compared to kb/m.

RoninRaven1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Congratulations on your first blog post. If I may, I have some issues with some of your statements. First 1500$ pc's are indeed a excellent starting point if your going for 2k or 4k resolutions. For 1080 750-800$ are more than sufficient. Speaking of cost I see that you omitted to talk about game price on consoles Vs pc. Second, by today's hardware standards current consoles are below average. You are correct in regards to optimization, it's much easier and more profitable for developers to prioritise the console market. Third, never bring up exclusives in an argument like this, friendly advice. Apropos, no mention of backwards compatibility should add that just to retain some credibility. I'm happy your enjoying your PS4 and x1 you should they're great consoles, and again congrats on your first post but try to shy away from this kind of topics until you do a little more research. As for the
whole Master Race thing, it's satire and should be treated as such.

user56695101390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

good read another thing is pc gamer usually compare the tech in consoles to the tech in pcs, and pc gamers compare the tech in games to different platforms. games are going to be compared to games. techniques in the gaming industry is forever evolving its kinda so it not stupid to compare techniques that they used in each version of their game or in comparison to another. that ignoring the hard work of these devs just because another one isnt using a certain feature.

let me give an example. if someone new to gaming and the first game they played was gta sa, and they said "this is the best gfx ever". then you said infamous ss looks better and explain the tech that it use. would he be right in say that the tech that infamous is using doesnt matter or that the tech in the ps4 is gens ahead so it doesnt matter and cant be compared. how about gtav if it use new gfx feature on the ps4 and xbone does that mean we cant compare them because of the capabilities and the gap in tech of the components of the system.

also like you said in your article the new console has shorten the gap, but in previous gens consoles launched with new tech that was ahead of pc for its first year out. this time thats not the case. they are still great systems.

most of the arguments on this between consoles and pc gamers come from people contradicting themselves and bashing other console platforms about gfx. so its more of lil playing big bro to stop bullying. bullying the bully

pc gamers enjoy all game even the ones that doesnt look pretty alot of gamers would give a game a chance if the seen some of the popular games on pc, but taste in games is subjective.

PC gaming is about options, choice, and freedom, NOT GFX. nice article tho

Enate1390d ago

A PC 750 to 800 is not going to play every game 1080p 60fps not even close. Using words like more then sufficient is extremely vague. I can tell you right now lichdom battlemage will not run on very high settings 60fps 1080p. With anything you can build at that price range. I know because my PC is more expensive then that an it doesn't an that's just one game.

An playing at 2k on my asus monitor is pretty selective even with my build. Now obviously that will change when I more then likely drop another 5 to 700 on one of the GTX 900 graphics cards but that's more money again with in like 2 years regardless of game price difference. An saying exclusives are should not be brought up is straight bs pc gamers are the first to say that. Gaming in it self is a matter of preference but that hardly makes exclusive irrelevant.

RoninRaven1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

I have personally build recently 3 ~800$ Pc (it's kinda my Job) that have no issues at 1080/60. Do they remain constant throughout the game, that depends on the game. You know as well as I do that the 680 you have is roughly the equivalent of a 770 now that's a ~250$ card. yours was probably ~500 when you bought it so I now your pc WAS more expensive. Plus I see from your specs listed bellow that you chose to go with 16gb of ram, an 250 ssd and a i7. Fantastic rig BTW and more than sufficient to run everything on 1080p/60 if you can't achieve that's some particular recent title it's because of lack of optimisation not your hardware l.As to exclusives I'm implied that the OP should not bring up because as you said, it's a matter of preference and should be treated and discussed as such. I don't like exclusives regardless of the platform but understand the reasons behind their existence.

wtopez1391d ago

I have a pretty decently powerful PC myself (i5 3570k, 2x 660ti SLI, 16 GBs of ram) but most of the games I play do not need a lot of power. Torchlight 2, Path of Exile, Nidhoog, Civ 5, Divinity OS and Shadowrun Dragonfall are not exactly graphical, Crysis-like powerhouses.

