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Short and Sweet: Why I Still Love Zombie Games

I have heard a lot of frustration with the amount of zombie games that have come out and that are still coming out nowadays. Part of me is frustrated too, but I’m frustrated with the zombie games that are low in quality. The games that are just trying to jump on the zombie train and ride it to moneyville. I still love the zombie games that are good, innovative, and different. The upcoming MMO The War Z looks amazing. I am not the type to get into MMO’s cause I am too ADD with games but this is tempting me to jump in. The Dead Rising games have mixed reviews but is still one of my favorite series because I can pick up any object and wail on some zombies. This last weekend at PAX Prime 2012 I played Containment: The Zombie Puzzler. A very solid and different approach to zombie games. So what I am frustrated with is people complaining about zombie games. Just filter out the crap and give me that zombie killing goodness.

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Bladesfist2080d ago

Day Z is the most innovative zombie game I have seen in the past few years.

thorstein2077d ago

That was my reply! Day Z is why I still love Zombie games. That and Walking Dead.

caseh2079d ago

It's becuase of all the Indie crap flooding the market. I can deal with games like Dead Island and Dead Rising but its when I access the android market on my phone and see Zombies vs Ninjas, Plants Vs Zombies, Zombies vs Your Mother etc etc. Then I log into PSN and its cropping up there as well.

-GametimeUK-2078d ago

At least Plants vs Zombies is a good game and it is not your traditional Zombie type game. I wouldn't call it "crap".

Jurat2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

+1 for DayZ - the ultimate zombie game.

CastleMiner Z also represents extreme value for money at 80MS points, blending Minecraftian construction with some epic co-op Zombie survival.

I haven't tried Zombies vs Your Mother yet; sounds intriguing (",)

FredEffinChopin2078d ago

I'd say that zombie films have traditionally been low quality as well, so it's only natural that the games follow suit. It's not a knock either. It seems like zombie (and many other type of horror) enthusiasts have mostly sustained themselves on B movies over the decades, since that's where the vast majority seem to reside. And B movies are, well, B movies. They're (most often) fun and shameless and simple. And formulaic. They're made for a specific crowd though, who have made a silent agreement with the genre to overlook the shortcomings and revel in the zombieness of it all.

I don't know, that's how I rationalize the whole zombie phenomenon in gaming.

thorstein2077d ago

Number one zombie movie you should watch is 28 Days Later. Number two would be Shawn of the Dead.