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Pandamobile's Eagle Eye Converter Review

Got my Eagle Eye this week. Played around with it and reviewed it in video form.

Enjoy (embed doesn't seem to be working)

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WildArmed2966d ago

Nice review m8.
Glad to see the Panda approves

Agent-862965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Have you used the the XIM360 v1 (the one that is compatible with the PS3)? Its kind of a similar setup except the it plugs into the USB ports of both the PC and PS3 with the XIM box in between. You use the keyboard/mouse that is hooked up to the PC. Was curious on how it compares with the Eagle Eye. I'm with you and prefer the keyboard/mouse with my FPS games and was wondering which one is the better solution.

Christopher2964d ago

I've heard the XIM options is great when used with something like the fragnstein control options, but the price combined with the hassle of having to set up a laptop for its used as well is just annoying.

El_Colombiano2965d ago

Great review actually. Sad that the dead zones still exist for the mouse though. That precision would be killer.

Pennywise2965d ago

I heard a 3000Dpi mouse fixes this problem. Can anyone confirm?

Christopher2964d ago

My 3000dpi mouse I don't think is compatible, but should be getting my Eagle Eye today or tomorrow and will test it out. I'll try it out and post if it works or not.

Christopher2962d ago

As a follow up, got it in today and just got home to try it out. Increased DPI does help. I have a Logitech G5 mouse where I can set it between 2000, 800, or 400 dpi. The 2000 did some some improvement over the turning speed and I didn't have to move the mouse so much for better effect. I assume a 3000 would see some improvement over this, but not too much considering the improvement from 400 to 2000 was noticeable, but not as much as I thought it would be.

Of course, my problem with the G5 is that using my right clicker for scope sight results in it performing the action tons of times in a row. So, I have to program that action on my keyboard instead. Seems to work well otherwise. Haven't had time to test it other than in training, but lining up shots is much easier for me than with the standard controller so far.