But here's what PC offers me in terms of gaming BEYOND what a console can. The game I bough 7 years ago will still work on my PC 7 years from now. If I ever want to visit some of my favorite old games (Super Metroid and Persona 3 are good examples that I go through multiple times every year) I can do that on the same, single platform. If a part on my PC breaks down, I don't have to wait for a coffin to arrive so that I can send it back to be fixed and then wait some more until I get it back. If my PSU stops working (and if I'm out of my 7 year warranty), I can just get a new one and I don't have to scrap a whole system.

There was a time when PC games might have been a bit of a pain to get running, but that is mostly not the case anymore. Also the whole plug and play nature of the consoles has gotten pretty hazy with the recent ones. Still all those years that I was tinkering around trying to get Starcraft or C&C Generals to run, or switching parts of faulty hardware, helped me develop real-world skills. Now I'm working in IT with decent pay, (hopefully to get a LOT better soon) and while I absolutely adored my consoles, that might have never happened if I hadn't gotten involved with PC gaming.

So most people should try to get it out of their head that PC gaming is all about graphics because that is NOT true at all. PC gaming is 1st and foremost about choice. If you're a super competitive gamer interested in running games at 144 Hz for the responsiveness, or a mostly single player hardcore gamer (like myself) who is very much interested in high framerate and resolution but 60fps and 1080p is perfectly enough, or someone who is into fascinating indepentdent games and unique experience, PC has you covered.

Enate1390d ago

What did it cost you to build that PC I'm curious. I know it had to be at least as expensive as mine with a few exceptions since I didn't buy cheap parts which of course is an option. An since u have a 660ti sli setup u would have less of a problem coming across games that have issues at 1080p 60fps max settings.

My PC not including the 27inch monitors, black widow keyboard, razer naga epic, goliathus mousepad, windows 8.1 or headset. An it was over a grand so I know yours wasn't $800 like some of these people claim.

My specs:3770k oc'd to 4.6ghz, MSI MPower, 16gbs 1866mhz, Samsung evo 256gb ssd, 2tb wd black, 850 watt gold cert corsair psu, GTX680 msi lightning edition, cm hyper 212 cpu cooler and CM Storm Trooper.

wtopez1389d ago

Mine was just under a grand when I bought it, including M&KB (had an offer on MW3 branded GK104 and G9x so it all cost me $60) . RAM was a lot cheaper then so $80 got me the 16 Gigs. I bought the 2nd 660 Ti when the 700 series was already out so it cost me only $170 brand new. After the initial purchase I added some fans and bought a mechanical keyboard so including all the small upgrades and peripherals I've added, it would be around $1,300. I use my HDTV as a monitor and it's pretty great.

Honestly I rarely use the 2nd GPU, most games can still be close to maxed out at 1080p/60fps on a single 660ti, except for obvious titles like Crysis 3 and Metro LL. Also I can't go too crazy on MSAA aliasing.

Still, if you hunt for offers, you can get a pretty beast machine for $800 right now. I've seen GTX 770s and R9 280X go for as little as $200. The CM Haf 212 is an amazing case and it floats around $50 to $60. Newegg can do combo offers and if you call their customer service you might get a few extra discounts thrown in if you're buying most of your system there. Also if you want to get Windows for very cheap (and legal) try to get yourself and .edu email.

Paprika1389d ago


Are you getting something which blows away consoles for $800 though? If consoles can achieve 1080p at 60fps for $300 - 400 then that's something Id rather have the other $400 for games, or just... stuff lol! If I was seriously after a gaming PC, I'd be after 2k or 4k gaming. Surely that's the true appeal to owning a pc, to literally leave no debate or discussion... its just better than consoles.

wtopez1389d ago


For $800? Hell and yes, you can get you a PC that blows away the new consoles in every gaming category. The amount of games available on a PC is staggering.

Think of this. You can play most of the big budget yearly Triple A games (CoD, Battlefield, AC, Arkham Series), the new IPs like Titanfall, Evolve, No Man's Sky, Shadow of Mordor on a single system and get the best version of the game.

I don't mean the best version in graphics and framerate alone (which of course you do). I mean you can choose you controller (M&KB of which there are hundreds to choose from, PS3 or PS4 Controller, 360 or Xbox 1 controller), you get free online multiplayer always and you can get the game for a lot less $$$.

In terms of exclusives, while consoles do have some amazing games, PC has not only exclusive games but exclusive GENRES. Flight Sims, God Games, MOBAs, MMORPGs, Grand Tactics and Real Time Strategy are at home on PC.

While I actually enjoyed the emotional impact of games like The Last of Us, I can get a stronger reaction of that type from movies and TV. The intro of TLoU was pretty rough, but it doesn't compare to say, The Red Wedding on GoT. Now in terms of pure gaming, the feeling you get when there's a bunch of Marines wailing away at your home base in Starcraft 2, but then you release the hundreds of Zerg buried under their feet and proceed to decimate them while the screen fills with blood, that feeling is something that only games can give you and Starcraft 2 happens to be exclusive to PC.

PC also has literally thousands of games that only age backwards. Let's say that you decide to build a PC today- $800 can get you a system with i5k processor and a R9 290 GPU (which is WAY more powerful that the GPU inside a PS4). At the end of the year, when Nvidia releases their new line of GPUs, you can bet that the 290 will get a big price drop. You might be able to add another r9 290 to your PC for maybe $220 and have literally just doubled the processing power of your already very powerful system. Now a game that might have given you a bit of a problem at 1440p can be played at 4k. That's an option that you don't have on consoles.

Another big plus for me is that I can play my favorite old games on my PC. Emulation can be a bit of a gray area, but if I own the games I want to play already, I have zero qualms about using it. Want to rip you old PS2 games collection and play it at 1440p? No problem. Your Snes kicked the bucket many years ago and now you can't play your copy of Chrono Trigger? No problem. Want to check if Banjo n Kazooie was as good as you remember (it is), no problem.

There's this very misguided sense that PC gaming is all about graphics and blazing fast 144hz framerates, and while that can be the case for some, for most PC gaming is about just a massive abundance of choice and convenience. You can play Wolfenstein The New order at 1080p60fps and PS4, X1 and PC, but only on PC can you turn off that game and play the original Wolfenstein, and then Brutal Doom and then the Jurassic Park light gun arcade game or whatever else you want.

Paprika1389d ago

@ wtopez

To me you are kinda stating the natural evolution of PCs anyway. Todays tech is tomorrows discounts essentially. This is the major downfall to consoles, I suppose. As PCs continudlly evolve. But, games will be made with consoles in mind forever, with obvious improvements for PC... more so as the years go by, the same cycle will continue forever, within 10 or 15 yearsmsybe even by next gen you may even see consoles phased out as we simply play PlayStation via an app on our TV powered by the cloud.... a PC basically...

Mmorpg's have been proven to work on console's, ffxiv clearly shows that. I wish games like civ 5 were on condoles though, but yo Ish that us kinda silly. As I just play them on my pc, and I actually love the fact I can play consistently steady console games, then go check out something on PC.

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Paprika1391d ago

Its nice to see some feedback from those who are obviously setup nicely on their PC's. I never thought of how games bought now, on PC, will work literally forever on your system, unlike consoles where we largely have to start anew each gen.

One thing I do love on my PC, was civ 5!! Such a great game, and also mmorog's are at home on PC. Although, a realm reborn on ps4 gives me hope for more games like this on consoles.

TomRL1391d ago

There are some major areas that you have left out. Like game library and game prices. Which would be fine if you knew what you were talking about when it came to specs. But I don't think you do.

Also be careful about calling developers lazy. Not every dev team can have the money, time and focus on a single piece of hardware in order to bring graphics that look like Last of Us on weak hardware.

Enate1390d ago

An yet plenty of people don't have any problem calling them that when a game doesn't perform well on PC. Just saying, an call it what it is please.... talent. Time is needed an obviously if u are not focused on one platform those are factors. The result that naughty dog achieves as well as many other devs is because of their talent.

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